Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King

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  • Great concepts (by Stephen King), good cast, but bad delivery and misleading tone (seems very scary but no just interesting)

    "Battleground" and "the end of the whole mess" are great but others are disappointing. (Comes from someone who didn't read the stories)
  • Short stories of Stephen King comes back to life with the mini-series!!

    Personally I don`t like Stephen King much, I`ve read most of his books but still, it`s not my type. However I really liked them on these series. Intense, sometimes scary and highly imaginative. The actor choices are really good and the dark atmosphere is just the way it should be. It`s a shame that there are no more episodes. I really would like to watch them. It`s awesome to watch them at night , alone, with some snack in your hands... One of the best shows made for TV for the last years and a great literature adaptation. I think everyone should check it out.
  • Could have been a contender!

    The show showed some promise. It started out great with “Battleground” and managed to keep interesting with “Crouch End” and “Umney's Last Case”. Good actors, nice direction, creepy atmosphere. I was enjoying it. “The End of the Whole Mess” is fantastic and by now I thought this was really starting to be na amazing show, week after week. After that though, the things just got worse with every episode. Weak stories, little effort, bland acting,, a true disapointment. It ended on a really low note for me. I dont know if there will be a second season, but if there is, I probably wont give it another chance. The first episodes showed so much protential. It just didnt deliver. Best Episode: “Battleground”
    Worst Episode: “”Authopsy Room 4”"
  • The mini-series seemed compelling enough to take a chance on. But great actors with mediocre scripts and poor digital effects (a necessity nowadays) make the suspension of disbelief a whole lot harder than it should be.

    I just watched the episode Crouch End of this new thriller mini-series. It was the third episode that I have endured and I must say that I'm feeling let down by the endings and the poor visual effects on all of them. Also letdown by the manner in which the "chilling" or "scary" scenes are presented.

    It seems as if they've taken great actors who do their job very well and are the best parts of the show, then everything starts going to hell on them (which we all love) but it isn't well put together at all. Flashes of scary images are done in the wrong sort of lighting, or not taken close enough so as the flash of something evil looks more like a mugshot from a sci-fi convention gone terribly wrong. Visual effects are poor and with today's standards being set so high you'd expect someone like Stephen King to step up and put his foot down on the matter. Geniuses of visual effects are not at all hard to find nowadays.

    It seems we are left with a good enough script, poor ending, sub-par visual effects, but great actors. Making this show and all of the episodes i have watched a 6 rather than a 9 or 10 where it show be with these callibre of acting.

    That's my two cents.
  • Pretty Good, a few episodes were under par.

    The show was not really scary it was just captivating and interesting as it was created by Stephen King. The Master of Horror!
    Some episodes were better than hours, but it was entertaning and quenched the summer tv drought.
    Try to watch it if you get the chance.
    TNT put a nice cast together for some nice experiments, like anything Stephen King the show was memorable and I don't think I'll ever forget it!
    Some times you wanted to yell at the main characters for being so stupid. (For example, classic horror, lets split up in this creepy place.)
    Good, Gret for the summer heat.
  • Eight short stories from the mind of Stephen King...

    Stephen King brings us 8 very different short stories in this 4 week, 2 hour long, series on TNT. They were all very unique stories...
    Week one begins with "Battleground", about a man who kills a toymaker and then the toymaker's mother sends him a box full of little toy soliders...which soon go into battlemode against hitman Renshaw, this was a very interesting story. The next story is "Crouch End" about a couple on their honeymoon in London. On the way to someone's home they find themselves in the creepy Crouch End (which everyone warned them to stay away from)... something is very wrong with dimensions in this strange town. "Crouch End" was an okay episode.
    Week two starts with my personal favorite "Umney's Last Case"! Starring in this great episode is the wonderful William H. Macy! This is about an author's book set in the 1930's featuring Private Eye Clyde Umney. The next story is my other favorite "The End of the Whole Mess". This is about one of two brothers finding a cure to world peace, but his plan terribly backfires.
    Week three starts with "The Road Virus Heads North", a creepy story about a man who may be facing death soon buying a strange painting of a driver, whos following a route... The next episode is "The Fifth Quarter", about a con and his wife and a former partner on somewhat of a tresure hunt, this episode actually has a remotely happy ending!
    Week four begins with "Autopsy Room Four", in which a man playing golf is presumed dead after being bit by a snake, but he isn't - he can feel and hear whats going on around him as doctors prepare to perform an autopsy on him. Then the final episode "You Know They Got a Hell of a Band", an very well written story about a couple on a road trip accidently finding a town called Rock n' Roll Heaven, it seems great until they realize who the people are who live there!
    You learn some life lessons while watching this series: Don't kill toymakers, theyre toys will come to you with a vengeance! Don't go into that town that everyone warns you to stay away from! Don't drug the entire world! Don't play golf around snakes! And many more.
    This was a great mini-series and I hope there more to come, thank you Stephen King!
  • A very mixed bag.

