Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King

Season 1 Episode 8

You Know They Got A Hell Of A Band

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Aug 02, 2006 on TNT

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  • Impressively haunting atmosphere!

    What a perfect bookend to the series! A perfect match for the second show in the premiere, Crouch End. Both this episode and Crouch End provide an eerie symmetry. Two goofy, irritating husbands who deserve everything they get through their own stupidity and arrogance. And two broken wives who deserve better than what they've got sitting next to them in the car.

    It was the "road to Heaven" that made this episode so memorable. It harkens back to every fear lying in wait in the Collective Unconscious. And then there is the town, its houses, and inhabitants. As Mary says, it's the "Hansel and Gretel House" at the end of the road out of the woods that screams "turn around and get out!" But the wilfull Clark pulls the most stubbornly stupid act since Tippi Hedren went up the staircase in The Birds and just must have his Coke at the diner. Coke and cherry pie. Put it on his tombstone!

    A fabulous end to a very good short series.