Season 1 Episode 13

Coup de Grace

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2011 on The CW

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  • Worst episode EVAR!.....


    OMG! That samurai move 18 min in, was some kinda kiddy show! I mean, common guys, if she uses a bloody katana, at least show some f'ing blood you amateurs!

    Then the prince patches her up....wound...again, you kidding me? 6 year old children wouldnt break tears from a "wound" like that.

    Next, the masks of the Division agents are so bad that anyone would be able to identify the agents at any time. lame lame lame!

    Flashbangs. Real flashbangs are so powerfull that itll make the target blind for a long period of time, not to mention deaf and even prone to vometing from the experience. yet, most hostages in the scene seems only lightly shaken, and the targets are unmoved, they just raise their hands....SUPER LAME

    Instructors and Scriptwriters....Don't you people have any pride? ...hell, any shame? at least do some basic research before writing your crapfest.

  • Nikita needs to fire her stylist!

    Aside from an intriguing cliff-hanger, which would suggest that Michael isn't as dense as he looks, this is a fairly straight-forward standalone episode, showcasing the new dynamic between Alex and Nikita now that the former recruit is a free agent. ''Coup de Grace'' contains a few cracking moments here and there, but for the most part, it's espionage by-the-numbers.

    I can't help but feel that they could have done more with the episode, even if there are quite a few twists. The thing is, they're mostly -- er, scratch that -- they're all extremely predictable, and the episode takes you exactly where you expect it to. It's revealed rather early into the episode that Princess Kristina is the culprit behind the attack on the Prince of Georgia. Due to typical CW typecasting, anyone who has watched the likes of Charmed or Smallville (I'm guilty of both, sue me) will have guessed almost immediately, as I did, that Kristina (played by Beatrice Rosen) was the one behind the assassination attempt.

    What was meant to be an 11-minute wolf pack strike by Division against Prince Mukhran (guest-star, James Gilbert, giving a fine performance) turns into a hostage situation once it's established that Nikita is inside aiding the prince. Roswell's Brendan Behr (Roswell, Charmed... I swear I watch good television too!) leads the team, along with Alex, but when things turn sour he demands Nikita's head on a stick. He's not long for this world...

    What few highlights this episode has all come from Alex. She has always been the most accessible character, and thanks to such a diverse and layered performance by Lyndsy Fonseca, and some smartly written scenes, it's safe to say she owns this episode. I know, I know, Nikita was wielding a frickin' samurai sword at one point -- I know! But this time around, smarts trumps hot chick with sword. Her resourcefulness has been so consistent throughout the season and there's no evidence of that changing anytime soon. Her harsh, but very effective way of making it seem that she's luring out Nikita by breaking Leila's (Kathleen Munroe) fingers, one by one, when in fact she's actually alerting Nikita as to how many minutes she has before reinforcements arrive, was very intense and the kind of double-agent shenanigans that made me fall for Alias.

    Now, lets get back to Nikita wielding a samurai sword. I think they missed a huge opportunity here. They should have kept her with the sword, cos, ya know, who doesn't love a hot chick slicing and dicing bad guys, eh? And, pfft, don't argue over practicalities, did you see the dress Nikita was wearing? Tinfoil. Tinfoil. A shiny sword would have drawn some of the attention away from her eye-sore of a dress. She looked like a mirror with legs. Maggie Q is unbelievably stunning, but not even her extreme hotness could pull off that newly wrapped in tinfoil look.

    I'm spending way too much time on her dress.

    I'm glad that Michael is finally putting two and two together where Alex is concerned. The writers need a way to recreate the same level of excitement and intensity that the show had when Alex was a recruit working for Nikita on the inside, and by having Michael connect the dots, it will surely throw a few spanners into Nikita's plans. It's obvious Michael has feelings for Alex, as well as Nikita, so I have an inkling this plot will sway towards a shift in his alliance with Division, rather than something for Alex to really fret about. Only time will tell, I suppose.

    More tightly plotted than last week, yet still lacking the kind of tenacious storytelling the series excelled at before it took a wee break. C'mon, Nikita, you're better than this!
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