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Nightmare Next Door - Season 6

Investigation Discovery


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Episode Guide

  • Last Call
    Episode 7
    In late 2007 Jasper, Texas native Martin Byerly disappears without a trace. Police look into the 58-year-old ladies man's dance card but can't seem to pin anything on a femme fatal. Then an unlikely tipster helps them learn what happened to Martin.
  • Taste of Murder
    Episode 6
    When a sip from the office water cooler turns deadly for secretary Julie Williams, detectives are stumped. Who could have had it out for this sweet single mom? Investigators search for the mystery mixologist and are shocked at who they stir up.
  • Deadly Intentions
    Episode 5
    A tight-knit community is stunned when the body of Cynthia Epps is found stuffed into a cabinet in her Buffalo, NY neighborhood. A clever killer eludes capture for nearly two decades but new technology and dogged detective work put him behind bars.
  • Wrong Way Home
    Episode 4
    When 12-year-old Michelle Winter goes missing without a trace, her family doesn't have a clue as to who could have whisked this pre-teen away. Cops have many leads, but it isn't until evidence is linked to the killer that they get their big break.
  • Murder on the Menu
    Episode 3
    When friendly cashier Tammy Petrin is found shot execution style at the local burger joint, the town of Woonsocket's in shock. After lead suspects don't serve up answers, a helpful hooker and letters from jail might be just what detectives ordered.
  • 12/11/12
    On April 15, 2004 residents of Riverton, WY are worried about more than the IRS after the brutal murder of prison nurse, Tammy Watts. Police begin an all out manhunt for the killer and it takes a hair-raising discovery for them to nab their guy.
  • Dead of the Night
    Episode 1
    When beloved store manager Mary Peterson is found stabbed to death in her bed, storm clouds brew over sunny Lakeland, Florida. Cops race through a lengthy list of suspects, but a tip from an unlikely source helps nab the cold-blooded killer.
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