Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King

Season 1 Episode 8

You Know They Got A Hell Of A Band

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Aug 02, 2006 on TNT

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  • I waited a long time to Rock 'n Roll Heaven come to the screen.

    I have always loved the short story Rock 'n Roll Heaven. I was very excited to find out that it was included in Nightmares and Dreamscapes series. It was a perfect ending. I was not real big on some of the other episodes. This one made it worth watching the others. I've been on those deserted back roads of Oregon which seem to close in on you and transport you to another dimension. I've often suspected that I would end up somewhere like this. Just the thought of all of the legends of rock 'n roll ending up at the same place. What a concept. This could only have been better if it had been longer and included more details about these "not living" legends.
  • Weak!

    Wow this show really went from being entertaining and somewhat scary in the earlier episodes to complete rubbish in the last few episodes. Guess they saved the worst ones for last. The first part of the story is completely predictable. It’s been done a thousand times. “Oh I’m lost in the woods! Oh I’m going to find something strange.” This time its dead rock stars. That’s the only twist. Everything else is old folks. Very old. Kim Delaney is still looking good though. That’s the only positive thing in this whole thing. Nice cleavage too. Other than that… find something else to do. And by the way, how annoying was the husband, Clark? What a complete moron!
  • One of my favorite episodes, and a great end to the show.

    I feel this episode was one of the best in the series. It is similar to ‘Crouch End’, where a stubborn husband and a suspicious wife take a road trip, and get lost along the way, and later find themselves in a strange area. While ‘Crouch End’ set a more dark and eerie atmosphere by using dark lighting and supernatural creatures, I feel that "you know they have a hell of a band" was better, because it created the same suspenseful atmosphere like "Crouch End", but by using bright colors and celebrity look-alikes, instead of using ghostly cats or spider like monsters (from Crouch End).

    Even though I loved this episode, I personally hoped that something bad would happen to Steven Weber's character Clark, since he got Mary into this whole mess.

    This episode shows that you don't need a haunted house or a dark night to scare yourself. Stephen King can use a rock concert at daylight to send a chill down your spine. I only wish that they hadn't put this as the last of the series, because it is so good, I feel like watching more stories of this kind.
  • Impressively haunting atmosphere!

    What a perfect bookend to the series! A perfect match for the second show in the premiere, Crouch End. Both this episode and Crouch End provide an eerie symmetry. Two goofy, irritating husbands who deserve everything they get through their own stupidity and arrogance. And two broken wives who deserve better than what they've got sitting next to them in the car.

    It was the "road to Heaven" that made this episode so memorable. It harkens back to every fear lying in wait in the Collective Unconscious. And then there is the town, its houses, and inhabitants. As Mary says, it's the "Hansel and Gretel House" at the end of the road out of the woods that screams "turn around and get out!" But the wilfull Clark pulls the most stubbornly stupid act since Tippi Hedren went up the staircase in The Birds and just must have his Coke at the diner. Coke and cherry pie. Put it on his tombstone!

    A fabulous end to a very good short series.
  • "Hail, hail the band's all here." A young couple gets lost and stumbles upon a fork in the road that will lead them to "Heaven" where it's, "All Rock & Roll, All The Time," and their lives will change forever.

    Once again I'll say that this story sticks close enough to the original but I liked the original better. I think the imagery is better in the printed one. I also think that although the series is holding my interest, the stories would have worked even better had they been half hour ones. I did enjoy the portrayals of the various rock legends though. I also thought that Steven Weber and Kim Delaney did good jobs. I loved that Elvis was the Mayor, after all, there have been theories about him still being alive ever since he did, so I got an ironic chuckle out of this one. I'll give this one a thumbs up but I highly recomend reading the story.
  • I was really looking forward to this one..oh well.

    I thought this would be great, I could not wait to see it, the thought of celebrity impersonators for all the stars in the original story, plus the ones who have died since, wow, this will be outrageous, no way could this one be ruined.
    OOOPs, wrong again - oh, oh, we have to make it an hour long, so let's see now...what can we do to fill it up and keep the young and old audience's interest? Not much. Beyond a couple of great impersonations(Ricky Nelson and Janis Joplin) and some scary-creepy nastiness, we get mediocre stand-ins for Elvis and Hendrix, some long hairs to represent the Allman Brothers and only mere mentions about Kurt Cobain, Freddy Mercury and Stevie Ray Vaughn, among others. OK, Roy Orbison looked kind of like the real deal but the point is, the episode was an hour long! and since none of the other episodes were true to the stories, you would think they could have squeezed in a lot more lookalikes, a lot more FX and even a bit of the concert itself. It seems like all the energy, creativity and excitement was given to the William Hurt and Richard Thomas episodes, and the others were a-get-it-over-with-and make-it-an-hour-long-with-commercials effort. What a shame.
  • A good story with a good ending.

    This one took a while for me to get into. It seemed so wierd at first, and I couldn't really figure out what was going on. But as they continued driving down the road, it got more and more interesting. And when they reached the city sign, I knew it was going to be good. This one really made me... nervous I guess is a good word for it. This was one of the first episodes in which I actually liked the main characters. I was excited while they were running, but I knew they would never actually get away. I loved the way the other residents acted, especially that lady at the concert. One of my favorites, and a very good ending for the series. :)