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  • Nikita, Nikita, Nikita

    I just finished watching Nikita and it was great. I love the new team, which is better than Nikita being all by herself. Michael destroyed his apprentice in that hand-to-hand fight. Alex is a beautiful woman and she is kind of tough. The characters are, indeed, fantastic. I hope that this show goes on for years to come.
  • Great Show!! Hope it continues.

    I have been watching Nikita since it started airing and have gone back to rewatch all of the episodes. I was a big fan of the first season andt the direction they have taken the story in the second has only improved the show and the dynamic between the characters. I have suggested this show to many of my friend and would suggest it to anyone who is interested.
  • a great show the best in 2010!!!

    The story is really great!! The casting is really good and the action scenes are well done!! I hope to see the next episode soon because the last episode was just amazing!!! I think we gonna have lot of new surprises very soon!!!Nikita reminds me of Alias in a different way but I enjoyed so much to have again that kind of show!!! Compare to the Event or V It makes a real difference. Actually it is the only action serie which has a interest on my point of view specially regarding new tv shows regarding this year I hope to see the next episode soon!!!!!
  • A great show and I hope it continues.

    All I can say is I love it alot and I hope it comes back
  • I blame CW. Sorry...

    I just got into the show and i am a loyal fan for life. I remember the airing of the pilot and thinking it was interesting enough to watch but was turned away wondering if such a network would sugar coat

    the violence that came with a plot so clear. Boy, was I wrong.

    Nikita has me in tuned with everything and loving the action, the intellectual challenge

    and where the characters take you. Solid program all around.

    Don't go cancelling it now, you just got something right.
  • Dont cancel this show CW.. are u listening??

    This is the best series i have seen so far, apart from spartacus.

    This series has never let me down...

    and i agree 101% with Chris_alpha`s comment below me...

    Do not cancel this series... You finally got something good going onn !!

  • Amazing and Superb... Are u listening CW??

    This has probably been the only series that i have watched episode by episode twice! and i must say that not a single episode in any season has let me down... These guys have been brilliant... The cast, the writers.. everything about this show... Perfect!!

    I seriously dont know why they want to close this series down...

    Maybe the demographic of CW viewers is teenagers who want love and the boring vampire diaries...

    I dont see this as Nikita series fault... I think its the Channel.

    They should change to another channel and give it a try... CW cannot handle such brilliance!
  • CAN,T waIT For MOre

    watched both seasons in a week ..great show
  • pleasantly surprised

    i have to say when i saw the trailers i thought it was just going to be another one of those crime fighting shows, where they look for criminals. But after watching the first episode i was surprised because i really enjoyed it, and i thought it was really good. After that i found myself watching it every week, and now i can't stop it's really addicting, and i always find my self on the edge of my seat, never knowing what's going to happen next. I think that this show defiantly has the potential to last for several seasons.
  • looks do kill.

    Nikita the new Lady jason bourne.Very well executed show.Episodes are fast paced action packed and cinematic.Each episode keeps u interested.I highly recommend this to all action lovers.
  • This is a Great Series

    WTH it deserves so much better than this it must be in the top ten and get the hell out of Family Guy!

    This a Great Series the hole idea is awesome Nikita, Division, Goggle and over sight this is awesome i don't know how the writer get that idea.
  • i have seen all of the nikitas

    I am a big fan of nikita. I love how they have given it a new story line. One thing I am not impressed with is that after 2 episodes of the mid season break we get a 3 week break. Believe that the show is doing great and should get picked up for more episodes.

    But I love love love the cast.
  • Good bye Nikita!!!--Another great Show Gone.


    Yes, it's sad but true; Nikita is coming to an end with Season 4. The CW also confirmed today that the show would have a particularly short run of just six episodes.

    I asked The CW's president, Mark Pedowitz, about only ordering six episodes, and he replied, "We felt that six episodes was [appropriate], being consistent again with how we've treated some long-running shows. We wanted to give the fans a Pedowitz was referring to The CW ordering shortened, final seasons of shows like One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl in the past couple of years, which wrapped those series up. Pedowitz noted that this season's Nikita ends with a cliffhanger, so the intent was to instead give the show a true ending.

    Currently, Nikita doesn't have a set time on the CW's schedule, but Pedowitz said that it will likely air later in the fall, noting, "They will start production probably mid-July, as they normally do, or in August maybe a little bit later. The game plan is to use it later in the

    As a huge fan of Nikita, I'm very sorry to see it go and would love if the final season was longer Gossip Girl got 11 episodes and One Tree Hill got 13. But the fact is that Nikita is lower rated than those series -- the lowest-rated series they renewed -- and it could just as easily been cancelled outright. It is still rare to see a network work as hard to give shows a proper ending as The CW has done in recent years. I'm sure we could all think of plenty of beloved shows where we'd gladly have taken an extra six episodes, where the writers knew it was time to wrap things up, than the zero episodes we got when a show was abruptly cancelled.

    by Eric Goldman
  • don't cancel it please CW

    This is on of the best series i have ever seen. It was always great and never disapointing.

