Season 1 Episode 9

One Way

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2010 on The CW
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Michael goes after the terrorist who killed his family, and Nikita decides to help him. When Percy learns of her involvement, he sends agents to kill her, compromising the mission. Meanwhile, Alex puts Jaden at risk when she lies to cover her own slip-up while going through Division medical files.moreless

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  • Michael goes on a one man mission. Nikita tags along.

    This would have been a strong swan song for Michael. I was hoping against hope that the writers would go there, that they'd have the cojones to off their (arguably) weakest link, character-wise. Yes, this episode does inject some much needed colour into an otherwise blank slate, and I will admit that fleshing out his character the way they do here and cementing his allegiance with Division and his distrust of Nikita gives him an edge now, but will it be enough to redeem this walking, talking mannequin? I highly doubt it.

    Since this is a Michael-centric episode, there's a lot of that will they/won't they sparring between him and Nikita. I still do not approve of this strained relationship; it would have felt especially forced had they kissed during this hour, one that sees Michael exacting revenge on the man that killed his wife and daughter. They don't lock lips, thankfully, but even so, flirting with the idea of a possible smooch at all during this hour felt off. I'd like to think this is the last we'll see of this particular pairing if the ending is to be believed.

    Meanwhile at Division, Alex is put in yet another sticky situation that proves to test her resilience and resourcefulness as a double-agent. As with most weeks, Alex's sub-plot manages to eclipse the main plot ever so slightly and after weeks and weeks of seemingly pointless cat fights with Jaden, their bickering is used as a clever twist to double-bluff Percy and Amanda. I'd like to see more of Jaden in a non-bitca capacity, the character has potential. Alex could do with some help on the inside, as this episode proves Nikita won't always be there to help her protege out.

    While this is a fairly standard episode of Nikita -- and by that I mean characters are kept to a minimum and the plots trail along as you'd expect -- there's still plenty to enjoy, and once again this is far from what you'd call filler. There's a lot of mythology-building at play here; we finally find out why Michael blindly follows Percy and his shady doings, and it's because he has been promised the head of the man that killed his family on a stick. The hour also uses its well-timed flashbacks to really help animate Michael in ways we just haven't seen so far on the show (did anyone else know he had the emotional capacity to smile, for instance?).

    In the grand scheme of things, Nikita is still planting seeds for the rest of season. We're introduced to yet another possible recurring baddie, only this time it's Michael's very own adversary. It's a testament to the writing that they allow so many doors to remain open for future episodes, it really expands on this world of espionage quite a bit and will certainly layer the next episode to feature the return of said baddie.

    Not quite as tightly plotted as I've come to expect from this show, but still a marked improvement over last week, ''One Way'' contains enough action and character development to keep you from dosing off.

    It also made me kinda, sorta like Michael a bit.moreless
  • One Of The Best CW Series To Date - Superb.

    Each new episode of Nikita just gets better and better.

    I've always found Nikita to be a direct cross between Dollhouse and Bourne, taking the good from both and eliminating anything not so good.

    All characters within the Nikita plot have fantastic potential for development (as we have seen already).

    At first I thought "where will they be in 10 episodes time?" and then an episode just focuses in on one person, tells of their struggles and story, involves Nikita in too, and it always comes together so brilliantly.

    The potential for relationships is always there, and often comes unbelievably close. There is no doubt that Nikita can run and run as there seems to be no end to where it can go.

    A brilliant series.moreless
JB Blanc

JB Blanc

Timur Ahmedov

Guest Star

Haaz Sleiman

Haaz Sleiman

Kasim Tariq

Guest Star

Patrick Garrow

Patrick Garrow

Dr. Hanson

Guest Star

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    • Alex: (chatting with Nikita) How did the mission go?
      Nikita: Didn't turn out as I'd expected.
      Alex: Did you find Michael?
      Nikita: Yes. But then I lost him.

    • Michael: Still doesn't mean I could work with you.
      Nikita: Why not?
      Michael: Because. I am still Division and you're still-
      Nikita: Nikita.
      Michael: Right.
      Nikita: Look around Michael, we're in Uzbekistan. No Percy, no Division, no rules.
      Michael: It's not that simple.
      Nikita: Because you make it complicated.
      Michael: That's not it.
      Nikita: Then why won't you believe that I would--
      Michael: Because I don't trust you!
      Nikita: (shaken by Michael's words) Fine. You wanna know what I want? After we kill Kasim I want you to take a look at your loyalties. I mean a good look. You're not blind to what Division's become. Hits for hire, mop-up duty for thugs. Is that what you signed up for?
      Michael: Percy has his reasons.
      Nikita: Percy is out of control and you've ignored that in the hopes that through Division they'll be able to help you find Kasim. If we do this, you're free and clear.
      Michael: To do what? Leave Division and join you?
      Nikita: Baby steps.

    • Michael: I'm gonna ask you again, what are you doing here?
      Nikita: I told you, I'm here to help. I know what Kasim took from you.
      Michael: And what makes you think I need help?
      Nikita: What makes...well, let's see, uh, you're flying solo in a hostile environment, trying to take out one of the world's most elusive terrorists with nothing to go on but the name of a shady Uzbek money launderer. At the very least, I think that might be a two-men op.
      Michael: Am I at least one of the men?

