Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King

Season 1 Episode 4

The End of the Whole Mess

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 19, 2006 on TNT



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    • Howard: What I haven't told you is that four hours ago, I killed my brother by shooting him up with his own discovery. He called it "the calmative," but... "a very serious mistake" might have been a better name.

    • Howard: They say God protects drunks and fools and children. They also say that the devil's in the details.

    • Howard: You see, guys like Bobby, they come along maybe once in a lifetime. Uh, the Da Vincis and the Newtons, and the Einsteins and the Edisons. And they all had one thing in common, they're like huge compasses just swinging aimlessly for a long time. Uh, searching for some true north. And then, one day, they just hone in on it with fearful force.

    • Howard: In spite of the nearly five years between us, we were inseparable. He could be a royal pain and I could be a brat, but when push came to shove, we were the fabulous Fornoy boys and there was nothing, nothing that I wouldn't do for him.

    • Robert: I'm sorry. I made the world full of fools and dumbbells.
      Howard: Hey. Better fools and dumbbells than a big black cinder in space. Huh?
      Robert: Forgive me.

    • Robert: This is it, Bow-wow. The big one. The cure for the worst disease to which we Homo Sapes fall prey.
      Howard: Cancer?
      Robert: No. Wars. Barroom brawls. Drive-by shootings. Meanness. This, big brother, this is gonna change it all. This is gonna bring about an end to the whole mess.

    • (commenting on the smell from a volcano)
      Howard: Man, that blows. What is that?
      Bobby: Hydrogen sulfide. Talk about your ultimate fart, huh? It's as if God himself busted through all the business as usual transmissions with a special bulletin. "This is your last chance, jerk-wads."

    • Howard: Nobody, not even MENSA types like our folks, ever expects a kid like Bobby. Not ever.

    • Howard: My name is Howard Fornoy. I was a documentary filmmaker. I want to tell you about the end of war, the degeneration of mankind and the death of my brother Robert Fornoy, the messiah.

  • Notes

    • Differences from the original work: Howie is a film documentarian, not a writer (to better suit his narration on television). In the original story the threat of nuclear war was the catalyst for Bobby to distribute the water – here it is the 9/11 terrorist attack as the story was written pre-2001. They fly the water into a volcano by helicopter rather than pull it up via a winch system. In the story, the brothers simply catch the "disease" rather than deliberately inject themselves. In the story, digitalis acts as very short-term inhibitor to the onset of Alzheimers' but no reference is made to it in the episode.

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