Season 1 Episode 19

Girl's Best Friend

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2011 on The CW

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  • Girl's Best Friend...

    For the first time in a long time Nikita had an episode this week that centered around a Division mission for good rather than evil. After gaining intelligence that suggests that a young Liberian prince is not only distributing conventional weapons, but also a deadly toxin, Percy sends in Alex and Jaden to destroy the lab where the weapon is being created.
    The mission is poorly scheduled for Alex, who, with the help of Nikita and Michael had been planning to fake her own death in a car accident to escape the clutches of Division. Seeing a silver lining to the mission, Alex posits that she could just as easily fake her own death in the laboratory explosion. Agreeing, Nikita heads along on the mission without Jaden or Division's knowledge, however things don't go quite according to plan.
    Whilst placing the explosives in the lab Alex overhears that a client of the prince plans to use the toxin that same evening to kill his father, alongside countless others, in a terrorist attack. To make matters worse Jaden's cover is blown and things get messy. As Nikita heads off to stop the impending attack, Alex decides to go back in and helps Jaden kill the prince and several of his men in a firefight. The two then proceed to escape, finally destroying the lab. Nikita herself has the first confrontation of this series in which she hasn't flat-out destroyed her opponent with hand-to-hand combat, when she comes face-to-face with a sought after Division target, however ultimately she still stops the attack.
    Back at Division HQ Jaden is promoted to full agent status after the successful completion of the mission, which may see the beginning of a possible friendship between her and Alex, now that both of them are back out in the real world and not simply cooped up in a building with no windows. However, it is entirely possible that now that Jaden is free to do as she pleases, she may hound Alex even more about her relationship to Nikita. This potential comes out of Alex deciding at the end of the episode to remain in Division rather than leave, after seeing the good that they can do for the world. Whilst this small bit of good is done, Alex is unaware that Jaden, under secret instruction, had actually removed the toxin from the lab before its destruction and handed it over to Percy.
    When all is said and done "Girl's Best Friend" was a fairly strong episode for Nikita. The balance of the long term plot with the episodic arc was well done and the action was as strong as ever. Unlike some other episodes however, there was a genuine sense of character development with Alex's decision to remain in Division and both Michael and Nikita realizing that perhaps new management would be better for Division rather than simply destroying it. Similarly, the reveal that Percy had ordered that the toxin be kept for his personal use adds to his growing demeanor of evil.