Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2010 on The CW
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In return for continued funding, Division authorizes Thom to eliminate a U.S. senator's mistress and cover up the affair. Nikita attempts to get to the mistress through her parents, but things don't go as planned.

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    Spencer Garrett

    Spencer Garrett

    Senator Kerrigan

    Guest Star

    Rayisa Kondracki

    Rayisa Kondracki

    Anna Harcourt

    Guest Star

    Marco Grazzini

    Marco Grazzini


    Guest Star

    Peter Outerbridge

    Peter Outerbridge

    Ari Tasarov

    Recurring Role

    Rob Stewart

    Rob Stewart


    Recurring Role

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      • Oliver: Just tell me one thing. Was there anything real about her or was I just, like, part of her cover?
        Nikita: Oliver, you were the only thing that was real to her. Look, we all wear masks. Everyone, every day, and sometimes we wear them so much we forget who we really are. And sometimes, if we're lucky...someone comes along and shows us who we really wanna be. Who we should be. You were that for her.

      • Thom: They said she was a security threat. They wouldn't have put a hit on someone if they weren't sure.
        Alex: But you're not sure.
        Thom: She saw me. Right before I pulled the trigger, she turned and saw me. She saw my gun and she didn't even scream. (sighs) I just don't know why she didn't scream.

      • Nikita: Anna's dead.
        Mrs. Harcourt: That's not possible. We haven't heard from anyone.
        Mr. Harcourt: (on the phone) I'm calling Anna now.
        Mrs. Harcourt: The police haven't called, nobody...
        Mr. Harcourt: Honey, she's not answering.
        Nikita: You won't hear from the police. The people who did this are above the law.
        Mr. Harcourt: Well, what does that mean, "above the law?"
        Mrs. Harcourt: When did this happen?
        Nikita: Anna was a man she knew, a U.S. senator. His name is Jack Kerrigan. He didn't want the affair to go public, so he had her killed.

      • Tasarov: Anna got sloppy, fell in love with a civilian...bartender. Same as you, if the rumors are true. What is it with female operatives that draws them to weak, easily manipulated men?
        Nikita: (lunges at Tasarov) You are very lucky that I am tied up right now!
        Tasarov: I don't doubt it. It's that rage that makes you perfect for this.
        Nikita: Perfect for what?
        Tasarov: Rules of the game. Percy destroyed our asset, so now I'm going to destroy his. Senator Kerrigan dies tonight.
        Nikita: You kill a U.S. senator, you start a war.
        Tasarov: That's why we're going to outsource the job.
        Nikita: To who?
        Tasarov: To a rogue American spy...seeking revenge against the government that created her.

      • Nikita: I'm not working for you.
        Tasarov: You don't have a choice, Nikita, because you can't just walk in to Division and grab the anti-toxin, and you don't have enough time to get it manufactured. So the only way you go on living is to play nice and obey.

      • Vladimir: You gonna wear that? Be easier if you went in wearing next to nothing.
        Nikita: Vladimir, if I need mission advice, I'll ask a real agent.

      • Senator Kerrigan: Listen to me. I didn't know they were gonna kill her!
        Nikita: You lie! I know how far you and Percy go back. You knew. How many other girls were there?
        Senator Kerrigan: They were grown-ups. They knew what they were getting themselves into.
        Nikita: But this one was a Russian spy, and she had friends with guns. You finally got bitten in the ass.
        Senator Kerrigan: I didn't know she was a spy, and I didn't know she was pregnant.
        Nikita: Would that have made a difference!?

      • (Nikita is escaping and Michael can't risk firing)
        Agent: Do we take her?
        Michael: She's got a United States Senator as a body-shield...and four more within earshot who have no idea what's going on right now.
        Agent: So what do we do?
        Michael: We keep it that way.

      • Tasarov: Well, in the grand scheme of everything, you and me, it doesn't really matter.
        Nikita: There is no you and me.
        Tasarov: Don't be so sure. We know about the black boxes...and you know Gogol will provide you with unlimited cash, weapons, safe houses all around the world. It's what you need to take them on.
        Nikita: You tried to kill me.
        Tasarov: Oh, Ancient history.
        Nikita: It was last night.
        Tasarov: Rules of the game.

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