Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 25, 2013 on The CW

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  • Stopped watching it

    The end was very stupid. If they wanted to bring a reality touch it would have been better they would have killed Michael. Comeon guys, it's an action serial and u just killed the interest out of it by cutting of his hand
  • Aftermath

    After last weeks shocking ending like really shocking i didn't think a CW show will do what Nikita did and that is why its in my Top 4 CW shows and the one that deserves much more viewers with Arrow. This week we saw the aftermath of the events as the title says and it was great so much drama with action and it was so entertaining. But to all the fans that say michael shouldnt act like that i think he should just imagine if you were in his place what will you do with no hand even a robot hand doesnt make it right its not the same so your mind will be messed up and you will do things to the ones that are closest to you without even realizing and after you do realize you will hate yourself for doing so because they want to help so yes his reaction is the reaction of any normal person after losing his or her hand. Nikita should be renewed for another season and maybe paired off with Arrow or any other show because i think the show can grow it was put on Friday after the first season and most shows cant handle that but it got renewed and that is amazing although the ratings werent good it is much better than most of the cw shows last year.
  • Aftermath

    The Movies is just too awesome and suspense filled...