Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2011 on The CW

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  • Nikita continues strong.

    Nikita has been one of the surprises this season. Every week the show delivers a solid episode worthy of a place among the best action shows on TV.

    This week was no exception. Again the story was well constructed and carried throughout the episode without tangling itself into mess of irrelevant dialogue. What is especially good in the show are the characters of Nikita and Alex. A big reason for the show being so captivating is the work of Maggie Q and Lyndsy Fonseca. The dynamics between them is a key in the story and they are very believable in their roles. This week the back story of Alex was in focus and we saw a new side of her. Fonseca managed again to do a splendid role. It seems like the writers are consciously trying to avoid falling into the pit of boring series. A series like this has all the potential to be a terrible wannabe action piece, especially since it is a revamp of a previous show. Every episode manages to prove us wrong though. The writers actually are trying to do something different with the show with a more dark and complex plot unlike many other shows on CW.

    Two thumbs up for this weeks instalment. A few looks back to the past of Alex and Nikita moved the show again a little bit further.
  • Alex's past catches up to her BIG time.


    This was good. Really good!

    The best episode yet from one of the most surprising new shows to hit our TV screens, ''Alexandra'' is definitely the episode to show off to your friends who are still skeptical of what the series is capable of; and namely those who previously enjoyed La Femme Nikita and felt that the pilot for Nikita simply didn't capture the tone or seriousness of its predecessor, so they gave up on it.

    What Nikita excels at the most is continuity. There's very rarely an episode wasted on standalone plots, everything eventually syncs up with some small detail that was introduced earlier on in the season. It has been long established that Alex has had it rough growing up, but she really gets put through the ringer here. Locked up in a dog cage for the majority of the episode, Fonseca knocks it out of the park once more with an outstanding performance. I was expecting the writers to dance around the fact that Alex was a heroin addict, and having Vlad inject her with the stuff totally shocked me. The hour taps into some dark material, so it was only fitting and, indeed, extremely shocking, to see Amanda dangle Methadone in front of Alex to help ease her withdrawal symptoms, but only in exchange for some answers.

    What a cliff-hanger! I really want to give Alex a hug. And some methadone. Poor Alex.

    Even though this is Alex's episode, Nikita gets some cracking scenes too. I loved everything about her little interrogation scene in the sauna room -- with a claymore mine! This woman is so effing hardcore. A samurai sword last week, a claymore mine this week. Has she had a bazooka yet? I don't think so, but Michael has... although he doesn't look as good in a two-piece swimsuit.

    I really enjoyed their pairing this week. As with all of their meet ups, it felt somewhat contrived, but they end up in an extremely good fight scene so I'll allow it. Nikita almost confesses her love for him at one point too, which really throws a damp cloth over any attempts Mr. Vanilla Fletcher has of turning up the heat with our Spy Warrior Princess.

    Quick side-note: I realised in this episode that Nikita and Alex remind me a lot of the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle from Xena: Warrior Princess. Or, to be more precise, the kind of relationship I would prefer them to have. The writers try to squeeze the sexual tension out of every inch of the screen when Nikita shares it with her (1of3) male counterparts. Let the women do it for themselves, eh writers? Just be sure to throw in vast amounts of lesbionic subtext.

    How sleazy was Percy near the end though? VERY, I say. The way he told Michael to let him know if Alex needed anything, since she successfully retrieved the macguffin of the episode, was typical ****-of-the-earth Percy. Everyone is happy if he's happy. Someone dies if he ain't. Of course, Alex really could use a methadone-hug combo, but Amanda has other plans for her. I wonder what Percy will say when he learns -- and HE WILL -- that Amanda and Michael are working behind his back?

    I very rarely mention it, but this series boasts some fantastic production values. The cinematography and lighting, particularly, also really caught my eye this week. The scenes set in Russia looked crisp and chilly, and the brief flashback between Alex and Nikita was lit to perfection. I love half-lit shots where only one side of a character's face is bathed in light while the other is lost to the darkness. Very telling of Alex's current situation and her battle with ''the hunger''.

    It's a non-stop episode, from its flashy start to pain-stacking finish. Easily the strongest story from Nikita, after a couple of wobbly episodes coming off the hiatus; I will not accept anything less from now on. Ya hear, writers? I want this level of storytelling ALL of the time. Great performances, great direction, and in terms of quality, this is a game-changer for a show that merely hinted at the darkness it's capable of reaching in the past.
  • Alexandra

    Nikita really is something else. It isn't a high brow drama or an elite action series, but somehow, despite being a child of The CW, it delivers on multiple levels. Mixing in the right amounts of backstory with character and plot development, whilst at the same time providing adequate tension and action to the weekly mission, Nikita really is becoming one of the better network TV shows on right now. There is no case to be made for this show as a serious competitor to many cable dramas, but it really does do a great job of providing entertainment for a solid 40 minutes. Alexandra was no different. More based upon the backstory and it's relevance to current narrative than some episodes, it delivered good action sequences with significant plot development like I have come to expect from this show. Alex's first kill finally happens which could lead to a darker side of her after she comes down off of the drugs. The ending suggesting to us that this weakness in her might allow Division a chance to uncover her secret also gives something to this episode. My only problem with this show at the moment is that each episode tends to do something for character development, however, then, the following episode moves on from whatever has come before it. This may be as simple as there being no specific time frame between episodes, and thus, perhaps they are enough time apart for past events to be less relevant to any of the characters as we see them just a week later? Other than that no complaints. Another episode doing what it says on the tin, action, drama and attractive women.
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