Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 2011 on The CW

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  • Michael seeks revenge for the murder of his family. Again.

    Picking up hot off the trails of ''One Way'' (01.09), ''Covenants'' pushes Michael's tragic back-story to the forefront once again, as well as his long and complicated history with Nikita.

    The series continues to impress with plenty of meaty character development on offer and some terrific acting from everyone involved. I didn't even mind too much that Michael and Nikita finally got together in the end. The poor guy has been through so much (as with every character on this sadistic show), he was in desperate need of some spy lovin' anyways.

    The stand-off between Michael and Nikita at the beginning of the episode set the mood perfectly, and the episode very rarely let up thereafter. I've mentioned it before, but when Michael comes across as an absolute prick (as he does here in spades), he's a much more tolerable and, oddly enough, sympathetic character to watch. I think it had a lot to do with the very real motions we've seen Nikita go through -- shutting off her emotions, letting nothing get in her way -- that lent Michael's crusade credibility. And, ya know, the shotgun didn't hurt either.

    The big twist completely took me by surprise, although in retrospect, I should have seen it coming when Kasim used Nikita's satellite phone. It also made Michael's decision to work for Nikita from within Division all the more organic, and after 17 episodes, you'd be hard-pressed to accuse to writers of rushing this particular development. Speaking of Kasim, and double-agents, even though Alex has only one or two scenes in this episode, I am starting to get the feeling that there's something up with Nathan. My bet is that he's working for Amanda, and that this whole ordeal is yet another one of her tests. If that is the case, will Michael fess up and let her in on the secret? Either way she'll be devastated.

    One of the show's many strengths is the ability to keep everything moving at a satisfying and believable pace. This, in part, is due to the various levels of recurring bad guys that infiltrate each episode. Gogul seems to be just as much a threat to Nikita as Division, the only difference being that Nikita doesn't carry any emotional baggage with her on missions against Gogul. But that's three strikes now, right? Ari Tasarov (played magnificently by Peter Outerbridge) promised to use an absurd amount of resources to hunt and track Nikita down. Is this gonna be the set-up for Season 2? With the way things are going, it looks as though the Division arc will be coming to a head come finale time. At the very least, a switch in power between Division and Gogul. Or possibly a merger? I'm excited to find out!

    Everything has been set in motion for a serious showdown at the end of this season. Now that Alex and Michael are working for Nikita on the inside, they're closer than ever to retrieving Percy's precious black boxes and taking down Division for good. I really can't way to see where this show takes me next. It's proving to be one hell of a ride!