    Some episodes are amazing, and must be seen ("Battleground" and "The End of the Whole Mess"), but the remainder range from mediocre to just plain bad. Due to the enormous variance, I'll review each episode separately.

    "Battleground": In my opinion, the best of the bunch. William Hurt is simply fantastic. As a cold-blooded hitman, he could have easily fudged his way through the episode, but he adds amazing subtlety to what might have been a very flat character ... and without saying a single word, too. That alone makes this one worth watching, but the action is fun, and the plot both hilarious and frightening. Must see TV.

    "Crouch End": In my opinion, the worst of the bunch. Stale, old, and incomprehensible plot combines with bad writing, the only poor actor in any of the episodes, and cheesy FX for an unpalatable mixture. Skip it.

    "Umney's Last Case": Surprisingly, William Macy blows this one. He's not *bad*, per se, just not very good, and there's not much else to recommend this one. Like Macy's acting, the episode isn't bad, just bland.

    "The End of the Whole Mess": Brilliant acting, unique narrative style and editing, and a plot both fun and painful make this one a joy. The actor who plays the narrator is fantastic, almost matching William Hurt's performance.

    "The Road Virus Heads North": The plot drags, and doesn't gel, but great acting from the lead and extremely freaky visuals make up for it. The third best.

    "The Fifth Quarter": More great acting restricted by more bad plotting. The male lead does a fantastic job with what he's given, but the story is too involved for an hour-long show. It should have been split across two episodes.

    "Autopsy Room Four": The actor who plays the guy on the slab is way too hammy, but the loads of dark humor and rather horrifying concept are great. Ties for third with "Road Virus."

    "You Know They Got A Hell Of A Band": Unlike "The Fifth Quarter," there's too little to fill a whole episode. The leads, husband and wife, are great, but a half-hour of a push-over wife sniping at a dense husband too proud to ask for directions is too long.
  • Stephen King's Nightmares and Dreamscapes can be a very involving show when the adaptations are done right.

    This is the first Stephen King short story series the Highlights of the series so far would be The premiere "Battleground" episode and "The End of The Whole Mess" I have read the many of the stories in the series and I look forward to the Autopsy Room Four episode.
  • Stephen King adapts eight of his short stories for television.

    To cover a four week period, two one hour episodes show in one night. Even though the show is called "Nightmares and Dreamscapes," not every story is from the book of that name. The shows are given a modern twist so that people of his era can relate to them better. When the show starts, the front of a spooky-looking house appears. I think that this might be Stephen King's house in Maine. I saw it in a biography show about him. The stories are horror and have a dark ending. Not much living happily ever after. I have read only one of the stories he has adapted, but King has done a pretty good job of adapting for television.
  • Okay...It is Stephen King! We have had 4 episodes. My thoughts are roaming around on these four. What I will start with is Umney's last Case and The End of the Whole Mess. For Umney; why did they find it necessary to mess around with it?

    So Far it has been the best of the 4, but they had to go and change story lines around again. It was good the way it was written. Updated? Well, yes I can expect that. William H. Macy. Brilliant! An overlooked actor. They should have adapted the short story more closesly. I don't see any reason they couldn't. Do you? End of mess. Interesting story. Why was it included in this mini-series? I found it drab and lingering and so dragged out. It was in fact boring. I could and can think of much better story lines they could do. Grey Matter comes to mind. For E of M, where is the suspense and the intrigue. Sure it has the humanity--humane aspect, but we all know how that is. I sure hope this gets better. Even though he is not dead, Stephen King must be rolling over in his grave.
  • I want the time back that I wasted watching this show....

