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Episode Guide

    • Canceled
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      Frustrated that MDK is still active, Nikita decides to end it her way. Leaving Michael and the team behind, Nikita takes Alex on the road to exact revenge. Nikita and Alex capture Mr. Jones and force him to reveal the names of the rest of the members of MDK. Armed with the information, Nikita goes down a dark path that may ultimately cost her her soul. Michael tracks her down and must get her to surrender before the military opens fire and kills her. However, Nikita isn't one to give up on a fight, leading her to make a shocking decision.moreless
    • All the Way
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      Alex informs Nikita that Division is sending her on her first mission to kill the leader of a crime syndicate. Alex is concerned about killing someone, but Nikita reassures her and demands that she help execute the kill order. Birkhoff uncovers the shell program that a Division mole has been using to communicate with Nikita in the outside world and informs Percy and Michael. When Alex runs into problems on her mission, Nikita makes a quick decision to try to clear Alex's name. Back at Division, Jayden tries to prove that Alex is the mole, but Thom stands up for Alex and an unexpected accident clears her name.moreless
    • Covenant
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      Michael shows up in Nikita's lair and tells her that he knows Alex is the mole. Michael threatens to tell Percy about Alex unless Nikita finds Kasim, the man who killed Michael's family, in the next 24 hours.
    • Betrayals
      Season 1 - Episode 21
      Michael learns that Percy has ordered Divison to kill anyone with the ability to decrypt the black boxes, so he sends Nikita to protect the final person on the list, a CIA cryptographer named Malcolm. Nikita kidnaps the cryptographer and takes him to Ryan for safety. Back at Division, Percy turns on Alex.moreless
    • Sanctuary
      Season 2 - Episode 12

      Desperate to protect his mother, Sean attacks Nikita and Michael. Meanwhile, Percy gains the upper hand on Amanda and threatens to take down Division unless she releases him.

    • Fair Trade
      Season 2 - Episode 9

      Oversight hosts an emergency meeting after realizing that Nikita is stealing their funding. Birkoff helps Nikita spy on the meeting, allowing her to identify the other members of Oversight, but things don't go as planned when Sean captures Birkoff. Amanda demands that Birkoff reveal where Nikita is hiding, but Birkoff refuses to give up her location, and Amanda tortures him. Meanwhile, Alex begins to execute her plan to reclaim her father's empire. With a price on her head, Alex decides that the the easiest way to get into Russia undetected is the same way she was smuggled out – through the illegal sex ring.

    • Clean Sweep
      Season 2 - Episode 13

      In Clean Sweep, Percy holds members of Oversight hostage as leverage to make Amanda meet his demands. He threatens to let deadly gas loose inside Division. One of his hostages is Sean's mother, and Sean goes to Nikita seeking help. Nikita must decide whether to save the innocent lives within Division or let the enemy of her enemy become her friend.

    • Bubble
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      Just as Nikita is finally starting to see an end to the long war with The Shop, Ryan confesses a secret that could unravel it all. Meanwhile, Michael tries to get Nikita to accept their new circumstances as he contemplates what comes next for the two of them. Realizing Sam was planning to steal her diamonds, Alex gives him a suitcase of fake diamonds to deliver to her contact in France. Alex is surprised when he upholds his end of the bargain and doesn't take off with the jewels. However, things get messy when Sam is jumped by the loan shark he owes money to, and Alex must step in to save him.moreless
    • Pandora
      Season 1 - Episode 22
      Percy attempts to take over the CIA, Alex goes rogue, and Michael finds himself trapped inside Division, unable to help Nikita, whose life is in danger after helping Alex.
    • Guardians
      Season 2 - Episode 10

      With Michael out of town, Nikita looks to Owen for help as she tries to steal another black box from one of the Guardians. However, she learns that Owen is working for an unlikely employer that could jeopardize her whole mission. Amanda discovers that Alex received some confidential information about Semak and that Percy must have been the one to give her that information. Furious that Percy undermined her authority, Amanda strips him of all his amenities. Back in Russia, Alex finally makes her move on Semak.

    • Power
      Season 2 - Episode 18

      Amanda and Ari organize a Zetrov board meeting and prepare to take over the company. After a heated face-to-face argument with Amanda, Nikita reflects on what Amanda was like when she first joined Division. Meanwhile, Alex catches Ari off guard by arriving at the board meeting with an old and powerful friend.

