Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King

TNT (Mini-Series 2006)





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  • The mini-series seemed compelling enough to take a chance on. But great actors with mediocre scripts and poor digital effects (a necessity nowadays) make the suspension of disbelief a whole lot harder than it should be.

    I just watched the episode Crouch End of this new thriller mini-series. It was the third episode that I have endured and I must say that I'm feeling let down by the endings and the poor visual effects on all of them. Also letdown by the manner in which the "chilling" or "scary" scenes are presented.

    It seems as if they've taken great actors who do their job very well and are the best parts of the show, then everything starts going to hell on them (which we all love) but it isn't well put together at all. Flashes of scary images are done in the wrong sort of lighting, or not taken close enough so as the flash of something evil looks more like a mugshot from a sci-fi convention gone terribly wrong. Visual effects are poor and with today's standards being set so high you'd expect someone like Stephen King to step up and put his foot down on the matter. Geniuses of visual effects are not at all hard to find nowadays.

    It seems we are left with a good enough script, poor ending, sub-par visual effects, but great actors. Making this show and all of the episodes i have watched a 6 rather than a 9 or 10 where it show be with these callibre of acting.

    That's my two cents.