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The CW (ended 2013)

Three previous incarnations of Nikita

Since 1990 we had Nikita around (or Maggie in Point of No Return/ assassin). That's almost 24 years. In those years we had two movies:
- (La Femme) Nikita (1990)
- Point of No Return/ Assassin (1993)

And two TV series
- La Femme Nikita (1997-2001) for 5 seasons
- Nikita (2010-2013) for 4 seasons

That's nine seasons and two movies (take that Community).
It also had it's influence on other shows Like Alias with it's double crossing and triple crossings and Dolhouse's secret underground "training" facility and tech wizard.

For me the key scene of the entire franchise is the assassination from the bathroom it is both emotional and very tense. When on vacation she gets a call from "division" to go to the bath room get a secure walkie talkie and await instructions. She then gets instructed to assemble a sniper rifle open the window and aim it at a door on the building opposite. In the mean time on the other side of the bathroom door her boy friend who noticed the mood swing after the phone call wants to come in to talk to her about why she is so secretive and that he imagine the worst.

Nikita listens to him and almost starts crying. She then gets instructions from "division" to kill the woman who's coming out of the door. She briefly hesitates then shoots her.

Her boyfriend enters the bathroom after he hears some noise. Nikita sits on the side of the bath crying, the rifle hidden underwater in the bath.

We see both sides to Nikita here, the ice cold killer and the humanity creeping in, her need to connect and resentment to keeping secrets. This scene is in both movies but not in the TV series, but I'm not sure.

So now to come back to the question "What next?"

Do we get some sort of 25th anniversary in 2015 say an ultimate box set with all movies and TV series I doubt it but it would be nice.

Maybe a video game? During the run of La Femme Nikita a video game for the Xbox was planned, but later cancelled maybe it would work now something like Solid Snake.

Or and this is extreme wishful thinking a new film or an HBO miniseries based on the original movies (Hey HBO is WB who own the rights so it's possible in one of the many parallel universes that might exist).

These are my thoughts, now lets get the series finale and hope it goes out with a bang that will spread out the remains of Amanda over five continents.

Let me know your ideas of what's next and if you have a favorite scene from the franchise.
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