Nighty Night

Tuesday 10:30 PM on BBC Three Premiered Jan 06, 2004 Between Seasons


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  • This show is HILARIOUS!

    After watching this show recently I have got to say that I think it is really funny and I would love to see BBC re-air it or even bring out a third series. Julia Davis is so funny!! at parts you think what? but its enjoyable and abit silly!
  • Why would anyone show this pile of rubbish!

    Julia Davis has absolutely no talent at-all. The program is simply awful, it has no point, no humour, really annoying characters. Just plain terrible. Why would anyone film this crap and show it on tv, i'm shocked it has 2 seasons. I'm quite glad i missed this when it was on, after watching a couple re-runs i've realised how truly bad in every way this show is. What a waste of good actors n actresses.
  • A odd series from UK.

    I bumped into this weird little show while ago, at first i really didnt know what it was all
    about. But after few episodes i was mezmerised!
    Such a strange show with hillarious characters.
    Havent enjoyd myself for a long time like this.
    The main character Jill is FANTASTIC in her own special
    way (Wouldnt like to meet that kind of person in real life, LOL!). Every episode ive seen has been so strange and wonderfull in a most darkened way possible. Always watching my mouth open from the fact that how could have they done this kind of show that brakes all the possible rules!

    I want more of this, guilty pleasure!!! Jill Rules! =D
  • This show was crazy.

    Honestly i really have no idea how the writers came up with this show. Its simpily mad. But for some reason i got the humour and got hooked. This show never got enough episodes. 12 episodes just isn't enough episodes to end a show that is this good.

    This show has something for everyone. Although it is really silly it is still enjoyable. This show will always bring a smile to your face. I think the show got better in seaosn 2. The humour is hard to get but once you do you'll never forget this weird show. Simpily unmissable.
  • Have you ever met a person who was as much of a train wreck as Jill Tyrrell? My, but she makes sociopathic behavior hilarious. More episodes, BBC!

    Utterly hilarious and brilliant. Jill is like one of those people who says something that's wrong in so many ways, that you do not know where to start. I had that uncomfortably hilarious feeling throughout the entire two seasons.

    Rebecca Front as the wee-bit-too-timid Cathy is hilarious. Take someone so polite that they will thank you for using their back as a doormat, and pair her with an egoist/sociopath like Jill, and you've got a winning comedy.
  • Absolute master-piece. Julia Davis is a god.

    Worth the BBC licence fee alone, it's only draw back is the fact there are so few episodes.

    Jill is a lunatic, and someone you'd risk your life to avoid.

    Series two will be fantastic and hopefully a huge hit for BBC Three despite the poor scheduling (as usual) by the BBC.

    Love it.