Season 3 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2013 on The CW



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    • Nikita: Look, Amanda waged this war, and I've been so focused on figuring her out that I forgot what was important.
      Ryan: We couldn't beat her before. How are we gonna do it now?
      Nikita: We stop playing her game. She wanted us to be strong. We are. Strong enough to fight her. I don't know if we'll win. But I am ready to fight.

    • Nikita: Look, Amanda took something that you've been denying, and she used it as a weapon against you. As long as you're carrying around that guilt, that weapon will always be there. You have to start to heal yourself.
      Alex: What if I can't?
      Nikita: You can. 'Cause you're a survivor. And I know that's not some kind of curse. It just means that you're strong enough to keep fighting.

    • (at the past)
      Amanda: Your relationship with Daniel created a security breach.
      Nikita: I know I screwed up. I know I got him killed.
      Amanda: But you have to learn to accept your own role in his death without suffering guilt. If you don't, that guilt will take root and grow. You will end up on the ledge again, and it will push you over. Don't worry, Nikita. You'll survive this too.

    • Sonya: I know the medic said she didn't find any signs of brain damage, but perhaps she spoke too soon.
      Ryan: My brain is fine. So is my hearing.
      Birkhoff: Look, you just came out of a coma, and now you want to blow up Division. Maybe a CAT scan's not such a bad idea.

    • Birkhoff: I guess I figured when I left Division this time I wouldn't be running. You know, we'd get our clean slates and big check. Stupid, huh? Should have known better. This place doesn't do second chances, no matter what the brochures say.
      Sonya: Maybe we all should have known better. But Nikita came back. She was willing to fight for us. We'd never had that before and... So we believed in her and in this place.
      Birkhoff: Nikki's good at inspiring stupid people to do really stupid things.

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