Season 1 Episode 4

Rough Trade

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 2010 on The CW

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  • A very promising episode!

    If ever there was an episode to showcase the true potential behind Nikita, it's 'Rough Trade'. Smart, fast-paced, action packed, and with more great flashbacks, you could argue that there's too much going on here.

    Maggie Q has her work cut out for her, and it's the first episode of the show where she truly dazzles. I have liked her previously, I think she's brill, but she gets to have some really meaty scenes in this episode, as well as the show's best fight scene to date, and she manages to differentiate her current status and her early days as a recruit perfectly. Dodgy wig aside, she nailed it.

    Even though Maggie excels throughout, this is Lyndsy Fonseca's episode. Her scenes were absolutely electric. I think everyone watching was shouting 'Don't drink that tea, fool!' but the modified straight-jacket was a work of genius. The series continues to play on Alex's strengths, and it was masterfully portrayed the way she lied to Amanda about a car crash that killed her family while it cut to what actually occurred to her as a teen - great editing, superb acting, and we only ever see snippets of what really happened, leaving plenty of doors open to return to Alex's fiery past.

    All in all, a very promising episode, especially after last week's dull offering. The lines were sharper, the direction was tighter, the plots were gripping, and the acting was top dollar! Heck, Michael didn't irritate me as much here either! (Although I really would appreciate it if the writers didn't have Nikita butting heads with him on every mission. It's becoming a bit much at this stage). Let's hope the series can maintain this kind of storytelling.