    • Nikita: (Michael arrives at his hotel room in Uzbekistan. Perceiving someone behind him he turns around and draws his gun) Hello, Michael.
      Michael: What the hell are you doing here?
      Nikita: Thanks, my flight was lovely. How about yours?
      Michael: If you think you can stop me-
      Nikita: I'm pretty sure that taxi driver ripped me of.
      Michael: You picked the wrong mission to mess with!
      Nikita: Relax. I'm not here to stop you.

    • Percy: Michael, Uzbekistan's a touchy subject for the State Department. I would have to go to Oversight to get sign-off on an op. That takes time.
      Michael: We don't have any time. In 48 hours, he's...
      Percy: Officially, I cannot assign any mission into Uzbekistan.
      Michael: Percy, you know what this means.
      Percy: Moreover, given your personal interest in Kasim, I recommend an administrative leave. Forty-eight hours ought to cover it, don't ya think?
      Michael: Thank you.
      Percy: I know you're uncomfortable sometimes when I conduct business outside the lines, but...there's a reason for it. You understand that now, don't you?

    • (Alex "plays" the doctor to get access to his computer)
      Alex: The pain is keeping me up.
      Dr. Hanson: May be some inflammation, some discomfort's to be expected. I'll give you some codeine for the pain.
      Alex: No, I-I can't have narcotics. Staying clean, you know?
      Dr. Hanson: As long as you're not taking 'em recreationally, it should be fine.
      Alex: Amanda says even the slightest taste and it'll bring me back to junkie town.
      Dr. Hanson: Look, I could give you non-narcotic painkillers, but I'd have to dig them up. (Alex smiles innocently) Wait here.

    • (Michael strips Nikita of her weapons)
      Nikita: Michael...I'm not going to hurt you.
      Michael: Really? You know my shoulder's still sore from when you shot me.
      Nikita: Then I saved your life.
      Michael: And then I saved yours.
      Nikita: Great. Codependent relationship.

    • (Percy discovers Michael is working with Nikita)
      Percy: What is he thinking? Does he realize the world of pain he's about to bring down on himself?
      Amanda: He's cut off, alone. He's being resourceful.
      Percy: Nikita's not a resource. She's a target.

    • (inspecting an H-S Precision sniper rifle)
      Nikita: I still have to be within 600 meters.
      Michael: You? And what makes you think you're getting this bad boy?
      Nikita: I'm the better shot.
      Michael: Ah, oh. I knew you'd gone rogue, I didn't know you'd gone delusional.
      Nikita: (scoffs) I'm-I'm sorry, I remember somebody who...set the distance shoot record of Division in her first year of eligibility. Who was that?
      Michael: No respect for the man whose mark you broke, huh?
      Nikita: Sucks to be you.

    • Kasim: Your family was never the target--
      Michael: Do not talk about my family.
      Kasim: You were supposed to take the briefcase to the base.
      Michael: I trusted you and you betrayed me.
      Kasim: That's where the bomb should have detonated. Elizabeth and your daughter-
      Michael: DO NOT SAY HER NAME!
      Kasim: Collateral damage. That's all they were.

    • Michael: How many rounds do you have left?
      Nikita:'ve seen the airport. There is no cover. It's crawling with armed soldiers and there are civilians everywhere. If we go in hot, we'll be dead before you know it.
      Michael: We've handled worse.
      Nikita: Not without support, and you're injured.
      Michael: I'm not lettin' him go. Not when he's this close.
      Nikita: He's gone...for now. I swear I will help you find him again. We will get him...I think I should drive.
      Michael: Fine.
      (Michael pulls over, then drives off when Nikita gets out of the car)
      Nikita: MICHAEL! (on radio) Don't do this. It's suicide.
      Michael: That's why I have to do it alone.

    • (Nikita again tries to reason with Michael over the earbud com link)
      Michael: Who woulda thought you would've been the voice of reason?
      Nikita: Revenge is not the answer.
      Michael: Excuse me, is the Nikita talking?
      Nikita: That's different! I'm not throwing my life away.
      Michael: That's your choice. This is mine. I hope you find what you're looking for.
      Nikita: Shut up. You don't get to say your goodbyes.
      Michael: Good bye, Nikita.
      Nikita: Michael, Michael. Listen, listen to me, Michael. You think you don't have anything to live for? You do. You have me. Michael...?

    • (flashback, 2001, Michael is overwhelmed with grief and about to take his life with morphine)
      Percy: Every man has a choice. His life and his character are determined by the choices he makes. You have options.
      Michael: Do I know you?
      Percy: No, but I know you--young, smart, ambitious. Which is why I'd like you to come work for me.
      Michael: No, thanks.
      Percy: Really? You don't wanna get Kasim?
      Michael: Do you know where he is?
      Percy: We can find him.
      Michael: What are you, the C.I.A.?
      Percy: Nah, nothing that obvious. We don't have to deal with the red tape the other agencies are burdened with, nor do we have their restrictions. Get even. Get justice--for yourself and your country. Come work for me at Division.

    • Michael: I know you sent in the strike team, and I couldn't tell me about it. I don't blame you--because you were right...about Nikita. I never should have trusted her.
      Percy: She probably said she was doing it for your own good. I bet she even believes that.
      Michael: I almost had him.
      Percy: You'll get him. And when you do, I will be the one who helps you. At least one good thing came out of all this--now you know who your real friends are.

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