    So CW please don't cancel it
  • Nikita = Best show ever!!

    Nikita has amazing storylines and thrilling action scenes. The characters are very likeable and well acted. This show deserves more viewers, because without them, it may be cancelled. I beg everyone to please watch this AMAZING SHOW!
  • Feelings and thoughts about the season 2, talking about a couple of specific touching episodes.


    I love that this amazing show puts love and family in a big prospect. The second season gets even more intense and suspenseful. And they do an episode on Belarus, which is surprising because it's a small country with only 9 million people. I'm from Belarus, I'm Belarussian! The actors couldn't fit their role better. I would like to meet them someday, at least Nikita, Michael, and Alexandra. Chat with them over a cup of tea, practice some mind blasting stunts. Episode seven made me sorta cry... how could Michael say "I love you more than you can ever imagine" and "we'll be over" in the same paragraph? How could they take away Yuri from Alex? I'm guessing Alex will join Nikita's side soon. I hope so, because I'm on both of their sides.

  • So very sad...

    I'm so very sad to see this show come to an end after no mo than 6 episodes of the 4 season :-( I know it's not much different from other tv shows in that region, but still - it deserved to go after the full 4 season after all. I'm gonna miss them all a lot.. I've been watching from the very beginning and patiently waited for yet another season to come when one had ended. Truly Nikita was a great show - just my opinion :-)
  • Cancelled???

    I really love Nikita! Please don't cancel, its a great show, I dont get why good shows get cancelled realy....
  • it's amazing and incredible

    I think I'm the BIGGEST nikita fan have never missed s single episode and have watched since the very first pilot episode. I am now in the process of watching it with my boyfriend before the final season comes in. I love this show it is absolutely brilliant. every episode is like a mini movie and its so sad that so many people missed out. I think that the cw did a poor job at promoting it. this sshow is similar to burn notice but it's waaaayyyyy better but somehow burn notice has survived so long. nikita keeps me on the edge of my seat screaming at the tv trying to help them out abd Get in on the action. she's bad ass with her fighting skills. I'm soooo sad to see this show go.... but I can't wait to see what the end will be. after reading up on the latest interviews with the cast and crew on season four I know it will be the best season and completely action packed. I can't wait :)(=
  • Daebakkk!!!

    I love the show how the story goes on... have compared it with IRIS, DC, Athena, some country's show) and they look similar, about the secret organization,etc. , but this is still better.. : )

    I first saw it on ETC then it really caught my attention so rather than wait for the other episodes on TV, i just watch it on the internet... :D

    Hope it will not end. :(

    Those who do not like the show... maybe you are just some of those dumb who doesn't like decent shows and do just love those convivial shows. If you do not like the show then don't watch.

    I just hope this will continue longer. Many are saying that the original one is much more better. Who cares? watch the old one then and stop bashing. Many still love the NIKITA now. Overseas.
  • Keep watching so CW will renew NIKI

    You cant loose interest just of the character plays as different characters.. .. if you want season 4 you will have to keep watching.. and tell friend to watch.. too.

    I have been watching same episode so many times... lol..

    Anyway as of April 29.. CW has not say anything renewal of NIKITA and also has not say cancelling..

    I think it will renew
  • It is the best tv series i have ever seen

    once you start watching nikita, it becomes addictive
  • The original or the cover?

    Both versions of Nikita are excellent, IMHO, but the original stands out and is more memorable, especially thanks to the music. There were some excellent songs, like "Dragula" by Rob Zombie, "Love Thieves" by Depeche Mode and "Modern Crusader" by Enigma which added to the episodes.

    Also, I miss Walter (played by Don Francks) and Birkoff (Matthew Furguson) from the original...Walter was funny, but cool, and I liked Birkoff, but hated when they killed him sad).
  • Okay so it's been done already, but this Nikita is totally different from the others. This story is different too. I like it more, a lot more. It's more energetic, more entertaining, like the cast a lot and it has more twists than the old ones

    Admittedly it has some similarities with the other nikita's (movie and series) as it must since they are the basis for this series. But the storyline is basic yet novel. It's fast paced, has all the right attributes: action, betrayal, love, friendship, loyalties and twists. A lot of twists. A few you can see coming, others I didn't see coming at all (Amanda for instance) I'm glad they are creating a second season but I hope they will give it a proper ending if for one or other reason the TV company decides to cut it before a third season is considered. Like they did here. It's open and one can expect more, yet if it ends we all know what will happen next. Hoping to catch it next year.
  • Truly Dynamic