    • Homecoming
      Season 2 - Episode 23

      Michael and Nikita invade Division, attempting to finally capture Percy. Alex and Sean find themselves trapped in a dangerous gunfire battle with the U.S. Marines, and Ryan has to convince the U.S. President not to destroy Division until Nikita and Michael can safely escape. The President, however, is anxious to put and end to Percy's reign. Meanwhile, Birkhoff turns to Sonya for help, and Nikita corners Percy in his office, but he has one final trick up his sleeve that may prevent Nikita and Michael from succeeding in their mission.

    • Pay-Off
      Season 4 - Episode 4

      Jones takes the leadership position from Amanda at The Shop, then calls Nikita and offers her and her team complete freedom by wiping away their identities and faking their deaths if they drop their mission. The team lands on a secluded Pakistan air strip, but a local drug czar and his men storm the plane and demand ten million dollars, and Nikita turns to Alex for the money. Alex removes some diamonds from a safe deposit box to make the payment, and Sam sees an opportunity to recoup his losses and considers stealing the diamonds. Meanwhile, Michael comes face-to-face with an old rival, Ramon, who hits Michael with some hard truth.

    • Echoes
      Season 1 - Episode 16
      Hoping to speed up her recovery, Amanda sedates Alex after her most recent mission and takes advantage of Alex's drugged condition to question her about the secrets Amanda suspects Alex is hiding. Realizing Alex is in danger, Nikita works to secure her another identity to smuggle her out of the country. However, Nikita's contact double-crosses her, leaving Nikita to face an unexpected opponent. Meanwhile, Michael becomes suspicious of Alex and asks Birkhoff to investigate her.moreless
    • One Way
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Michael goes after the terrorist who killed his family, and Nikita decides to help him. When Percy learns of her involvement, he sends agents to kill her, compromising the mission. Meanwhile, Alex puts Jaden at risk when she lies to cover her own slip-up while going through Division medical files.
    • Clawback
      Season 2 - Episode 7

      From behind bars, Ryan uncovers patterns that reveal how Oversight gets its funding. He sets up a meeting with Nikita to fill her in on the details, but Amanda intercepts their coded messages and alerts Oversight, who sends in one of their members own to question Ryan. Nikita and Michael scramble to break Noah out of prison before Oversight reaches him. Meanwhile, Alex is being tailed by Gogol and comes face to face with someone from her past.

    • Pale Fire
      Season 2 - Episode 11

      Alex's mission to bring down Gogol comes to a head when she infiltrates her childhood home and faces ghosts from her past. Nikita, working on a separate mission, finds herself at the mansion as she tries to steal Semak's black box. When Nikita and Alex cross paths, they decide to team up, but the pair faces a major obstacle. Meanwhile, Michael and Owen join forces, hoping to uncover Percy's secret plan with the Guardians.

    • Til Death Do Us Part
      Season 3 - Episode 22

      Amanda places Nikita in a life-threatening situation where she has to choose between saving Michael or saving her own life. The team works to find a way to stop Amanda, but with Division diminished, they struggle to stop her plan.

    • Alexandra
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      During a mission, Alex runs into Irina, a friend from her past. Alex tries to help Irina escape from her captor, but Irina betrays her and turns Alex over to a Russian mobster named Vlad, who has a debt to settle. As Nikita tries to save Alex, she runs into Michael, who is also searching for Alex. Knowing that she can't compromise Alex's secret, Nikita has to work with Michael to save Alex without blowing Alex's cover.moreless
    • Wanted
      Season 4 - Episode 1

      Nikita is still on the run after she was framed for the assassination of the President of the United States. Dale, an ENN news reporter, starts to question what really happened the night of the assassination. Nikita, seeing this as a potential opportunity to clear her name, re-enters the U.S. to talk to Dale but walks right into one of Amanda's traps. Nikita's team is alerted of the problem, and Michael works to track down Nikita before Amanda finds her. While Birkhoff and Ryan assist Michael from their new mobile office, a high-tech aircraft, Alex stakes out a human-trafficking ring and discovers that The Shop is involved. She runs into trouble, and Alex is shocked when Owen/Sam arrives at the scene.

    • Rogue
      Season 2 - Episode 14

      Percy continues on this mission to take back Division by threatening to Carla, Nikita's former mentor who rescued Nikita from the streets when she was a junkie. Determined to reach Carla before Percy can get to her, Nikita uses Madeline to send Carla a message. However, Percy intercepts the message, and he and Nikita race to see who can get to Carla first. Meanwhile, Amanda tells Alex that the time has come for her to reclaim Zetrov and reveal her true identity to the world.

