Season 2 Episode 1

Game Change

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2011 on The CW
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Nikita and Michael plan to take down Division and Oversight, using the contents of the black box to help them with their mission. Amanda is now leading Division, but Oversight has assigned one of their agents, Sean, to keep a a close watch on her. Amanda's first mission is to retrieve the black box from Nikita, and she pursues Alex's help in the mission. Alex refuses to cooperate until Amanda tells her she will help her find the man who killed Alex's father. Meanwhile, Nikita and Michael receive help from an unlikely ally during their mission.


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  • Not as good as the season 1 finale but still a much better premiere than the season 1 premiere.

    This episode was good but i didn't like the new character they brought into the show i loved that Percy is in some kind of cage this reminded me of Magneto in the X men movies the prison they put Percy in was very similar. I thought the way Nikita and Michael are doing now was not bad but when they went and lived in Birkhoff's house this was a total surprise that he is so rich and has many advanced things not only computers. Alex looked so hot in this episode and i mean so hot i dunno why but im extremely attracted to her from this episode. I think that they made the wrongdecisionin putting Amanda as the new Boss for Division. overall i think this season will be better than the last i just hope that if it gets better more people will watch and the cw wont cancel it.moreless
  • Amazing season premiere!

    This episode of Nikita was amazing. Her and Michael are so cute together; I love how they get to work together nowand fight Division with each other. Amanda is still the same old Amanda, but I don't think she can run Division like Percy did. I also found it funny how they locked Percy in a box and how the only person he'll talk to is Alex. I don't like the Sean character, and I don't like how after everything Nikita did for Alex, she would try to fight her. Alex was stupid to think that she could beat Nikita because obviously Nikita is the best and no one can beat her. I loved their fight scene; it was definitely one of my favorite scenes from the show. I'm excited to see what the new season will be about and I hope Alex and Nikita will be on the same side again.moreless
  • Season two kicks off with a bang! (And awesome stealth, android plane thingies.)

    Nikita, it is just SO good to have you back on our screens again. After a (very!) last minute renewal, it's reassuring to see one of last season's most surprising new TV shows return with a bang. Or, as it turns out, several. ''Game Change'' (an apt title, if ever there were one) takes no time at all to give us the skinny on what's what and how things have changed. The cliff-notes version is this: a lot has changed. It will be an interesting new season watching the many new dynamics shift and evolve.

    But let's get right down to bi'ness.

    How the hell are Nikita and Alex? Alex is officially a badass. All wavy hair and high kicks, freelance looks good on her. I'm not sure about this Sean character that's following her around, but all I know is, is that I liked that he had a knife ready as a secondary weapon. He seems a little too unimposing to be the imposing shadow he's meant to be for Alex, but we'll give him time to grow into his imposing-ness.

    Nikita and Michael, meanwhile, are out there fighting the good fight. Oh, and rescuing people from prison who don't want to be rescued! Awwwkward. They, too, also look really good. And is that a new do, Micahel? It suits you. I'm sensing a rift between the spy-couple already. I'd like to see how Nikita handles her vendetta against Divison with a beau at her side. And Michael has grown on me an awful lot over the past few episodes. Let him keep the girl for a while.

    If I were to cover everything that happens during this hour, I'd be here all night, so let's get to the meaty stuff. Nikita breaks Alex's arm and then shoots her. I mean, Nikita did warn Alex to stop tossing her wavy hair and high kicks around the place. But, really, what a way to end the first episode of a new season. I love the idea of Alex being Nikita's mistake and for Nikita to keep on having to clean up her former protege's mess. I know it won't always be this way (at least I hope not, I miss these gals together) but given their rich history together, and our history with them as a team, the potential to take this plotline to some very dark, emotional places is huge.

    A really good episode to get us started. Oh, and Birkhoff? Get a haircut!moreless
  • And shes back .. in black!

    so team nikita comes back or a second season i wasnt even sure if there was gonna be any.

    Anyways... well nikita and her bf... are still working together thats cool... but alex with division? mmm well just cuz shes DAMN PRETTY i dont mind!! i dont like the whole being monitored by thegovernment toretrievethe box thingy... seems boring now. i liked when the old crazy man ruled.

    uhm... seems like they gonna pull out missions of the black box and just try to kill one fed or convict it per crime.. but im sure there is more than 6 missions in there... so anyways

    oh nikita and alex fight.. looked too staged i mean nikita was moving faster than alex and u could see that she was defending before alex was hitting.

