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  • The director needs some serious help

    I can't help but to wonder why all american directors write the same crappy stories. If you have watched 24, Alias, strike back, well this show is the none sense. The actor always come and save the world when least expected. If she or one of her own about to die she just popped out out of nowhere even if she's a million miles away. This is pure none sense. This show needs canceling and so is strike back. This show honestly have a high rating because a bunch of morons with no common sense watches it. Watch the killing if you want to see a real tv show.
  • How is this show still on the air?

    This show has the worst ratings on tv. NO ONE watches it. The CW keeps renewing it for syndication, or for whatever reason the CW keeps dogs around forever. But it is literally one of the worst rated shows on tv. I have never watched it, and I won't start now, but seriously/ Who watches this thing? Why?
  • Pretty boring tv series every

    Im sorry to say this but worst tv series every i have ever seen. OMG why so dramatic Bloody hell
  • New season of crapita -_-

    I would not recommend it for those who plan to watch this series. The first season was ok, but season two was just crap in comparison. So should it create a new season, no thanks, I say.

    Peace out
  • This show will NEVER compare to the original "La Femme Nikita"

    I have tried to watch this remake three different times and it cannot hold my interest. The original "La Femme Nikita" was so much better. I can't understand why this show is so popular.
  • Entertaining, but somewhat of a mediocre re-imagination of Nikita

    Before criticizing, I have to say, this show is somewhat entertaining,
    despite several flaws with it, but after watching 8 episodes, I'm not
    really interesting in continue watching.

    Let's start with the casting, or should I say miscasting, most of the
    recruits look like they are in a high school drama, nearly all of the
    acting is just plain flat and they have no personality, with the
    exception of one good episode, episode 7.

    Percy, their evil leader, looks like an alcoholic, doesn't matter where
    he is, always has a glass of whiskey, Michael, the character, is also
    flat, but somehow Shane West manages to make him watchable, but the
    worst of all is Nikita.

    Maggie Q is awful as an actress portraying Nikita, it doesn't help that
    this new version of Nikita is awful also, she is supposed to be a bad
    ass that somehow ALWAYS win, doesn't matter she is going against a
    major organization, but the actress, looks like a concentration camp
    survivor, an ultra skinny model, she looks like she is gonna broke if a
    strong wind hits her, much less a super athletic rogue agent who can
    destroy an underground intelligence agency, and when she isn't looking
    like she needs some food, and trust me, I love skinny women, she looks
    like a socialite, that should be playing someone's mom on Gossip Girl,
    with major designer clothes everywhere she goes, even the field, she
    even has some antique cars to go with her clothes, it's ridiculous
    really, to be fair, the actress did begin have gained a few pounds in
    the last two episodes I saw and looked more like an agent than a size
    double zero model, body-wise I mean.

    Plot-wise, the old La Femme Nikita (1997-2001) had some over the top
    stories, always, but that made it interesting, with some awesome
    soundtrack, here, most of the plot is laughable, that somehow Nikita
    and her accomplice manages to thwart and have a happy ending, it
    doesn't help that most of the stories have huge plot holes, that she is
    always an inch from Division, the rogue organization, and always escape
    unharmed, the whole story backing up Division is ludicrous, you have to
    see it, to believe how silly it is.

    Overall this show has it's moments, but that wears off quickly,
    mediocre show, awful re-imagination of a very entertaining series and

    Rate 4/10.
  • Nikita vs LFN

    After I watched this show I went online and looked to see if it was remade from a movie or show because at the moment that's what it looks like their doing. ;? And I found the old La femme nikita show. and it looks much better than this show does right now. though i'm still undecided as to whether or not i'd like this show (new) or just go watch the other (old). but it's early yet so i guess we'll see what comes up in this new Nikita. PS: Birkoff is totally adorable (old) PSS: Like old nikita a lil bit better she has a more obvious toughness when she needs it. new nikita seems too vulnerable: plus spy/assassin taking on division for her lost loved one. come on. (apologies to those who like the new one better, but this is my opinion)
  • Why is the makeup and costuming so awful?

