Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 2011 on The CW

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  • Can we review the show and not the props or effects?

    Ok after I saw that all reviews were negative because of things that had nothing to do with the show itself, I had to write about it. This episode was great, we see that Nikita had once had a partner, so this shows us she had previous experience of working with a partner. Nikita had all the intentions to help her but in the end she had to choose between her old partner or her new partner thats currently against her. That moment when Nikita saves Alex, and Alex speaks to Nikita once again was very satisfying for me. I always thought Alex hated Nikita forever, but that moment showed me that she doesn't, that she still cares for her.

    For the comments below me, i am sorry MeltemArca that you feel this way, but believe me I understand, puerto ricans are always shown mostly stupidly on these shows and movies, but we can't put all the blame on the entire show. The cast has nothing to do with this. Has for Barney79, most people don't have guns in their home and spent shooting all day, so I really don't see how is this so terrible. I think you have your right to comment about it, but also speak about the show itself, don't make most of the review about a little tiny detail.
  • There are mistakes at the details and also this episode is giving wrong impression about the country


    License plates were mixed up at scenes. And also they do not belong to the cities that Nikita was in. Ankara is 06 but you used 20 which is Denizli and 50 which is Nevşehir.

    The model of the cars, the hat of the car owner, the dresses of Turkish women, even the music in the restaurant... Is this how you see Turkey in 2011?... Believe me it looks like this episode was shooted like 100 years ago... You should have bothered to search more about the country before using it.... This is like using cowboy hats and horses in a movie for showing local people in US in 2011

  • Kelly didn't last long...


    Bummer. Back to the end of the line at the casting office...

    A good episode, but one thing annoyed me... In the opening, Kelly was shooting several bad guys with a revolver. With each shot, the 'klink klink klink' of a spent cartridge could be heard.

    The problem is... a revolver doesn't eject the cartridges when they're fired as would a semi-automatic, like what the bad guys were using.

    So - A for Effort for the sound effects crew for taking the time to add that effect in... it would have been appropriate for the bad guys' shots, but not so much for Kelly.

    Bye bye, Kelly, unless there's a big surprise coming.