    • Glass Houses
      Season 1 - Episode 20
      Upset that Nikita continues to pursue the black boxes, Percy sends Michael to Pennsylvania to check on one of the boxes and the guardian protecting it. Nikita arrives at the town first and is surprised to learn that the guardian is a normal woman named Dana who has abandoned her guardian job and is trying to lead a normal life with her husband and child. Tensions mount when Michael must report Dana's actions and Division sends in agents to clean up any evidence of her existence. Meanwhile, Nathan gets caught in the middle of an argument between Alex and Jaden.moreless
    • Origins
      Season 2 - Episode 15

      "Origins" brings viewers back to the beginning, before Nikita became a one-woman killing machine. On the streets and strung out on drugs, Nikita was well on her way to an early death or a long stint in prison. Carla is the one person who can help Nikita, whether Nikita likes it or not.

    • Masks
      Season 3 - Episode 17

      Alex admits to Birkhoff her hope of leaving Division, and Amanda starts to provide Owen with the troubling memories of his real past. Despite Nikita's efforts to help, Owen begins to confront the events of his past in the military.

    • Dead Drop
      Season 2 - Episode 21

      As Percy's nuclear weapons plan begins spiraling out of control, Ryan suggests they turn to CIA Director Morgan Kendrick for help. Nikita is vehemently opposed to the plan and is shocked when Michael supports Ryan's idea. The tension mounts when Nikita is proven right after they discover Kendrick has a link to Percy. Meanwhile, Sean is shot by Division agents, leaving Alex shaken.

    • Intersection
      Season 3 - Episode 7

      Birkhoff informs Nikita that Sonya is Amanda's mole and that not only has she reactivated Sonya's kill chip, but she has also placed a second mole in Division to keep track of Sonya's actions. Together, Nikita, Michael, and Ryan develop a plan to use Sonya to reveal Amanda's location, and Birkhoff sets a trap for the second mole. Meanwhile, Michael confronts Alex about her recent drug use, and Alex pleads with Michael not to tell Nikita about her relapse.

    • Phoenix
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      In return for continued funding, Division authorizes Thom to eliminate a U.S. senator's mistress and cover up the affair. Nikita attempts to get to the mistress through her parents, but things don't go as planned.
    • 343 Walnut Lane
      Season 2 - Episode 6

      While searching through the black box for information on Division, Birkoff comes across a copy of Nikita's birth certificate. Nikita and Michael locate Nikita's father, Richard, but the reunion does not go as Nikita had planned. Percy tells Alex that the black box in Nikita's possession contains information that could help her avenge her father's death.

    • Doublecross
      Season 2 - Episode 16

      Agents continue to get assassinated one by one, sending Division into a furious panic. Amanda discovers Percy is not only the one responsible for the murders, but has been undermining her authority with several other Division agents. With her back against the wall, Amanda makes Nikita a tempting offer: Stop Percy and she will hand over Ryan.

    • Wrath
      Season 2 - Episode 19

      Back in Nikita's days at Division, she infiltrated the inner circle of a man named Nicholas Brandt, captured him, and put him behind bars. Percy breaks Brandt out of prison, and Brandt's first mission to get revenge on Nikita. When Brandt captures and tortures her, Nikita faces a side of herself she thought she had disappeared long ago. Meanwhile, Percy continues to play mind games with Michael, Sean, and Alex, and pushes one of them to the brink of death.

    • Set-Up
      Season 4 - Episode 3

      Relations between the U.S. and Pakistan continue to deteriorate after Amanda plants evidence suggesting that Pakistan hired Nikita to assassinate the President. Ryan becomes increasingly suspicious of Birkhoff’s recent odd behavior and tells Nikita and Michael that he thinks Amanda may have kidnapped Birkhoff and replaced him with a double. An NSA official, Ronald Peller, gets under Birkhoff’s skin. Meanwhile, the CIA captures Alex and questions her about her involvement with Nikita.

