Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2012 on The CW

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  • Mr and Mrs Nikita

    A fun and flighty season premiere, ''3.0'' may not stand up to the final few episodes of last year in terms of ante, but with so much settling in and non-adjusting to do at Division, it's understandable. There is a lot to enjoy here: the humour is kicked up a notch, with characters cracking jokes more than usual (''Oh naw she di-ent!''), and a refreshed Mikita are able to enjoy some of the perks of working on the side of good (yoga and dates, yippee!). Considering this hour was more about addressing the somewhat different dynamics between the cast, the main storyline involving Martin felt a tad lacking (although not without its effective moments - particularly when he calmly and callously killed his own girlfriend just to set a trap for Mikita).

    I don't expect the whole ''dirty thirty'' scenario to be the driving force of the season, but as a means of kick starting the new year, it works just fine. Amanda is still looming in the background, and I'll be curious to see just how much heat everyone can take at Division before working from within the belly of the beast tears everyone apart (see: Wolfram & Hart, Angel).
  • Absolutely amazing!

    Amazing premiere; I completely loved it! This was an awesome episode of Nikita- it was funny and had great action. I love mikita; they are so cute, and Alex and NIkita are still great partners. This season is going to be crazy
  • Talk about triumphal returns...

    So, Nikita is back, and it have to say it: it is one of my favorite shows currently airing. And what a fantastic episode! After a season that blew every viewer's mind, this premiere decided to be as fantastic. In the very beginning, we got to see how Ryan was dealing with being the boss and how he was handling the new division; how Birkhoff remained hilarious and attracted to Sonya and how Nikita is awesome taking yoga classes. After six minutes that worked as a readjustment, the action begun. They wanted to bring in the "Dirty Thirty" (funny) that failed to respond Division after Percy died last season, and by the looks of it, one of them was already selling out his own country to the Chinese. The show made it clear that he was going to be the "case of the week" (I'm not completely satisfied by that, but more on that later), and so, Nikita and Michael went after him on Hong Kong. So, one of the Dirty Thirty, Martin, was worried about his girlfriend turning out to be a liability, so he killed her and called the police because he saw Michael and Nikita. Our heroes fell into the trap, and the solution was wrecked: Nikita escaped, chasing Martin and Michael stayed, getting accused as murderer, since has was found inches from a dead corpse. Nikita's scene chasing Martin was fantastic, she ran from roof to roof and jumped insanely high heights (huh?). The mission was compromised in this very moment, Nikita wanted to rescue Michael, but Ryan wanted the mission to be finished, creating a conflict of interests between the employer and the employee, and that was pretty cool to watch. In order to set up a plan and save Martin's victims, Alex and Sean went for the rescue (were they already on Hong Kong? How did they get there so fast? What did I miss?). Sean played the role of Michael's lawyer, but Michael had a better plan in mind: told Birkhoff to lock him down, so that way, he wouldn't be Martin's vantage when dealing with Nikita. The next few moments were electrifying as usual. Despite Ryan's orders, Nikita planned her own scheme with Alex to save Michael, and the staff at Operation (cute nickname: OPS) got torn apart, not sure which side to take. Birkhoff sure thought twice before submissing to Ryan's orders. In any case, Nikita threatened the chinese commander (not sure if I got his name), and, wait for it: -she got to him by jumping over his car and sliding into through the sunroof in the most fantastic scene in all times-. Michael, as we expected, was released and Alex took care or Martin (I really need a rewatch, since I don't exactly know if he is or isn't dead), and speaking of Martin, we found out that he was in touch with Amanda, who was MIA from this episode.

    So, when released, Michael noticed he "forgot" something: his engagement ring. Yeah! Through the episode, we all saw he was hiding something from Nikita, and it was revealed to be a ring. He kicked guys, punched them in the face and faced a three-to-one handicap. Hey Nikita, how to say no after that? On the few minutes of the episode, he proposed and she, of course, said yes. And this wasn't the only major plot that worked as a cliffhanger, no, there were more surprises: Ryan's command isn't this good after all, he's insanely need to keep Division a secret wasn't just his hunch, was a threat from high national orders. Division is now on the risk of getting burned (and I mean that literally). And can't you see this happening just before a long hiatus?

    Anyway, tonight's episode worked as a premiere, with all its great moments. But to be honest, I missed Alex and Sean relationship (they're the best couple on the show, yeah) and I also expect that Nikita don't go "case of the week" again. This episode was fantastic because it led up to a whole lot of new possibilities, but not every procedural show does it like this.