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    Who's expecting what in season 3?

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    As a fan of this show I can't help but admit that this show is most likely not going to be around for a season 4. When you consider all of the flip flopping, and how Amanda puts a magic touch on a character for a second and they are transformed into the enemy, I have to admit that I have turned the channel at the latest developments and I found myself forgetting that the show was on! I am not a hater, I really liked the show at one point, but it doesn't seem like progress in season three to rehash a Nikita vs. Alex, and now team Nikita vs. pretty much everybody else scenario's. I'm not drinking the kool-aid on this storyline being progress for a show (that could be quality) trying to keep pace with Arrow, Supernatural and Vampire Diaries as far as earning renewal. The story lines should intrigue you into wanting to tune in the next week, not cause you to lose interest due to the fact that it is nothing new. At this point I would not mind if Alex caught a bullet simply on the principal of being stupid! I know that the show has episodes left this season to turn it around, but I just don't feel like it will ever get past this eternal love dance with Nikita-Amanda-Alex. the only way it could deserve a renewal is for it to somehow get past that one trick pony and offer us something worth tuning in for each "next week!"

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