Season 1 Episode 11

All the Way

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 09, 2010 on The CW

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  • Best episode yet!

    I started watching the show last night and I just couldn't stop, the concept is too addictive.

    The eleventh hour of Nikita is by far the best episode so far. In this mind-blowing mid-season finale all hell breaks loose and all bets are off. The action is phenomenal, the drama is great and the usual plot-twists are better than ever.

    Everyone who watched the first 10 episodes waiting for something big to happen will be rewarded. And it is OH SO WONDERFUL.......
  • Division gets the girl!

    What starts as your typical, run-of-the-mill episode of Nikita turns into the show's best offering yet, delivering on almost every level, and rewarding viewers who have kept with the series from the beginning with a fantastic mid-season finale without resorting to a shocking cliff-hanger to keep us glued until its return. The show's formula is still more or less intact, but the stakes have been raised considerably; I can't wait to see what's in store for us throughout the rest of the season.

    The plot is fairly basic at first glance: Alex is assigned her first kill order which, upon successful completion, will see her jump the ranks from recruit to official agent status. As with most episodes, Nikita tampers with Divisons assignment, only this time around, Percy is one step ahead of the game. Nikita is forced to make it appear as though Alex brought her down. Divison finally aprehends Nikita.

    While there are a couple of interesting twists along the way, this episode is essentially comprised of jaw-dropping moments. This series is called Nikita, but the show has been its most successful when the main plot requires Alex to take the lead, until now. This is Nikita's episode. We finally get to see why she's considered one of Divisions best operatives and also why you wouldn't want to meet her upon waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

    There are two stand-out Nikita moments. The first has to be when she finally breaks free of her restraints, wraps the chains around her arms and uses them as weapons. It's a short scene in the grand scheme of things, but it's an extremely iconic moment for the character. It's the kind of WOW moment that recalls the likes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, during the episode ''Anne'' (03.01) where, after kicking the crap out of loads of bad guys, Buffy stands there with two extremely awesome weapons and a don't f*** with me attitude. It was the same kind of money shot, and it was extremely effective.

    The other has to be one of the show's best choreographed fight scenes to date. Watching Nikita take on an entire room filled with Division recruits, students who aspire to one day obtain the same skill set as Nikita, was just fantastic, and having the likes of Jaden try and take on an opponent way out of her league injected this particular scene with a great sense of scale. The editing is tight and the action relentless, and Nikita pulls off some stunning moves. More fights like this, please!

    Alex manages to show off her combat skills too, although I wasn't expecting her throwdown to be with Thom. I wasn't exactly his biggest fan, but Thom was a decent companion for Alex to spar against (both literally and figuratively). His death was predictable, but Alex once again proves she'll always land on her feet, and setting Thom up as the spy working for Nikita was an inspired play. It eliminates any suspicion regarding Alex's allegiance to Division and allows her to jump rank, enabling her access to more intel in order to sabotage Division's plans. How she'll contact Nikita on a weekly basis now that Birkhoff has nipped their IM chat in the bud is still up in the air, but I'm sure Nikita will figure something out.

    All in all, this was a cracking episode, one that truly felt like a season finale. It'll be interesting to see a different dynamic now that Alex is a field agent, and I'm betting that taking Thom's life, her first ever kill, will have some fascinating psychological repercussions down the road. The series has proven so far that detail is crucial; something tells me they're not going to gloss over such a huge development.

    Bring on the rest of the season!