Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 2011 on The CW

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  • okay, i'm going to sum up the epis that have been aired so far.

    i didn't start watching until recently coz i thought it's going to be like the previous one 'La femme Nikita' which i didn't like at all. First there is no comparison between the two, Nikita is way better in it's action sequence, characters and it's plot.

    one reason i hated La femme is that it focused a lot on Nikita-Michael relationship which was lame. I wasn't thrilled to the fact that Maggie Q was going to be Nikita, and Shane as Michael (i saw him as the cute guy who fall in love with a dying girl in A Walk To Remember, not as a bada** assassin) but after i gave it a try i couldn't see anyone else playing those parts.
    Lady Heather as Amanda made me glued to the screen. I wasn't fund of the actress that much but when i watched her, that psycho B**** i loved every scene of her (this epi wasn't enough i need more of her) i would love to see more of her relation with Nikita, epi 11 wasn't enough, the look on Maggie when they captured her then Amanda enters the room, their dynamic was priceless. Little Berkhoff with his harry poter glasses, wonderfully played. Purcy... no comments.

    the action sequences are great, true moves, some moments i could feel the hit, i have fouur fav moments:
    when Alex knocked that guy in Nathan's Party awesome.
    when Nikita and Alex flipped the target in epi 11 in his room, wow.
    When Nikita was captured (also epi 11) after the explosion weaken the chains, how she rolled them above her head, BRILLIANT.
    When Nikita and Michael were running out of the sauna, and a guy pops out, Nikita grabbed his gun and Michael finished him, great.

    A lot of shows have fight scenes in it, but like this one i've never seen, thanks to Maggie of course.

    The plot
    the few first epis aren't as good as the rest, if you quit or haven't given it a try, think again coz this is heading to some where great especially in the end of this epi. Writers keep up the good work and keep us surprised.

    the only negative thing is that i'm going to have to wait till April to watch Nikita again.
  • Echoes...

    Just a week after I said that an annoying flaw in Nikita is that the episodes never really seem to follow on too closely from each other, we got a direct follow on from last week's Alexandra. A subconscious safari through Alex's head lead to some reasonably interesting internal revelations as Amanda tried to break down her defenses and find out the truth about what she's hiding. Failing in part due to Alex's strength of resistance to her methods and also because of Michael. The less significant but more plot progressive arc of the episode followed the ever pesky Michael as his curiosity and distrust of his newest agent lead him to deliver a colossal cliffhanger to the end of the episode. Using Birkhoff, Michael has finally figured out what it seems like he's known for a while now, that Nikita and Alex are slightly more involved than mortal enemies, ensuring that we will see a second follow on to Alexandra's plot to some extent. I'm not sure where they're going to go with this story as it stands. Michael is clearly conflicted about anything involving Nikita, but I can't see any way in which he will let the Alex-Nikita relationship remain. This episode was probably a little too dependent upon the psychological battle at hand and overall could have been handled better, but given the scope for things to come with its ending, Echoes certainly delivered. Another solid episode of a pretty great little show. Hopefully next week lives up to expectations.
  • Inception, Spy Edition.

    Holy moly! What a cliff-hanger! Michael has never looked more badass.

    "Ask me how I got here?"



    Dream episodes can be tricky. When they're webbed into the overall arc, you need to have enough wtf dream-like moments interspersed between all of the plot points and red-herrings that accompany this kind of storytelling to keep things interesting. ''Echoes'' may lack the same conviction and creative eye that I've seen from various other series of the same genre tackling this subject, but Nikita still manages to keep a tight grasp on things, never letting the possibilities of its premise override the central characters' motivations -- which is both a plus and a slight missed opportunity on the writers' part.

    That's not to say this episode isn't fun or imaginative -- in fact, it's often both -- I just think more could have been milked from it. And it's hard not to hear Christopher Nolan's soundtrack from Inception boom through your speakers, given that this hour takes a hefty plot-device from the film (in this case, the idea of dream bodyguards, in the form of Nikita as Alex's guide in the dreamworld). It's a clever and a believable barrier against Amanda's harsh interrogation procedure, though hardly original.

    But it does open up some classic and rare opportunities for the show to have a little more fun. I positively loved Nikita's answering machine message:

    NIKITA: Hi, it's Nikita. I'm out saving the world right now, so please leave a message after the beep.

    The meat and potatoes come from Amanda's relentless, no holds-barred assault on Alex's mind. Amanda has never been so ruthless. She almost broke free of her collected and ice-cold demeanor since Alex kept avoiding her questions, which was really getting under her wig. But no, she kept her cool and saved the best for last: cancellation. We're only 16 episodes in and already Division want Alex dead. Percy seemed genuinely surprised by Amanda's suggestion, and more than a little hesitant. I wonder if Percy has plans of his own for Alex?

    Alex, Alex, Alex...

    Yet another episode focusing on Nikita's protegé, yet another corker. Not that I mind too much, but I'd really prefer some of the attention and storyline to focus on Nikita, because as of now, she has no real drive other than to help Alex. It's all she has been doing for several episodes now. Nikita needs a solid storyline of her own, otherwise I really do think the creators should consider re-branding the show.

    But Michael seems to be finally coming into his own. The ending was superb, even if you could see it coming a mile off. I think the shotgun and his laid back approach really made it. And, for once, his impressive array of constipated facial expressions benefited to the scene. I'm inclined to believe that Nikita will somehow talk her way out of this sticky situation, although the series has surprised me before with going darker than I expected (even during this very episode, with future-Alex shooting Nathan and her newborn point-black, off-screen).

    It's an impressive outing for Nikita, replete with some interesting visuals, strong character development, slick fight scenes, and plenty of Lyndsy Fonseca giving her usual gutsy performance.
  • Amanda takes advantage of Alex's weak state and drugs her in order to extract her secrets.

    What a cliffhanger! This episode was definitely my favourite of the season so far, and I am loving the story development. This really stands up to the original series 10 years ago, and it's a really well made spin off, or could even be considered as a continuation. Really well done to all the writers!

    Spoiler alert. Amanda takes advantage of Alex's weak state and drugs her in order to extract her secrets. After a roller coster Alex wakes up and Micheal stops her (trying to protect the secret) implying that he knows about Alex's connection with Nikita. The episode ends beautifully with a great cliffhanger of Amanda ordering cancellation for Alex, and Michael in Nikita's apartment holding a huge gun, and Nikita been scared like never before! Can't wait for the next episode!!!
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