Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 2010 on The CW

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  • there is something rotten about jaden

    I rather enjoyed how the episode started. the scene with the arms dealer is perfect... good dialog also. it is incredible how the talk about guns as if they where un oeuvre d'art.

    I like alex : the character and the actress. I am curious to find more about her not everything at once of course but little by little. I think her parents must have been important people if they were killed by the division. she has to play it very safe so she can continue playing double agent.

    jaden really gets on my nerves. she knows too much. i think that maybe she is an old agent plated with the new recruits to gather information and to find out if there are any traitors among them.

    what i don't get is how nikita and alex communicate. even if they use codes, the division nerds must be alerted if someone is using their connection besides them.

    michael michael ... he is also playing a bit double agent. i really hope he will be on nikita's side.

    one mission at the time is a good idea but not enough to destroy the division so i am waiting to see what idea do the writers have to continue this show. i am curious to find out how the inquisitor gets the information out. maybe we will see ... the writers must be very inspired to write the scene... we will see. go alex!
  • It was fine until the action - I mean blur vision - began.

    These producers - directors - cameramen must think we are stupid.

    For an action / adventure show to feature unwatchable action sequences, I can't figure out how they rate being paid big bux.

    They're ruining the whole thing by making it into ugly radio.

    An action sequence that swoops, jump cuts, split second framing, shakes and utter blur vision is a waste of my time. Not only do I get annoyed. Most cases I stop watching, and start griping on sites like this.

    I am about half way through the second episode, and am about convinced that this show is a waste of my time and patience. I want to be entertained, not annoyed, nor irritated, nor slammed with juvenile camerawork that a sixth grader with a tripod could do better.

    It's not dramatic, it's a purgative on this audience member.

    It jumped the shark for me.
  • Too Good!

    Amazing show..I haven't seen the original, so I do not have a yardstick to measure it by but I must say that without comparing it to any other version, its pretty good up till now. It's fast, slickly shot and engaging to say the least. Maggie Q as Nikita and Lyndsy Fonseca as Alex are brilliant; Shane West as Micheal is well cast too. My criticism includes the background score which is ho-hum, neither here nor there. I do hope they keep the story flowing and not fizzle out in the first season itself. All-in-all a good show on the CW..keep it up!!