Season 3 Episode 21

Invisible Hand

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 10, 2013 on The CW



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    • Amanda: The world is about to see you for who you really are, Nikita, and there is nothing you can do about it.
      Nikita: Even if I do this, even if Michael lives, we'll never be together again. My life is over.
      Amanda: No, silly. The President's life is over. Your life will go back to what it should be. You think you're a hero? You think you're better than me? You are what I made you, now and forever.

    • Nikita: So where is everybody? You think your guys could get a shot off before I took you out?
      Amanda: No guys. It's just you and me.
      Nikita: Right. Unarmed?
      Amanda: Oh, I fired my shot weeks ago. It's just reaching you now.

    • Sonya: We don't even know if he did it via satellite.
      Birkhoff: How else are you gonna remotely drive a car? Telekinesis?

    • Michael: Maybe this didn't go down the way we wanted. But we did what we said we were gonna do. We gave everyone in here a shot at a new life.
      Nikita: Except for us. (referring to Amanda) She will come after me. She'll come after us. And she'll keep coming unless I stop her.
      Michael: Nikita, before we got engaged, you said there was, always gonna be another mission. What you meant is that we can't let that get into the way of what we really want in life. But I'm starting to think the next mission, any next mission, is all you really want.

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