Season 1 Episode 14

The Next Seduction

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2011 on The CW

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  • A bit aimless, but I sense a buildup coming up soon.

    Another great episode of Nikita, we had gunplay, sneaky Nikita-esque maneuvers, interpersonal drama...all in all the usual.

    The only thing that struck me as off was the fact that there didn't seem to be on overall driving force, Alex is outside now so there's less tension going on with her, Nikita seems to be developing a love interest with the analyst which kinda puts the breaks on the tension between her and Michael. The black boxes haven't really been mentioned in a while, and Gogol is playing runner up to division. I mean I see possibilities, and I know Nikita won't let us down, but for now everything seems to be calm. So here's to the next episode and hoping it starts the the buildup of events we're so used to seeing in Nikita...and some Nikia/Michael moments wouldn't hurt either. X)
  • Pretty Woman, Spy Edition.

    The creators of Nikita are attempting a fine balancing act between producing the kind of stories the writers want to tell and meeting the demands of the CW (which includes more lip-locking than usual). The result is an extremely well-written episode, for the most part, with some very dark undertones throughout; spies are nothing more than prostitutes with added combat skills and multilingual capabilities, and Michael makes sure this message gets through to Alex loud and clear in one of the more memorable and uncomfortable scenes in this episode.

    Meanwhile, Nikita, too, must revisit a more shameful time in her past, when her undercover skills were literally put to the test, as she recalls how Division used her good looks and smokin' bod in order to extract valuable intelligence. The show has dealt with sexual deception before, but it has never touched upon the psychological impact of an agent lending their body to a mission just to gain the upper hand. It's an interesting storyline, unfortunately one of many in an episode with, perhaps, just too much going on for its own good.

    That's not to say there's a dud among the many plot-lines. In fact, they're all quite interesting, if extremely underutilised. It felt more like a set-up episode rather than something to truly write home about. Be careful not to get too close to your new man-friend, Alex! Be careful not to fall for Ryan Flynn, Nikita! Be wary of Gogul, Nikta, because they're just as bad as Division! And watch your back, Ryan, cos Division is on to you!

    Having said that, it's good to touch base on where everyone stands, considering this is the recently commissioned back-nine, and these plot-threads certainly hold some weight, given that we still have Nikita's involvement with Michael to consider, Nikita's mission to find Percy's black boxes, and not to mention the various other bad guys lurking about from this show's already impressive repertoire of villains and sub-bosses.

    Guest-starring this week is Matthew Mardsen, an actor that astounds me, time after time, for the simple fact that networks still keep him employed. He's not in much of this episode, but you could argue that any screen-time given to him is more than enough. I don't really have much else to say on this guy, I just do not know how he gets work. Is it the accent? What? I'd really like to know.

    Michael comes across as a complete dick in this episode. And, I must admit, it suits him down to the ground. I've never been a fan of Michael -- in part, due to Shane West's awful acting and gravelly voice (which the writers poke fun of here, much to my amusement: ''He sounds like Batman''), as well as his undercooked will they/won't they/I don't care relationship with Nikita. The dinner scene, though, was classic, and West really drove home the seedy operations of what it means to be an agent of Division, without ever compromising what it is Alex does for a living in front of Nathan. I felt so sorry for Alex during those agonising few minutes, and I truly despised Michael. It was then I realised that I liked this take on the character, and would rather despise him than consider him walking, talking furniture decoration in scenes with other, far more interesting characters.

    It appears as though Nikita and Ryan are very much heading towards something resembling a relationship of the smoochy kind. Professionalism, be damned! I still can't quite buy into this one, especially when you have the likes of Action Man Owen waiting in the wings, who not only has way more chemistry with Nikita, but also the endurance necessary to keep up with the ass-kicking vixen. Still, Ryan did prove he's not entirely useless and I do happen to like the guy. I just don't like that he's with my gal.

    So what have we learned during this episode, Percy? That Nikita can be beaten. While that's not quite the message I took from this hour, it does seem as though Ryan is being set up as the fall guy for the season finale. He kisses Nikita back after her covert slip of the tongue last week and Percy doesn't like him one bit. And if there's one thing Nikita should take away from this episode, it's that mushy feelings of any kind, big or small, mean bad things for a spy.
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