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The CW (ended 2013)


The final season of Nikita premieres on The CW later this year, and at Comic-Con, we talked with members of the cast and showrunner Craig Silverstein about what's coming up for the final run.
One of the folks we spoke to was Aaron Stanford (Birkhoff), who gives us the 411 on what's coming up for his character, including some more Season 4 teases. We have video of the interview below; here, however, are some highlights:
"Nikita is on the run," Stanford tells us, although that much was obvious from the Season 3 finale. "We're all looking for her. We want to reunite the family. Birkhoff and Ryan start off in their brand new HQ, which is a jumbo jet tricked out into a spy-tech lair. So, we're the eye in the sky, handling all the tech and brains as per usual," he says.
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