Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King

Season 1 Episode 6

The Fifth Quarter

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 26, 2006 on TNT

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  • An ex-con learns the location of a real treasure map.

    Not a bad episode at all, decent acting, decent script yet somehow it fails to really sparkle.

    It is the only episode in this mini series that lacks the 'horror' aspect, instead it is more of a mini thriller and Stephen King has written a few more of those, but whether it is because of the changes to the short story in writing this script or due to other reasons, the episode seems flat.

    Some of the scenes are quite powerful, hence the 7.3 I gave it, but the overall impression is simply 'average' which is the classification I duly selected.
  • Nothing great here. Move along folks.

    This episode had a lot of potential. The problem was that everything seemed rushed. The plot is presented in a convoluted way. Things move too fast. All the characters feel a bit fake. It’s a shame because I really liked the idea. The cast is pretty good too. Jeremy Sisto is cool as always. I just hope he gets his big break soon, because he deserves it. Samantha Mathis is also pretty good and very hot in a trashy kind of way. There’s some suspense, some tension, but in the end there’s nothing to really take from this. It’s all too underdeveloped and basic. It’s all a bit of a letdown.
  • Con gets out of prison to find his former partner in crime was involved in a new scheme, one that got him shot and killed. Now Willy has to collect four quarters of a map leading to the hidden loot...but the other three men have ideas of their own.

    he proceeds to Keenan's, and then Sarge's, homes and injures both, taking their maps. Jagger appears at Keenan's house shortly after Willy's departure. Jagger then arrives at the Sarge's home and finishes off Sarge. The body, like in the story, tripped the aggressive Jagger, allowing Willy to make his fatal shot. He retrieves the fourth and final piece of the map and returns home at dawn. Police arrive at his home shortly after, prompting him to give his wife the now-completed map. Tarkanian is taken into custody and the wife is left with the map. After some troubles, she succeeds at "decoding" the mysterious map and recovers the money.

    I have read the original story "The Fifth Quarter" and I enjoyed it but the major changes to the story in this adaptation were not needed. They added extra movie elements to story, like giving the main character a wife that is too involved in the discovery of the money and a son. The changing of his personality to make him more of a good guy than he really is took away the King “touch“. Another thing i was disappointed in was the portrayal of the mobsters and it seemed to be missing the noir feel it originally had. Having the money found and how it was found should have been left out like the original story and the tacked on ending felt tacked on.
    It was mediocre average at best.

  • Do you want to see an episode in the series filled with suspense, but without any supernatural elements added? Then ‘the Fifth Quarter’ is the episode for you.

    This was an interesting episode. There\'s nothing horror or supernatural in the story. It\'s mainly an action thriller, with an appealing plot to it. I found this episode different and was absorbed into the story a few minutes after it started. The action sequences between Willy and the other mobsters were exciting to watch. It was fun to see where the treasure was hidden in the end as well.

    Jeremy Sisto acted well as Willy, and you feel sorry for his character in the end. Samantha Mathis played her character well.

    Just goes to show that King can write suspense really well without adding any supernatural elements to his stories. All in all, this is one of the better episodes of the series.
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