    • The Recruit
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Alex alerts Nikita that Division has activated one of the recruits to execute a suicide mission. Nikita intercepts the recruit at the same time Michael arrives, and the two exchange gunfire. Meanwhile, back at Division, a recruit attacks several guards, which leads to mass chaos.
    • Broken Home
      Season 3 - Episode 18

      With Nikita trapped and drugged, Amanda subjects Nikita with her horrific mental conditioning process, sharing terrible memories of her own childhood with Nikita. Through the conditioning process, Nikita uncovers Amanda’s deepest, darkest secret. With Alex's role as the leader of the mutiny now out in the open, she struggles to save everyone at Division as the violence escalates. With Michael locked up at the hands of Division members, Birkhoff and Sean work to save the women they love. Meanwhile, Owen's recent discovery of his lost memories drive him to take startling actions during Division’s lockdown.

    • Free
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      With her promotion to agent, Division gives Alex a new apartment and a cover job. Her new neighbor, Nathan, invites Alex to a party, but Nikita warns her about the risks of getting involved with people. Alex struggles to balance her responsibilities at Division and leading a normal life. Nikita discovers that Division has implanted a kill chip in Alex's head and works on gaining control of the chip. While interrogating Birkhoff, Nikita reveals a secret that shocks Ryan.moreless
    • Coup de Grace
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      On her first mission, Alex and a group are assigned to kill the Prince of Georgia at a museum gala. When Alex tells Nikita about the assignment, they build a plan to prevent the assassination. However, Nikita puts her trust in wrong person and the plan falls apart, leading to a stand-off and letting Division know that Nikita is in the building.moreless
    • Into The Dark
      Season 1 - Episode 18
      Owen returns with information about the whereabouts of one of Percy's black boxes. Nikita travels to London with Owen to retrieve the box, but she notices that he is acting strangely. Owen tells Nikita that he wants to release the contents of the black box, then turns on Nikita when she disagrees with his plan. Meanwhile, Percy sends Michael to London to kill Nikita, and Amanda forces Alex to take a lie detector test after she overhears Jaden and Alex arguing about the escape tunnels.moreless
    • Resistance
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      A group of terrorists attack a bus filled with Division recruits and kidnap Alex and Thom, who are both unaware that the attack is a test orchestrated by Division. Michael, Percy, Michael and Amanda watch as Alex is tortured, but Alex manages to escape contact Nikita for help. Meanwhile, as Owen begins to trust Nikita, he reveals some alarming information about her fiance.moreless
    • Black Badge
      Season 3 - Episode 11

      A CIA agent named Naomi comes into possession of a hard drive containing files that details Madeline Pierce's involvement with Division and delivers it to Morgan Kendrick, director of the CIA. Kendrick is killed shortly after receiving the hard drive, and Amanda frames Sean killing and the CIA takes him into custody. Nikita and Alex work to free Sean in a dangerous plan that could cost him his life.

    • Rough Trade
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Nikita revisits her past when she posed as a nanny for a key government official and decides to right the wrong of his death. During the mission, Michael rescues Nikita and starts to have doubts about Percy's intentions. Alex suffers from a panic attack during basic training at Division, and Amanda helps Alex break her claustrophobia.moreless
    • Game Change
      Season 2 - Episode 1

      Nikita and Michael plan to take down Division and Oversight, using the contents of the black box to help them with their mission. Amanda is now leading Division, but Oversight has assigned one of their agents, Sean, to keep a a close watch on her. Amanda's first mission is to retrieve the black box from Nikita, and she pursues Alex's help in the mission. Alex refuses to cooperate until Amanda tells her she will help her find the man who killed Alex's father. Meanwhile, Nikita and Michael receive help from an unlikely ally during their mission.

    • Reunion
      Season 3 - Episode 13

      Hoping to gain control of the black box, Amanda attempts to kidnap Ari's son, Stefan, and use him as a bargaining tool with Ari. While still being held at Division, Ari asks Nikita to help protect his son. However, both Nikita and Amanda end up held captive by Stefan's bodyguard Krieg, forcing Nikita and Amanda to cooperate in order to escape. Back at Division, Owen is upset with Michael after Michael assigns Alex to help Nikita on the mission instead of him.

    • The Life We've Chosen
      Season 3 - Episode 14

      Amanda holds Alex captive and offers Nikita Alex's freedom in exchange for Ari's. Michael puts Nikita and Sean in charge of the prisoner exchange, but Ryan makes a last minute addition and adds Owen to the mission, leaving Michael suspicious. While captured, Alex befriends a fellow prisoner named Larissa and vows to promises to free them both from Amanda. This promise eventually conflicts with Nikita's plan, forcing Alex to choose between Nikita and her promise to Larissa.

