Season 2 Episode 2

Falling Ash

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2011 on The CW
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Nikita and Michael investigate an old corrupt Division program called P9 that appears to have resurfaced. During their investigation, they run into Owen, who informs them that he is searching for Dr. Joseph Mars, the man who not only masterminded P9, but also invented the Regimen and could help Owen wean himself off the dangerous drug. Michael is reluctant to trust Owen again, but Nikita decides that the three should join forces. Back at Division, Percy demands to see Alex.


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  • It's Dollhouse meets X-files this week in Nikita!

    There's a very cool premise at the core of this episode. It definitely recalled shades of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse, from the remote mind-control right down to the comfy, slick, and very much sci-fi looking chairs that were used to reprogramme people's thoughts.

    It was good to see Owen again. Each time he shows up on our screens, the writers do well to peel yet another layer away from what should essentially be a one-note character. He's on a straight-forward revenge mission, but his current circumstances with the regimen and his relationship with Nikita really transform him into a genuine character worth rooting for - he's essentially a male version of Nikita. I also enjoyed his brief scene with Michael in the car; both characters sharing their loss of a loved one, it was a simple but very effective way of cementing their mutual respect for one another.

    There's very little Alex on offer this week, which is more than understandable given her current physical conditions. I'm not sure how much time has lapsed since Nikita's attack, but it would appear to be enough for her to be out on the field and certainly enough for her to dive onto the senator to save his life.

    Once again, Sean's scenes fall somewhat flat. The writers may be setting him up as a love interest for Alex, so they understandably had to keep the age limit somewhat acceptable on a CW show, but the story he shares with Alex - while it gets the message across - just doesn't hit home the way it was intended to. And I think that it all has to do with casting; Sean looks like any other Division recruit, not a hardened military veteran.

    It was fun to see Birkhoff in, what I'm sure he'd class, as a romantic situation. There was definitely some flirty, flirty signals being thrown about the place, and who wouldn't fall googly-eyed for Alicia (or Anna, for you Supernatural fans). I hope we see her again later down the line.

    Speaking of googly-eyes. Er, sorry, I mean Google. No, wait, Gogol! That's it. The twist at the end was very much welcomed. I wonder how Nikita will react to finding out Owen took up the offer that she rejected way back in season one? It's a selfish route to take, but he's a man on a mission of revenge. It's something that Nikita used to be (sans the man part) but now she has to take Michael's personal demons into the consideration now, too.

    I don't see Mikita working out for too long. But once they split, who has custody of Birkhoff?moreless
  • Oh birkoff who knew u had a thing for video cards....

    Well of course you do, but first off that was something new to see him on the flirting mode. The girl was all about "Talk nerdy to me"

    Anyways,impressions another black box secret comes out, Owen comes back in search of the boxes... but he is working with that guy from russian mafia i think... that was a shocking ending thou. i wouldve necer think of it. but since nikita and michael are being lovebirds and fighting their own battles with in their relationship, i guess it was due.

    Its all about #teamantidivision now....moreless
Kevin Hare

Kevin Hare

Darren's Father

Guest Star

Edward Jaunz

Edward Jaunz

Senator Charles Irving

Guest Star

Kyle Mac

Kyle Mac


Guest Star

Devon Sawa

Devon Sawa

Owen Elliot

Recurring Role

Dillon Casey

Dillon Casey

Sean Pierce

Recurring Role

Peter Outerbridge

Peter Outerbridge

Ari Tasarov

Recurring Role

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    • Birkhoff: (to Michael) I know you won't hurt me.
      Owen: (eating a bag of chips) No, but I might.
      Birkhoff: Those are mine, man!
      Owen: You're kinda small. You'd dissolve quick.

    • Sean: When I was a Navy SEAL, if you knew that your comrade faced certain death, you were supposed to take his life first. So one day I'm in combat, and my partner gets grabbed. And I had a gun, but I couldn't pull the trigger. I froze. And I later found out that he was tortured for months and then slaughtered. And I could've prevented it.
      Alex: He was your partner. No matter what the situation was, you didn't want to play a part in his death.
      Sean: He suffered because I was weak. Do yourself a favor. Next time you have Nikita in your sights, take the shot, because once she falls into Oversight's custody, she will not be afforded any mercy by anyone.

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    • Birkhoff: What, were you, like, a gamer in a past life or something?
      : I used to work IT for a big company, though I do know my way around Azeroth.

      Azeroth refers to a planet in the massively multiplayer online computer game, World of Warcraft.