    I enjoyed season 1 and am halfway through season 2. Definitely seems to be going downhill. And Maggie Q is a beautiful lady but the CW folks are making her look like a hag. Her skin and hair both look awful and they dress her like a 13-year old half the time. It's ridiculous.
  • an adaption of Luc Besson's movie

    I have marked this show with a five because It's not that i do not like this show but it is the kind of story that make me bored after 30 minutes. Usually when I watch a show I'm not focused on the tv I'm always doing other stuff at the same time... So if the plot is kind of tricky the show have to be really good to get all my attention and for Nikita it was not good enough (and I fell asleep after 30 minutes) so I won't say that this show is bad but it is not the kind of show that keep me watching it.
  • Stopped watching it

    I loved this show but I stopped watching it when they cut Michaels hand. Haven't watched it ever since
  • Really good but going down (sadly)

    Sad to say but the show is somehow losing it since middle of season 2. When i first stumbled on it, I couldn't stop watching and as by that time 2 seasons had aired, I watched them all in a week maybe. By the end of season 2 I was already a bit disappointed and season 3 is just not working for me anymore. It was nice to watch how Nikita alone would crash all evil deeds of Division but now she's just an agent in minis and heels.
  • Eventhough the old show is so much better, this take on nikita has its charm as well!


    I enjoy this new take on Nikita, however, i must admit that i find the scriptwriting and instruction of the old "La Femme Nikita" show to be a bit better. Especially the characters and structure of Division.

    What do i mean by that?


    Nikita - Though i hottie, are you guys really expecting us to buy that this skeleton can fight on par with other agents? ..AND in like 10cm high, stripper heels?...Common! I know that martial arts training has its advantages, but you cant let a stick of butter fight a tank, that simply won't do. I kinda get the feeling that she was chosen ONLY because of the sex-appeal. Grow some muscle on her, and let her act abit more tactical and we have us a star! :D

    Birkoff - was so much smarter in the old series, though a complete wimp compared to the new version! Right now im not sure which one i like better.

    Michael - I'm actually kinda dissapointed in the direction they went with him since the old version was sooo much more a badarse compared to the new one, not the actors fault.

    Operations: New one is such a douche, the old one would eat him for breakfast.

    Amanda: Same goes for this character, Madeline would destroy her in 3 moves!

    Walter: where is walter? i miss walter, he was a this old-timer, badarse agent who handled all weapons and gadgets. The plece seems poorer without him.


    In the old series you had Oversight at the top (if i remember correct), then Division and last, several cell operations called Section 1-?. The old Nikita series focused on Section 1, where these characters was located. Now the reason why im not impressed with the new Organisation is because it seems so small and cheap compared to the old one. Headquarters of the old one was so much more impressive, not looking like some WW2 bunker with a few computers. Also, in the new show, they seem to have melted the farm and the promising agents together.

    Anyway, i could prob. ramble on forever. Basicly i think fans of the old show should give the new one a chance, but not get their expectations too high. This show has a whole new take on Nikita compared to the old one, but the budget almost seem lower. (at least the queality is).

  • I've seen this before!

    I am invested in this show, but I feel that retreading a rift between Alex and Nikita simply based on Amanda's tricks is two steps back for a show that is trying to remain relevant and get a new season order! Alex comes off like a bitchy little kid sister who should be a lot further in her game by now. I hope they fix the direction quickly because I don't see a need to watch if it becomes another story arc of Alex vs. Nikita again, you know, we've been there and done that!
  • It's not bad. But the new Michael and Birkhoff are not as addicting as they were in La Femme. Explanations of actions (Alex's in the season ender) not so believable.


    It's not bad. Explanations of actions (Alex's in the season ender) not so believable.But the new Michael and Birkhoff are not as addicting/relatable/likeable as they were in La Femme. Birkhof just looks like a couch potato, not a nerd. They're not optimizing the use of Lady Heather. Percy has no presence as Operations did. I love that they brought back the old Madeline.

  • last episode

    i think this is the last episode. This is how should end a show whit low reiting. Not canceled in the middle of the season
  • Disappointing

    I can understand if Owen betrayed them but this ongoing-long run with Amanda and her control and Alex turning on on there must be something better.

    I am losing my interest and it is heartbreaking since I am (for now) a fan.

    Really ignorant.. My current is 8 was 10 cause I would run home to watch it.
  • A clever title goes here!