    • Invisible Hand
      Season 3 - Episode 21
      After barely surviving the recent events at Division, Michael questions Nikita's desire for a life outside of the next mission. Amanda's threat still hangs over the team, especially after she allied herself with a group of mysterious new partners who armed her with a dangerous new weapon. Meanwhile, Alex considers an interesting offer from a Nobel Prize winner she’s helping defend.moreless
    • Crossbow
      Season 2 - Episode 22

      Percy calls the U.S. President, threatening to detonate a nuclear weapon unless the president meets his demands. Birkhoff tracks down two scientists who could help stop Percy's new nuclear satellite, so Nikita and Michael pursue one while Sean and Alex look for the other. Unfortunately, Alex and Sean find themselves in the spot that Percy decides to blows up as a demonstration of his power. Meanwhile, Nikita decides the best way to stop Percy is to go straight to Division itself.

    • The Guardian
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Percy decides to search alone for a known fugitive, who happens to be a Division operative named Owen, which makes Michael suspicious of his motives and leads to a stand-off between Percy, Owen, and Nikita. Meanwhile, Thom catches Alex during her attempt to send Nikita a warning.
    • Dark Matter
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Owen reveals some top-secret information from Division's black boxes to the media, leaking news that the U.S. Government was behind an assassination in Chile. In response, Percy frames Ryan, a C.I.A. agent, for the assassination. Nikita and Owen get captured when they travel to Chile and attempt to rescue Ryan from mercenaries, and Nikita reveals Division's secrets to Ryan in an effort to save all of their lives. Back at Division, Alex spies on Percy and Birkhoff and sees a new side to Percy.moreless
    • Shadow Walker
      Season 2 - Episode 20

      Nikita talks Birkhoff into using 20 million dollars out of his own pocket in a scheme to bankrupt Percy and Division, but Percy ends up getting his hands on all of Birkhoff's money, which causes tension between Birkhoff and Nikita. Nikita and the group have one final opportunity to get back at Percy, but Birkhoff is arrested while trying to reclaim his money, forcing Nikita to break him out of jail before Division can reach him. While Nikita works to free Brikhoff, Michael and Alex pursue the stolen money.

    • Tipping Point
      Season 3 - Episode 16

      Nikita and Michael hear about a new prosthetic hand that could allow Michael to return to his former self, but obtaining the hand will come at a steep price. Meanwhile, Alex and Sean work to track down the agents inside Division are beind a mutiny, which ends in bloodshed.

    • Falling Ash
      Season 2 - Episode 2

      Nikita and Michael investigate an old corrupt Division program called P9 that appears to have resurfaced. During their investigation, they run into Owen, who informs them that he is searching for Dr. Joseph Mars, the man who not only masterminded P9, but also invented the Regimen and could help Owen wean himself off the dangerous drug. Michael is reluctant to trust Owen again, but Nikita decides that the three should join forces. Back at Division, Percy demands to see Alex.

    • Knightfall
      Season 2 - Episode 3

      Nikita is upset when Birkoff tells her that information in the black box indicates a man named Ramon, who she captured years earlier and turned over to Percy, is now working for Division as an assassin. Amanda convinces Alex to kill Anton Kochenko, a man who once worked for her father, and sets up Ramon so that he will be charged with the murder. However, when Nikita interferes with Amanda's plan, Amanda retaliates by taking what Nikita values most.

    • High-Value Target
      Season 3 - Episode 20

      Nikita, Michael, and Alex pursue the black box, which has fallen into the hands of one of Amanda's agents. The remaining members of Division find themselves in danger from potential international buyers and the President, who is prepared to send the Navy SEALs to finish off Division if they cannot retrieve the box. Reformed rogue and arms dealer Cyrus returns to Division to help the team, which has no support staff, few leads, and is facing a clock ticking. With his help, Nikita, Michael and Alex stage a daring op at the tightly-secured G-20 economic summit to regain control of the box and everyone’s future.

    • Girl's Best Friend
      Season 1 - Episode 19
      Nikita decides it's getting too risky for Alex stay at Division and encourages her to disappear. Alex agrees, but before she can get away Division assigns Alex and Jaden to an overseas mission to stop the son of a foreign president from selling a new chemical weapon. When things don't go as planned, Alex must decide between saving the mission or saving herself.moreless
    • Arising
      Season 2 - Episode 17

      Michael is upset when he learns the truth about a secret that Cassandra kept from him, and he and Nikita travel to Moscow to confront her. Meanwhile, Alex makes one final attempt to track down her her mother by sending out a coded message through a televised interview.

