Season 1 Episode 7

The Recruit

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2010 on The CW

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  • More non-stop action and fantastic character work from Nikita's 7th episode!

    I wasn't expecting to enjoy this episode much, mainly because the focus this week shifts from Nikita and Alex onto new-faced Division recruits Robbie and Sarah. But, once again, this show exceeds my expectations and knocks another episode out of the park due to some great Nikita/Sarah, Alex/Robbie interplay. By the episode's end, Robbie and Sarah are both fully-formed, generally likeable characters, who end on such opposite sides of the fence, I'm actually excited to see their (hopeful) return to the show later on in the season.

    Both characters represent different sides to Nikita's vendetta; Sarah is the ideal solution: set the recruits free with a quick debrief and begin a whole new life. Robbie, on the other hand, is the poster child for Division; the poor schmuck who thought he was working for the good guys, that he was the next 007, which led him to snap and land himself a job as one of Divisions most lethal weapons. It surprised me how much I cared about both characters' plights. Due to some solid writing and impressive performances, I bought every scene and it only enforces my generally positive opinions of this show; that it can juggle two brand-new characters and offer up so much meaty material is no small feat. It's also cool to set up a potentially awesome villain for Alex over the coming years.

    I gotta say, Nikita has jumped from a guilty pleasure to easily one of my favourite shows of the new season. There's plenty of action on offer here and there's no shortage on character development either. Just small things like a brief, but pivotal flashback to Nikita, with Alex reading a book out loud in order to imprint her voice onto the computer sets up this episode nicely and also addresses a tiny aspect of the show that not many other series would bother touching upon in the first place. Hey, it's a spy show, just roll with it, spy-tech just happens.

    I still very much dislike Michael, though. He's just too wooden to be considered a viable love interest for the ever complicated rogue agent.