    The only reason i like season 3 is because Owen is in it. When he was on the show before i always liked those episodes the best. Him and Birkhoff are the only reasons i am still watching this show
  • A once substantial show now quickly falling victim to the CW's glamour formula

    Reasons I love Nikita S1 & S2:

    1. It was not about well dressed hot people and their stupid petty drama (with bad acting to boot). Cough, vast majority of CW shows.

    2. Storyline: fast, interesting, cleverly intertwined

    The storylines were fascinating and so cleverly and intricately woven together. Every new episode revealed something of the past and we got to see, bit by bit, different layers and depths of the characters.

    3. Characters: Re: abovecharacters were multi-dimensional and real. They were all flawed in their own ways, especially Nikita, but ever so winning.

    Unlike with shows like Gossip Girl, characters were not annoyingthey made mistakes, messed up, did selfish things etc etc but they were not petty or overly dramatic. Despite their flaws, these were real, strong, and admirable characters with such faith in something bigger than themselves, and that redeemed them.

    4. Cast and how well they play their characters: in a word (or two), really well.

    Biased here but Maggie Q is my all time favorite actress, and I admire her a lot as a person. I think what I loved in Season 1 was that I saw parallels between the kind of compassion Maggie has (from her charities, beliefs, interviews of her and those who've worked with her) and what Nikita has. Also the sense of fighting for something one believes in (Maggie for animals' rights; Nikita to protect the innocent/stop Division). There is a really authentic determination there, and though in Season 1 Nikita was mostly oscillating between angry and hurt (mostly angry)all in serious modeshe showed a wider breadth of emotion in S2.

    The rest of the cast was great too: Lyndsy Fonseca really embodying the strength, smartness, and charm of Alex;Shane West ever the do-righter, which is a role that could so easily turn into annoying but he maneuvers it with sincerity and the right amount of hesitation and self-reflection/questioning; Birkhoff the perfect geek, the most lovable genius loser ever, who is the perfect dose of comic relief but is equally believable in his sentimental moments; Melinda Clark so icily manipulative and cold as Amanda I could almost hate the actress herself sometimes (but then I remember not to), yet with the rare glimpse of sentimental softness, adding a perfectly subtle depth to character relations; and Xander Berkley the ultimate villain mastermind, god complex, truly emotionless and perverse, so incredibly well-spoken in his scenes as a leader and motivator, it is no wonder so much of Division were willingly his sheep.

    Reasons I hate Nikita S3:

    Pretty much all of the above reasons above were undone. Everyone in the show is annoying now, everybody somehow suddenly sucks at fighting now, Nikita is turning into Amanda (wtf is it with the makeup and the tight dresses and heels? This is not Gossip Girl and Nikita is not a hooker), Sean is being a possessive demanding boyfriend (there are ways to be protective without being annoying), the Birkhoff and Sonya are just inexplicably and unfunnily weird, there are plot holes the size of Percy's ego (except there's no more Percy now), the general direction of the storyline is unclear, the fight scenes are lower quality (seriously let the actors spend more time rehearsing fight scenes and less time sitting for hair and makeup; by that token hire more choreographers and fewer makeup artists), stop taping Maggie Q's boobs at every possible occasion she is extremely attractive even if she doesn't look like every Hollywood broad...seriously producers, writers, directors: please go re-watch S1 and get back to what this show is really supposed to be about.

    Seriously, S3. Stop breaking my heart (and annoying me).
  • Can't wait to see more!

    I can not wait for the next episode. I am excited to see what happens in season 3!! I also can't wait to see the relationship develop between Alex and Sean.. I love them together. :)
  • The CW got theirselves a great entertainment drama action for sure.

    Wow! Nikita is one quite interesting drama action tv series, involving around government agent effect trying to destory people lives. I like seeing these 3 guys at work trying to stop the goverment agent ever destorying people lives. I grow like Nikita each episode airs. Oh, Man! I most definitely see Nikita like No Point of Return feature film.
  • This show's got potential...reminds me of Dark Angel

    Well, they never brought back Dark Angel after it's premature canceling by FOX after season 2, but I guess this is the next best thing! This show has a lot of the elements that Dark Angel had - smoldering hot lead (Jessica Alba in Dark Angel, Maggie Q in this show), super soldiers/spies, government conspiracies, etc.