    • Dead or Alive
      Season 4 - Episode 2

      Nikita rejoins Michael, Birkhoff, and Ryan on the team’s aircraft command center. Michael refuses to discuss their relationship but tells Nikita to remain with the group until they can help her clear her name. Ryan discovers that Amanda is making doubles of important people with The Shop’s help. Nikita learns that one of Amanda's doubles has replaced the Director of the FBI, but she doesn’t know how to kill him without exposing herself. Meanwhile, Alex holds Sam at gunpoint and demands he return what he stole from her, but the two have to work togethe to escape an attack by a gang of thugs.

    • The Next Seduction
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      Ryan intercepts information about a dangerous new weapon coming into the U.S. and asks Nikita to help him prevent its delivery. Nikita learns that the man bringing the weapon into the country is Voss, a man Division forced her to have a relationship with while working undercover. She reluctantly resumes her alter ego to prevent the missile from being delivered. Meanwhile, Michael interferes with Alex's relationship with Nathan.moreless
    • Inevitability
      Season 3 - Episode 15

      Nikita decides that Division should accept a government mission to assassinate the President of Chad while he's in Paris, but Alex disagrees with the plan and refuses to be a part of the mission. Frustrated that Nikita is keeping secrets from the rest of the group, much like Percy did, Alex asks Birkoff to dig up secrets on Danforth to use as leverage in case the government tries to shut down Division. However, Alex and Birkhoff are stunned when they uncover a secret so big it could threaten Division's existence.

    • 3.0
      Season 3 - Episode 1

      Ryan takes over as head of Division with Nikita by his side. In their first mission, they must round up "The Dirty Thirty," the rogue Division agents who failed to respond to the Division recall after Percy was killed. Unfortunately, the mission doesn't go as planned and Michael is arrested in Hong Kong, forcing Nikita to change plans and devise a plan to break him out of prison. Alex reprises her alter ego, the spoiled Russian princess Alexandra Udinov, in a very unique way as part of Nikita's plan to free Michael. Meanwhile, Birkhoff struggles to maintain a working relationship with Sonya, despite his growing attraction to her.

    • The Sword's Edge
      Season 3 - Episode 5

      Division intel reveals that a former Division agent, Markov, has reappeared after six years undercover and has become President of Uzbekistan, with plans to assassinate the President of the United States. Ryan reveals to his team that the president is already having doubts about Division's existence and has threatened to wipe them out if the public finds out about the secret agency. Nikita and Michael are furious that Ryan failed to reveal this information, and they are forced to come up with a way to save the president's life without alerting her to the life-threatening situation. Meanwhile, after Alex and Owen are caught in an explosion, an investigation leads them to believe that someone inside Division is responsible.

    • Kill Jill
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Nikita saves a journalist who is in danger when he tries to expose a conspiracy. Birkhoff is suspected of helping Nikita from inside. Michael tries to find his target with the help of Jaden, Alex and Thom.
    • With Fire
      Season 3 - Episode 12

      Birkhoff receives a tip from Shadowbot on Ari Tasarov's location, and so Nikita and Owen travel to New York to detain him before the FBI catches him. They learn, however, that Ari planted the tip to set up a meeting with Nikita. He reveals that Amanda is plotting with a terrorist to carry out an attack on American soil, and he asks for fifty million dollars in exchange for information that would lead Nikita and Owen to the terrorist. Nikita and Michael are shocked when Ryan considers paying the bribe. Meanwhile, Sean is jealous of Alex and Owen's relationship.

    • Looking Glass
      Season 2 - Episode 5

      Michael learns that a woman he once romanced under Division orders, Cassandra, is in danger. Feeling guilty for how things ended, Michael wants to help Cassandra. Nikita, however, suspects that there might be more motivating Michael than his guilty conscience. Amanda manipulates Alex into helping Division on a mission, but Sean gets caught in Amanda's web of lies and starts to wonder about Division's true motives.

    • Brave New World
      Season 3 - Episode 10

      Michael officially gives up his role as a field agent and resumes his previous role inside Division running Operations. After receiving some valuable information from Birkhoff, Nikita embarks on a secret mission that takes her into dangerous territory. When Michael, Alex, and Ryan discover what Nikita has planned, they follow her into Kosovo, and the result has serious repercussions for Division.

