Season 3 Episode 20

High-Value Target

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 03, 2013 on The CW



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    • Ryan: Four RDX charges are placed on the key support beams at the base of this facility. They're wired to this trigger. I let go, nobody leaves here alive.
      Vasquez: Fletcher, I read your file. You're just a low-level analyst.
      Ryan: Low level analyst. Right. A low-level analyst who was killed, resurrected in a hole filled with criminals and murderers. A low-level analyst who's gone up against the MSS, FBI, CIA, ordered heads of state executed, even kidnapped the President of Uzbekistan from inside the White House... All while living under the threat that someone like you would come in here and put a bullet in my head. So believe me when I tell you, Vasquez, that file you read is in desperate need of a revision.

    • Alex: Don't do this. Your time as Owen has to mean something.
      Sam: Yeah, it means I lost ten years of my life.
      Alex: It wasn't just a loss. You gained as well. All of us. We care about you.
      Sam: Yeah. That was your first mistake.

    • Michael: Nikita, let's get something clear. Owen is our enemy now.
      Nikita: I know he hasn't been himself.
      Michael: Yeah, that's the thing. Sam is who he really is. And if it comes to it, Sam is the man who's gonna go down.
      Nikita: No. That's who he was. People can change. Look at Cyrus. Look at me, Michael. If all anyone ever saw were the things I did for Division, they'd think I was a monster. If we can't believe that people change, then everything we're fighting for is meaningless.

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