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Nightmare Next Door

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Nightmare Next Door is a 2011 television series from co-creators Bethany McMahon and Anne Rothwell that brings viewers chilling stories of real-life crimes that took place in tight-knit American small towns, where these mysterious murders turned a supportive community into a group of scared and untrusting strangers. In each episode of this riveting series, a ripped-from-the-headlines murder is examined and dramatically re-enacted, showing viewers the shocking event itself and the repercussions the violence had on the surrounding community. American small towns are commonly viewed as the last refuge of simple times. They offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of the cities and a return to an easier way of living, a true neighborhood that's supposed to be calm, supportive, and safe. So when the evils of the world make their way to these prosperous communities, the grisly stories are even more unsettling. Nightmare Next Door is a gripping true crime series that tells the tales of the dark mysteries that wreaked havoc on some of America's quaintest towns.


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AIRED ON 6/11/2013

Season 7 : Episode 13

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  • The whole nightmare next door

    I like the show the only thing is dude talking doing the show really don't need him telling what who or when please get dude voice off the show I can't even watch the whole show his voice needs to go away really irritating
  • Show Thinks It's Very Punny

    Good show with lousy narration. They are more concerned with being clever with their constant puns than they are about being serious about a horrible crime. They could also use a different narrator. The one they have sounds like a kid.
  • Enough with the analogies

    I love crime shows. I ended up watching this one when my Netflix options were starting to run out. I'm seriously starting to hate this show. It's so heavy with bad jokes and even worse analogies that I'm losing my patience. "His story had more holes than one of Kurt Cobain's Really? I also agree with the cheesy law enforcement posing. Come on. Let's try to inject some dignity into this show.moreless
  • Fair at best

    I think some of the stories are interesting, however, I can not stand the way the narrator tells the stories. The constant comparisons and "like a" and jokes etc. is ridiculous and go overboard.
  • Not great

    I like true crime shows, but this one needs help. The narrator sounds like he thinks the stories are funny. There are quick flashes of other scenes all the time, which is annoying. And whats with the cheesy poses of the law enforcement officers?
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