    The thing I love about this show is the fact it never gets content with itself. Each episode brings something new to the table, new things that are always powerful and unpredictable. This isn't one of those "monster of the week" shows where they take baby steps to the overarching plotline (ie Grimm or V 2009), or are afraid to shake things up... Nikita feels like it has nothing to lose, therefore it can take chances and deliver shockers like they are no big deal. And the writing is so good that the show never turns boring. I don't really focus on acting (more on plotline), but I can't fault it anywhere. I particularly like Lindsay Fonseca... Alex isn't a second Nikita, but it could easily come off like that since Alex is Nikita's protg after all. But that doesn't happen, Alex is her own character.

    This has been my #1 show since the very first episode. Other things have came up have stole my attention, but not enough ever forget to watch Nikita or put it on the backburner.

    (Oh and I think Season 3 has been good. It's not the same as either 1 or 2, but it can't be. While it started a bit slow, it still had a purpose, and it was about the dynamic of the characters in their new roles (such as when Amanda realizes that she is like Nikita) and how Division is a slippery slope. I liked them and realized their purpose. I think Season 3 is just as strong as 1 and 2 now that it has picked up some steam as
  • Smart and Clever, not to mention AWESOME

    It's a shame almost no one watches Nikita, because it's one of the best shows on network television.
  • nikita is a rogue assassin who wants to bring down the people who made her called division.

    nikita was a woman who had did a horrible crime.division offer nikita a new life to start over fresh with a clean slate if she works for them.

    nikita decide to work for division.nikita was order to kill people and do other crazy things.nikita followed orders for her freedom.

    nikita finally meet a man who she fall in love with.he ask her to marry him and she said yes.nikita didnt want to get married until she told her boyfriend the truth about who she really is.nikita told him and eventually division found out and killed him.

    ever since then nikita boyfriend died nikita as quit division and decide to get revenged on division for turning her into a killer and killing the love of her life.

    nikita is set out to destory division with the help of some people who i wont name b/c it changes as the seasons go on.

    i dont want to give too much away but the show as very good writing.the episodes and plot are alot easier to follow then alias episodes and plots.

    maggie q plays the main character nikita very well.maggie is very beautiful and has the acting skills to match.maggie even does all her own stunts just like jennifer garner and its very nice to see an actor or actress that deticated to the role.

    the writing is good,the acting good,maggie great at all her stunts and this show as alot of twists and turns.its similair to the show alias expect for the fact nikita is alot more likable and the plots are alot easier to follow..
  • Nikita is a plot line that has been done to death. However, I really feel the like the new show has the potential to be great.

    Unlike other reviews I am basing my review on the actual show. Not its predecessors. I have seen so many reviews that focus on how the main actress is not blonde or how the old La Femme Nikita had a better cast and loads of other superficial type things. I have never watched the original French version or the USA show, however I did see Point of No Return and my comment is, yes the plot line is the same but that doesn't mean this show cannot be great. I was impressed with the pilot. I believed Maggie Q and I feel that she has a great mix of stoic and playful. Yes she is thin and Asian but so what does it matter what someone looks like?!? I thought the plot line was great and I love the dynamic of Alex being in the inside, I can't wait to see how the characters grow together. The only point that I have seen used to death that I actually agree with would be the fact that the company is a US organization. I believe it would have been better if Division was more ambiguous. All in all I'm excited about the show and will base my opinions strictly on what I think about this show and not any others. If you have an open mind and do not want an exact replica of the same story, give Nikita a try, you may just be surprised.
  • Can't wait to see more!

    I can not wait for the next episode. I am excited to see what happens in season 3!! I also can't wait to see the relationship develop between Alex and Sean.. I love them together. :)
  • Almost decade after Nikita finally comes back. About time too. Nikita is a spy for the government who goes rogue and tries to bring the company down (which has gone rogue aswell. Furthermore she plants a teenage spy in the company...

    Almost decade after Nikita finally comes back. About time too. Nikita is a spy for the government who goes rogue and tries to bring the company down (which has gone rogue aswell. Furthermore she plants a teenage spy in the company to take them down from the inside. Although the show has just begun, it has a great premise to continue the legacy of La Femme Nikita. The cast is great starring the beautifull Maggie Q (Nikita), desperate housewive's Lyndsy Fonseca (Nikita's pupil Alex) and the young hunk Shane West from the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen as Michael, the second in command of the Company. The idea that a government agency would go rogue is an old one, but still, putting Nikita in such a setting makes sense and should make for a good series. Let us all pray now, that they don't screw it up.
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