Season 3 Episode 10

Brave New World

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2013 on The CW



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    • Michael: All right, hold on. We all agreed that there wouldn't be any government missions. We'd find these rogue agents and then we'd shut this place down.
      Birkhoff: Strictly clean-up duty, with a real hard expiration date.
      Alex: What do we do?
      Nikita: I mean, I feel like I've done enough.
      Ryan: It's four files. We take care of them, maybe that's the end of it.
      Nikita: No, not the end. This is how it begins.

    • Nikita: Hey, how'd your meeting with the President go?
      Ryan: We're still standing here, so I think it went fine. Which brings me to what Michael and I were discussing. Given how well he ran Ops while I was in D.C., I've asked him to assume that role permanently.
      Michael: Yeah, it's like the job I used to have when Percy was running the place. Only Ryan promised that he won't try and kill me, so that's a little different.

    • Nikita: You allowed your technology to be used in this way. You gave it to a covert Black Ops group.
      Heidecker: The military funding of science has led to breakthroughs that have changed the lives of every single human being in the world.
      Nikita: Ah, you mean like the atom bomb.
      Heidecker: I mean, like atomic energy. Like the Internet, developed by DARPA. Like GPS, developed by the Navy.
      Nikita: Yay, science.

    • Nikita: How do you know who I am?
      Heidecker: I know every agent in Division. Not personally, of course. Statistically. Blood type, body mass, response time. Things of this nature.
      Nikita: Right. Because we were just useful tools to you.

    • Ryan: Michael, you can't go in there blind.
      Michael: You come up with the plan. I'll call you when I get there.
      Birkhoff: I gather his plan is, step one, fly to Kosovo, step two, kick ass?

    • Ryan: Why the hell didn't you stop her?
      Birkhoff: Please remind me of the last time someone successfully stopped Nikki from doing anything. Ever.

    • Nikita: Why are you so afraid of this Heidecker guy?
      Birkhoff: He works for people who spend their days dreaming up new and interesting ways to commit murder. Kill chips. Bullets made of teeth. That stuff that liquefies your stomach. They're not nice folks. Trust me.
      Nikita: I am not afraid of a bunch of scientists.
      Birkhoff: You should be.
      Nikita: Birkhoff, they have something that I need. If they are the only thing standing in the way of me and fixing Michael's hand, they are the ones who should be afraid.

    • Nikita: I have two days to get there, grab Heidecker, and bring him back?
      Birkhoff: What do you mean, grab him?
      Nikita: Same thing I usually mean: "Come with me. I'm not gonna hurt you. We gotta go."

    • Nikita: (referring to Kosta Beciraj) What is this guy, a Bond villain?
      Birkhoff: Keep your shirt on, double-oh hottie.

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