    ABSOLUTELY the worst thing i have ever seen. It is slow, boring, uninteresting, and down right silly! Steven King needs to go back to his roots and remember how to write something that is thrilling and entertaining. I watched 3 episodes hoping for happen. Bur really....little green toy soldiers attacking an out-of-shape hitman is the bottom of the barrel. And Crouch End should be just that..THE END. more insults to our intelligence. This sad sad series should be buried in \\\\\\\"Pet Cemetary\\\\\\\" along with the other dead. It has no place what so ever on today\\\\\\\'s television. What a DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!
  • Great Show

    When I heard that this show was coming on the first thing I did was tell my aunt who is a Stephen King fan. She had this book and let me borrow it to read some of the stories. I didn't read of them except one about a gold cadillac. I didn't like the story that much but the show to me is very good. Out of the episodes that I have seen so far I didn't think that the show was very scary but it was still good. I am looking forward to watching this show and hopefully it will get me to read the book with even more stories.
  • top little series.

    Being a huge fan of Steven King books i was eagerly awaiting this little series for a few reasons.
    1. They were filmed in Melbourne Australia (my home town)
    2. My sister did a bit of extras work on Umney\\\\\\\'s Last case (goes to air wednesday)
    great first two stories looking forward to the rest.
  • Oh yes, my new best friend indeed! If all the episodes are as good as the first two, we (constant readers) are now about to become constant watchers becaue this little mid-summer series event is going to blow our minds!

    Where do I start?
    Stephen King. A mid-summer "mini series" that only he could pull off. I relaly should have classified this as a trendsetter because that is what it will be, and could we expect anything less from The Master himself? Of course not.

    Battleground with William Hurt.
    No dialogue throughout the episode? Amazing!! Truly a masterpiece of work. In the beginning I thought I was going to hate this one, even if it did have William Hurt in it, but I was so wrong on so many levels. The first being his acting. The man was perfection without speech. I don't know if these episodes will be considered for Emmys next year but I certainly hope so and I hope that he is at least nominated, or considered, for Best Actor. To deliver a performance as strong and masterful as he did in this role without speaking a single word?! It's nothing short of groundbreaking!

    Crouch End
    Was not impressed at all with episode throughout the first 30 minutes or so. And then they kicked in the "eye" technique of filming and I was rivited! The closure of the lens to the ratio of an eye, the blurred vision, I was actually wiping my glasses thinking there was something on them when this first started! Then I realized what was going on and I fell in love with this new style of "viewer vision".

    All in all, these two epiodes were amazing and if the others live up to these we are all in for a true treat this summer and by the time Masters of Horror returns to SHO in the fall, we will be saying "The Master of Horror has been here and gone!"
  • This new series of short dramas, based on the stories of author Stephen King, is absolutely fantastic. Reminiscent of the original, Twilight Zone, or Night Galley, or even Outer Limits programs, it's very well written and it will keep you in total awe. A+

    I must say that I was totally blown away by these first 2 episodes. I don't generally watch movies or television shows, based on Stephen King books, anymore because I find myself saying, "Did they actually read the book?" I have been disappointed numerous times so I simply stopped. But something made me watch this and I was entertained, impressed, and pleased. It's a definite must see and I will watch them all. Battleground was brilliant!! The use of no dialogue was perfect genius and because there were no commercials, the story flowed like a cool stream. I was literally glued to the set and did not want to blink lest I miss some small but significant detail. I can't wait until the next one. For those who missed it the first time around, catch it in rerun. You won't be disappointed.

  • 10
    Hi I work at Veoh and we just got some really cool Nightmare & Dreamscapes behind the scenes footage. There are a bunch of interviews with some of the actors and its all in high quality full screen video. If you are a Stephen King fan you'll definitely find it interesting.