    • Self-Destruct
      Season 3 - Episode 19

      Alex, broken by Amanda’s programming, her inability to save everyone, and her role in tragic events at Division, reverts to her old behavior and lashes out violently. With most members of Division dead or scattered, Nikita and Michael try to sift through the remains of Division to determine who and what can be salvaged. To make matters worse, they must act quickly, before the President realizes what has happened. Memories of Division’s glory days haunt Nikita and Michael, and Birkhoff struggles with his own personal losses.

    • Sideswipe
      Season 3 - Episode 6

      Nikita and Michael capture a former Division arms dealer named Cyrus who is acquiring a weapon-jamming device for Ari. Nikita devises a plan to use Cyrus as bait to track down Amanda, but Cyrus manages to escape the trap. However, Cyrus needs Nikita's help to survive after Amanda double crosses him. Meanwhile, Birkhoff continues to close in on Amanda's mole, and Alex starts to unravel.

    • Partners
      Season 2 - Episode 4

      Nikita is shocked when she discovers that her old Division partner, Kelly, escaped from a Turkish prison. Nikita assumed that Kelly had died years ago and always felt responsible for her death, which occurred on the mission where Nikita escaped from Division. Knowing Amanda will hunt down after Kelly, Nikita tells Michael they have to travel to Turkey to help protect her. Amanda sends Alex and Roan to Europe to prevent Nikita and Kelly from reuniting.

    • London Calling
      Season 2 - Episode 8

      Michael becomes concerned when he learns that Cassandra is in trouble, and he rushes off to protect her. Michael discovers that General Tupelov has accused her of stealing two hundred million dollars and has threatened to kill her unless she returns the money. However, some inconsistencies in Cassandra's story cause Nikita to wonder what Cassandra might be hiding. Meanwhile, Percy presents Alex with a very tempting offer that could provide her with the resources to take out Semak.

    • 2.0
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Percy and Michael take custody of a Slavic leader wanted for war crimes, a man they plan to convert as their latest assignment. Nikita tracks down their whereabouts and tries to thwart their plans, but a group of mercenaries is already ahead of her. Alex is activated earlier than expected for a special assignment that puts her directly in the line of fire. A flashback reveals a crucial turning point in Nikita's life.moreless
    • Survival Instincts
      Season 3 - Episode 9

      A rogue Division agent named Ray kidnaps his ex-wife, Kate, and a Division team sets out to rescue her. Nikita is confused when Michael sends Owen on the mission with her instead of going himself. Meanwhile, Sean makes a decision about Alex.

    • Consequences
      Season 3 - Episode 4

      Owen is freed from a Russian prison by Anne, a rogue Division agent working for Amanda. He manages to escape Anne's clutches and gets a message to Nikita to let her know that he's free. Once Nikita finds Owen, he is surprised to hear that Nikita is once again with Division but returns to Division headquarters with her. Though Michael and Ryan aren't certain Owen can be trusted, Nikita stands by her friend.

    • Innocence
      Season 3 - Episode 2

      Nikita, Michael, and the Division team extract a young girl named Liza who is being held captive by a rogue Division agent named Wade. He has brainwashed Liza and trained her as a Division agent to help him on his own personal mission. Nikita tries everything to break through to Liza but the girl manages to escape Division in a moment of chaos. The team races to track her down her before she can complete her mission to unleash a bomb on a high value target. Meanwhile, Alex recalls some painful memories as she learns about Liza's abduction.

    • Aftermath
      Season 3 - Episode 8

      Nikita and Owen take on a rogue "cleaner" named Liam, while Michael adjusts to a new role within Division. Michael and Nikita's face some relationship challenges as he watches Nikita work with Owen.

    • Pilot
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      As a troubled teen, Nikita was rescued from death row by Division, a secret U.S. agency that trained her as an assassin and spy. After the agency betrayed her, Nikita spent three years in hiding. Now she is seeking revenge, stopping at nothing to shut down and expose the operation, her former boss, Percy, and her former friends at Division. Meanwhile, the agency continues to recruit and train new members, bringing in young people, erasing their pasts, and turning them into cold and efficient killers.moreless
    • True Believer
      Season 3 - Episode 3

      Ryan sends Nikita on a mission to extract a captured undercover Division agent from prison, leaving Nikita wondering why Division is still carrying out Percy's old missions. Nikita, Michael, and Sean work to prevent a terrorist attack but have to proceed without Alex after she is shot. Back at Division , Birkhoff and Sonya continue to argue with one another.