    Anyways... there is not much to say but... birkoff is not working with nikita team... lol got that right.moreless
Michael Jace

Michael Jace

Captain Tony Merrick

Guest Star

BJ Britt

BJ Britt

Justin Merrick

Guest Star

Ron White (I)

Ron White (I)

Joint Chief Edward Adams

Guest Star

Dillon Casey

Dillon Casey

Sean Pierce

Recurring Role

Alberta Watson

Alberta Watson

Senator Madeline Pierce

Recurring Role

Rob Stewart

Rob Stewart


Recurring Role

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    • (Birkhoff steps in front of the camera while Michael is talking to Amanda and Division)
      Birkhoff: You guys think you are badass, huh? You are nothing. You're air. It takes a whole squad of you rejects to even get close to me and I want you to die knowing that!
      (Birkhoff walks off camera)
      Michael: By the way, Birkhoff is not working with us.

    • Michael: So we know from the codenames on the box that there are six members on Oversight. That's one down, five to go. That means we're one step closer to home.
      Nikita: I don't know. Don't get me wrong, I wanna stop running. I've been running my whole life. I want a home, I just want to be able to live with myself when I get there.
      Michael: Hey, it's gonna be hard enough living with me.

    • Michael: (referring to Alex) Nikita, you didn't do anything wrong.
      Nikita: I did. And now I have doubts.
      Michael: About us?
      Nikita: No. No, never. It's about this crusade, to make things right and what it could cost us. I can't lose you. I won't lose you. And if that seems selfish to you then, well, I never said I was perfect, so-- (Michael kisses her)
      Michael: You are not gonna lose me. And you're right, you never said you were perfect. I do.

    • Nikita: (after their heist) How much did we get?
      Michael: Just enough to cover our next mission. Barely. And this is what we have left over. Would you like to buy groceries or ammo this month? Cause we can't have both.
      Nikita: There is a third choice.
      Michael: What's that?
      Nikita: Well, we take all this and you and I buy a little cottage in a non-extradition country of our choice.
      Michael: There's nowhere we can go where Division won't find us. Taking them down is the only way to get free.

    • Nikita: What are you gonna do, shoot me?
      Alex: I've done it before.
      Nikita: To save my life, right? What's it gonna be for this time? Or do you even know? Or does Amanda have you so turned around you don't know what to believe anymore?
      Alex: I know what I believe. And I know what I want. And I'm using Division to get it.
      Nikita: They are using you. It's what they do. You can't trust them.
      Alex: I don't trust anybody!

    • Amanda: Sean, will you excuse us? I'd like to have a word with Alex in private.
      Sean: If it's operational, it's not private.
      Amanda: It's personal.
      Sean: I didn't know that category existed here.
      Amanda: You're new. There are a lot of things about Division you don't know.

    • Amanda: The only reason you're being kept alive is that dead-man switch near your heart. Otherwise, I would have you dissolved today.
      Percy: How about I take that decision away from you?
      Amanda: You mean kill yourself?
      Percy: Knowing that when I die, the remaining three guardians, wherever they're hiding, will release the content of their boxes, all those secrets, all at once.
      Amanda: You won't do that.
      Percy: Why won't I?
      Amanda: Because you love yourself too much. No, what you're going to do is you're going to sit in this box and quietly plot your revenge against me.
      Percy: You have no idea.

    • Nikita: Sometimes, Michael, you try to do the right thing, and you cause more damage.
      Michael: It's about Alex, isn't it?
      Nikita: With any hope, Alex is a million miles from this.
      Michael: You still feel responsible for her.
      Nikita: I put her in the line of fire.
      Michael: No, she put herself there.
      Nikita: I trained her to infiltrate Division. I kept things from her so she would stay on mission. And then I lost her because what I deserve.

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    • Featured Music:
      "Exile Villify" by The National
      "Groove Machine" by Paul Oakenfold & Marco V
      "Money Drugs Vodka" by Red Hammer
      "RLF (instrumental)" by Remy Le Duc & Zen Freeman

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: Friday, September 23, 2011 on CTV 2
      United Kingdom: Friday, July 6, 2012 on Sky LIVING/Sky LIVING HD
      Czech Republic: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 on TV Nova