Nightmare Cafe

Season 1 Episode 1

Nightmare Cafe

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 1992 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Nightmare Cafe
Fay and Frank, victims of their own bad decisions, find themselves being given a second chance by the mysterious cafe and its cohort, Blackie.

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      • Frank: Did you see anything in there?
        Fay: Like what?
        Frank: Like...a hidden camera. I turned on the TV, and there you were.
        Fay: There I was, what?!
        Frank: There you were, changing into your waitress uniform.
        Fay: What color underwear do I have?
        Frank: I get it - you're Lois Lane, I'm Superman?
        Fay: What color?!
        Frank: White.
        Fay: Everybody wears white underwear. That's no test.

      • Frank: I ended up living in Alaska on an iceberg.
        Fay: Really?
        Frank: Yeah. 'Course, I was married at the time to a penguin.

      • Frank: (After Fay does some agressive stunt driving) Where'd you learn how to drive like that?
        Fay: You haven't met my mother.

      • Telephone recording: We're sorry. The area code from which you are calling is not serviced by the telephone company. Please hang up and dial again.

      • Frank: (seeing himself onscreen)Who is that?
        Fay: (remembering their earlier Superman conversation) That's Clark Kent. I hear he just got canned from the Daily Planet. Why don't you enjoy the movie and I'll get you another cup of coffee. In Ohio.

      • Fay: Hey, careful, mister! I wrote the book on guys like you!
        Frank: "Friendly Men and How to Avoid Them"?

      • Blackie: Do you believe in second chances, hmm? It's human nature, isn't it? But for a second chance, would you face your worst nightmare? The very thing that frightens you most, or drove you to the brink of disaster, hmm? Or would you then...

        See those good folks? Well, they're about to get a second chance. And you know what? I bet they blow it.

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      • Frank tells Fay he saw her changing on the TV.
        Fay: What color underwear do I have?
        Frank: I get it. You're Lois Lane on Superman?

        A reference to 1978's Superman: The Movie where Lois Lane tests Superman's x-ray vision with a similar question.