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This project by The CW Network is based on the original French film La Femme Nikita. The story is about two assassins for a top-secret government organization called Division. One of the assassins goes rogue, and a second assassin is training to replace the old one. Maggie Q stars as Nikita, who tries to take down the division with her ally, a mole inside the Division, Alex, played by Lyndsy Fonseca. Nikita was trained by Michael, played by Shane West, who sees the new recruits of the Division as a family to him.

    Nikita "Bubble" Review: No More Secrets

    Nikita became an American hero, but lost one of her best friends in the process.

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    • Nikita

      Can CW just bring back this show? It's friggn amazing!!! It's just as good as Criminal Minds & favorite tv shows! Why would they cancel such a great show before it developed a voice?
    • Nikita is GOD

      17/02/13 I stumbled upon a folder in my sisters laptop. It read 'NIKITA S01' I clicked and watched the first episode. It was amazing. It took me to a different world and made me feel like an agent as well. Funny enough, that day was supposed to have been my last. I had it all planned out! Leave a suicide letter in my sister's computer, fill the tub with water then slit my wrists. I had been depressed and had no reason to live for a very long time but it all changed with Nikita! I just had to live to see the next episode. ''Is Alex going to get caught?" ''Who wore the pig mask?'' ''What's going on between Nikita and Michael?'' I just had to know. I felt calm(still do) when I watched Nikita. It made me feel CW give me a reason to go on. Not Diaries of Vampire(or whatever it's called)Btw Maggie Q is an awesome actress and stuntwomanmoreless
    • why???

      i just want to know the reason why they cancelled an amazing TV show just like that without giving any clues that it will end. i was very surprised that they cancelled but not ending and why they killed ryan, he was an important corrector in the show.
    • Ryan death

      since i started watch this series i found one big mistake when ryan dead, wath carefull season 4 epison 5, 40:12 mins ryan failed to hold breath,
    • Brilliant ending

      I didn't even know the sixth episode was the last one, so watching it got me emotionally so involved. I even started sweating when things started to go wrong at the mansion/summit... I was really on her side - like fuck the world this has to end here. Was a good twist. Brilliant ensuing of one of the best series

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