    Dark Angel had the advantage & disadvantage of being on FOX - a big budget, but a network known for making bad decisions and axing shows early. Nikita is on a small-budget network, but if the show continues it promise, there's no reason to think this show can't last for several seasons.

    Some people are bagging on the show for being unrealistic. You think?! It's a B-movie script brought to life as a weekly TV show. Maggie Q is supposed to be eye candy, no one wants to see some 215lb ripped chick in the role kickin' ace! I agree that the acting is sub-par, but you have to approach this show with the same approach you take to watching a Seagal flick, for example. It's a B-movie script, with B-movie acting, and a very sexy Maggie Q and that's what makes it fun!
  • Almost decade after Nikita finally comes back. About time too. Nikita is a spy for the government who goes rogue and tries to bring the company down (which has gone rogue aswell. Furthermore she plants a teenage spy in the company...

    Almost decade after Nikita finally comes back. About time too. Nikita is a spy for the government who goes rogue and tries to bring the company down (which has gone rogue aswell. Furthermore she plants a teenage spy in the company to take them down from the inside. Although the show has just begun, it has a great premise to continue the legacy of La Femme Nikita. The cast is great starring the beautifull Maggie Q (Nikita), desperate housewive's Lyndsy Fonseca (Nikita's pupil Alex) and the young hunk Shane West from the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen as Michael, the second in command of the Company. The idea that a government agency would go rogue is an old one, but still, putting Nikita in such a setting makes sense and should make for a good series. Let us all pray now, that they don't screw it up.
  • very good show

    its a very good show but there losing alot of viewers because you have to wait 2 week for the next episode

    really hope that the cw will start showing them week by week
  • interesting

    im kinda sad with the way last episode ended but it had to happen. glad to see that amanda still hasnt lost her touch when it comes to getting into people's heads and very interested to see the up coming alex nikita fight
  • best delivery by 1 of the best show..........

    nikita expectation delivered in d last episode.........
  • Smart and Clever, not to mention AWESOME

    It's a shame almost no one watches Nikita, because it's one of the best shows on network television.
  • Nikita, Nikita, Nikita

    I just finished watching Nikita and it was great. I love the new team, which is better than Nikita being all by herself. Michael destroyed his apprentice in that hand-to-hand fight. Alex is a beautiful woman and she is kind of tough. The characters are, indeed, fantastic. I hope that this show goes on for years to come.
  • i have seen all of the nikitas

    I am a big fan of nikita. I love how they have given it a new story line. One thing I am not impressed with is that after 2 episodes of the mid season break we get a 3 week break. Believe that the show is doing great and should get picked up for more episodes.

    But I love love love the cast.
  • nikita is a rogue assassin who wants to bring down the people who made her called division.

    nikita was a woman who had did a horrible crime.division offer nikita a new life to start over fresh with a clean slate if she works for them.

    nikita decide to work for division.nikita was order to kill people and do other crazy things.nikita followed orders for her freedom.

    nikita finally meet a man who she fall in love with.he ask her to marry him and she said yes.nikita didnt want to get married until she told her boyfriend the truth about who she really is.nikita told him and eventually division found out and killed him.

    ever since then nikita boyfriend died nikita as quit division and decide to get revenged on division for turning her into a killer and killing the love of her life.

    nikita is set out to destory division with the help of some people who i wont name b/c it changes as the seasons go on.

    i dont want to give too much away but the show as very good writing.the episodes and plot are alot easier to follow then alias episodes and plots.

    maggie q plays the main character nikita very well.maggie is very beautiful and has the acting skills to match.maggie even does all her own stunts just like jennifer garner and its very nice to see an actor or actress that deticated to the role.

    the writing is good,the acting good,maggie great at all her stunts and this show as alot of twists and turns.its similair to the show alias expect for the fact nikita is alot more likable and the plots are alot easier to follow..
  • Great remake. It is amazing what difference can make 10+ years to the storyline of such show.


    La Femme Nikita was one of my favorite shows back in the days. I enjoyed every episode of it.

    Now when I saw there is a remake of this show named Nikita I was glued again. I remembered the good old times.

    The current show Nikita's storyline is somewhat different, somewhat fresh and new, it gives wings to the show. I see no reason it couldn't stay long on air.

    I am so excited!

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