Season 3 Episode 3

True Believer

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 2012 on The CW

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  • Somewhere between "Awesome Land" and "Perfection"...

    That's where this episode lies. In the best episode so far this season, and one of the best in general, "True Believe" is a piece of art that demonstrates good TV. Nothing like the first two episodes of this season (that were also very consistent, may I say), tonight's plot was mature, filled with emotion and speaking to the viewer so many times I can't even describe.

    Let's talk about it: This week, we learned that a home terrorism group named True Believer. In order to keep this review plan and simple, I'll explain things very quickly. So, this division agent called Mia was infiltrated on this group, named Third Wave. Nikita struggles with the fact that Division still have active ops, but decides to help once they found out the feds invaded the "Third Wave" hiding spot and captured Mia. At sight, the plan was to break into a federal facility to leak Mia out. But they faced a little surprise: Mia wanted no Division rescue. She turncoat-ed! Mia was now a member of Third Wave, pledging her loyalty to Joshua, the leader of the group. So, fearing that Nikita and Alex were there to kill her, she shot Alex and ran away, back to Third Wave hiding spot.

    Back at Division, Alex was no use anymore. And whilst Birkhoff and Sonia were on a war against each other (during the episode, it gets clear they had/have something going on between them) to provide better systems to help in the mission, Nikita is filled with rage, she now wants to get back on Mia for shooting at her friend. Her words: "She shot Alex, I don't care". Birkhoff manages to discover where Third Wave is hiding, and Division heads there. Nikita finds Joshua on the run and gets him on her gun sight, but Mia appears, holding some sort of bomb and threatens to kill them all if Nikita doesn't allow Joshua to escape. Nikita does allow Joshua to escape and he goes.

    And then the episode gets heavy. You see, you guys, if you are following Nikita since day one, you know much: She used to be a division agent, she went rogue for a boy, Division killed her love. she was on revenge, saved Alex from drugs... And now, she's inside division, working with them. Of course, new direction-ed Division, but that was still leading active ops, which was totally against her schedules. She wanted them to save the rest of the agents and shut the place down, because she doesn't trust the government, and, even thought she didn't admit it, I'm pretty sure she's losing her faith at Ryan as well! Conflicted with that, Nikita gets her guards low, and Mia sees an opportunity to... THROW OUR FAVORITE HERO AT THE GLASS WINDOW. Nikita's fall was amazingly filmed and produced, I almost cried. It was the most shocking act-break scene ever on this show.

    Back at division, for the second time, they find out "Third Wave" target is Senator Herek, whose rally was about to happen, **convenient**. But before we go to that, may I just highlight three things:

    1- Nikita scene with Alex, spreading her feelings, was touching, showed the girls friendship at its highest moment, and I really enjoyed.

    2- Michael and Sean scene, dude, they're perfect as friend, they fight nice, and they only have each other to talk about their girls. Well played, writers!

    3- Birkhoff's BUTTER. The flying device with a camera in order to see the rally from the top.

    Ok, at the rally now: Nikita found Mia, and we found out Mia was doing all this because she didn't believe new Division. She killed for them, and now she's going back to end the people who made her become murderous! And Nikita didn't kill her either because she sees herself in a mirror. Mia is totally like Nikita, but just... They took different roads. Meanwhile we find out that there's a guy with a bomb ready to detonate and kill the Senator, nasty. Glad the Senator had his own securities! Well, for a least a moment he did. Birkhoff later found out (with the help of Sonia) that one of the guys that were on the security committee and were teaming up with Michael, was a friend of Joshua.

    So, later we found out that Joshua was really teaming up with the guy who was Senator's security, but the plan wasn't to kill the Senator all along. Third Wave, the terrorist group, was actually, a fake thing. Joshua wanted to get his friends security group on the boost after they saved the Senator from this attack, so they could all share the money. And that's was Joshua has been doing all along, and he keeps his money on offshore accounts. A true scam. So, Birkhoff overhead this with BUTTER, broadcast-ed it into Nikita's cellphone, and Mia was the one loyal viewer. Shocked, the girls sees she was fooled all along.

    Anyway, Michael and Sean go after Joshua and his friend (can't seem to remember the guy's name) and avoid them from saving the Senator, which is quite bad, since the guy with the bomb was advancing. With Mia's help, Nikita stopped him, but when they all saw that he had a bomb within him, of course the confusion went wild! Actual guards tried to shoot the bomb-guy, but Mia took the shot, since she was friend with this guy, after all, she did spend a whole year undercover with the "Third Wave" group, that nothing was but a scam. In the end, Mia died as a hero. And Ryan made sure to praise that when he and Nikita were talking on the end of the episode. They did become friends again at the end, like they used to be back in season 1 and 2.

    Also, Alex who got shot struggled with her feelings for division, but it was nice to know that she will stay because of Nikita, who is such a great person. That's true, you guys... Sean will also stay, because "somethings are worth fighting for" (referring to Alex).

    Well, that's how I feel about this show. Ratings for Nikita are actually REALLY BAD! But I think it's worth fighting for, after all, week after week this show never fails to amaze me.