Nightwalker: Midnight Detective (US)

A&E (ended 1998)


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Nightwalker: Midnight Detective (US)

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Welcome to the Nightwalker: Midnight Detective guide at TV Tome. Sihdo and Yayoi are of a private dective agency that watches the attacks of the breeds. Shido is a vampire and Yayoi is his blood source. Upon meeting Yayoi, he meets his little green friend, Guni. Enter Riho, an highshcool student. She loves Shido, but Shido only sees her as annoying girl, until a faitfull night. Finally she is accepted into this tight nit group. Together, the four solve cases of the breeds, saving humanity from the darkness grasp.

Opening/Closing Songs Opening Song: Gessekai (performed by Buck Tick) Ending Song: Mirai Kouro (performed by La'cryma Christi)

Main Characters

Shido Tatsuhiko A private investigator and a vampire. He has the ability to create a sword with his own blood. He does not remember his life before he became a vampire. Cain turned him hundred of years ago.

Cain Shido's sire and former lover. Life is a hedonistic pleasure to him. Only Cain knows about Shido's past. Appears sparringly through out the series.

Riho Shido's spunky secretary. She lost her entire family in a breed attack. She is a high school student. She loves Shido.

Yayoi Shido's partner. She lets Shido feed off of her in return for helping her with the various cases that come up dealing with the breed. She is a lost twin. She meets Shido after she helps her twin sister and herself.

Guni Shido's little green winged demonic companion, pet and advisor. She's sardonic, sharp-tounged, quick-witted and often very critical of others. She hides in Shido's hair.She often supplies the comic relief with her sarcastic statements.moreless
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  • Honestly it is very interesting.

    Nightwalker Midnight Detective is about three main characters, Shido, Riho and Yayoi.

    Shido is a vampire who was turned by Cain hundred of years ago. He struggles with his life as a vampire and refuses to harm humans. Instead, he helps rid the human world of the evils of darkness. He ends up meeting a small green winged fairy, Guni. He also runs a small business for the Private Investigator.

    Enter Yayoi. She is a twin sister who had struggled with her sister and the evils. As a child her and her sister played with fire, causing Yayoi to have her face burned off. Her sister makes a deal with the evil. Shido intervenes to stop the madness of the sisters. In return for help saving her, she gives herself to Shido for a live feeding. She works as paranormal investigator for the NCI.

    Riho is a high school student who volunteers herself to be Shido's secretary. She stops in to visit him before school and after. At first Shido and Yayoi are annoyed by her presence but after a run in with the evil, Riho goes becomes possessed. Shido saves Riho and she learns that he's a vampire. She still comes back even though she knows the truth. Later in the season, Cain captures her to grasp Shido's attention. He hurts her badly to where she will bleed to death. Shido saves her and turns her into a vampire.

    In my opinion, this anime is great. It can be confusing but all you have to do is follow it closely. The episodes explain well on background information on the main characters. The only thing that needs fine-tuning is the animation. If it was redone with today's technology, it would be way better. Another thing this series needs is more episodes. Adding maybe another season to it well help explain the ending questions that the series leaves unanswered.moreless
  • I bought Nightwalker out of the bargin bin and I just love it. Well, I love Shido lol

    The first time I watched Prescription For Death I stayed up all night watching it three or four more times before going to bed. Soon after I got onto eBay and bought the first DVd. So far my favorite shows are the third night, and the fourth night. I haven't watched the second half of NightWalker yet but I plan on buying it soon.
  • I love Cain he is my husband heheh

    I gave it a 10/10 It has a wonderful plot and the coloring and cells are done to me like old schol anime, I hate old school but for some reason I love it in Nightwalker. I think its awsome when cain kisses Shido and he was all shocked and was like anime wide eye lol