Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 12, 2006 on TNT

Episode Recap

Hit man Jason Renshaw watches the toy factory of CEO Hans Morris. When the time is right he sneaks in, disposes of the guards, and puts a bullet in Morris' head. Before leaving he takes a small wind-up ballerina as his trophy for the kill. He also notices a picture of Morris' mother, signed his "#1 ideal girl."

Renshaw flies back by plane and enters his luxurious isolated penthouse apartment. Shortly after he returns, he receives a plain brown-wrapped package. Carefully opening it he finds that there is a green toy footlocker inside, and a list of components signed "#1 ideal girl." He fails to notice the "Bonus Surprise" label on the back. When Renshaw turns away the box falls to the ground and when he checks he finds it empty.

Then gunfire opens up from underneath the sofa. The miniature bullets injure Renshaw and he goes for his guns. He manages to shoot apart the sofa and turns it over to find... miniature Army toy soldiers. But these soldiers are moving and fighting, and open fire on Renshaw again. Worse, they bring out howitzers and helicopters from the footlocker. Renshaw is forced to take refuge in the bathroom but the soldiers blast a hole in the door and a helicopter flies through. Renshaw manages to grab it and flush it down the toilet.

The soldiers send him a note – "Surrender." When he refuses, they open fire again, blasting numerous holes in the door. Renshaw grabs an aerosol can and goes out the window, where he has to make a precarious walk along a narrow girder. Halfway across one of the helicopters attacks him but he manages to destroy it.

Renshaw reenters the apartment behind the soldiers and uses a wind-up duck as a diversion. When the soldiers investigate he ignites the aerosol can and uses it as a makeshift flamethrower to destroy the soldiers.

After he's disposed of them, Renshaw counts carefully to make sure all of the components are accounted for. He still doesn't see the "Bonus Surprise" label on the back and believes he has everything accounted for.

Renshaw gets into the bathtub and begins to relax, but hears a splashing noise. Before he can investigate further, something under the water slashes his wrists. Renshaw staggers out and binds his wounds, then turns to see that a toy commando soldier with an enormous knife is coming after him. Renshaw flees to the elevator and starts down, but the commando climbs down after him, wrecks the controls, and then attacks him with the advantage of darkness.

The commando stabs Renshaw repeatedly in the chest, bringing him down. But as it closes in for the kill, Renshaw grabs him and shoves his head between the closing elevator doors. The commando is strong, but not strong enough to hold them back before he's crushed to pieces.

Renshaw lays back in relief... but hears a beeping noise. He examines the commando's backpack and finds it has a red countdown that is almost at zero.

Renshaw laughs hysterically as the backpack explodes in an enormous burst of heat and flame. As the smoke settles, the label falls off the footlocker to reveal the bonus surprise as one toy commando... and one miniature thermonuclear warhead.