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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2013 on The CW
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Nikita is still on the run after she was framed for the assassination of the President of the United States. Dale, an ENN news reporter, starts to question what really happened the night of the assassination. Nikita, seeing this as a potential opportunity to clear her name, re-enters the U.S. to talk to Dale but walks right into one of Amanda's traps. Nikita's team is alerted of the problem, and Michael works to track down Nikita before Amanda finds her. While Birkhoff and Ryan assist Michael from their new mobile office, a high-tech aircraft, Alex stakes out a human-trafficking ring and discovers that The Shop is involved. She runs into trouble, and Alex is shocked when Owen/Sam arrives at the scene.


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  • Nikita season 4

  • Great start to the new series

    Great start to the new series, with Nikita still on the run and bad guys galore! it's so sad it's only a 6 episode series and that it's the last, I would have enjoyed seeing many more to come.
  • Fantastic Follow-Up To The Premiere

    I am dreading the end of Nikita. This incredible little show has been a cornerstone of my TV-watching experience over the last three years, and it's going to be utterly heartbreaking to say goodbye.

    On paper, I don't like the fact that Nikita is embracing science fiction by introducing clones and doubles. My favorite show of all time, Alias, suffered a great deal when things got too whacky and sci-fi. Thankfully, Nikita seems to be doing a better job of integrating the technology (using Amanda and The Shop) into the show's world. It also helps that Nikita only recently began this tonal shift, whereas Alias employed the Rambaldi mythology from the very beginning. Ultimately, I'm willing to let this slide because it admittedly raises the stakes for Nikita's final battle.

    The whole Graham debacle was a hoot to watch; I loved everything about Team Nikita's plan - from "shooting" Michael, to the nifty rifle-equipped camera in the press conference. Nikita has always tackled the world of espionage with an equal dose of fun and thrills, and this was no different. The sequence with Nikita trying to decide if she'll take out Graham's clone (as Amanda blackmailed her with the real operative) was downright exhilarating. The stakes gradually escalated, and the tension beautifully climaxed in a gorgeous character moment (Michael profoundly going for the kill and sparing his love the agony of the decision), as Amanda coldly eliminated the real Graham. Utterly sensational.

    And that's another reason why Nikita is so special. Our lovers' fractured relationship didn't exactly take center-stage from a storytelling perspective, but it still felt like it was at the forefront this week. While I'm pretty sure these two are going to get their happy ending four episodes down the line, Craig Silverstein isn't going to let Michael forgive Nikita for leaving him quite so easily. And as always, Shane West and Maggie Q sell it with nuance and a true sense of gravitas. This really is one of the strongest and most underrated casts on television.

    It's also interesting to note that Amanda and The Shop's plans are much more ambitious than simply eliminating Nikita. Dead or Alive revealed that the alliance from hell is only using our heroine to frame Pakistan for the hit on the President. Their goal? A nuclear war (suitably end-of-the-world-ish for the show's final season). And as an added touch, Amanda further frames Alex as Nikita's supposed benefactor (a half-true fact). This little twist gets the heiress arrested in the episode's closing moments, and that's bound to be a fun subplot to watch, particularly with her celebrity status.

    While I want Lyndsey Fonseca to spend quality time with Maggie Q (Nikita and Alex's dynamic has always been the heart of the show for me), I'm admittedly glad that Devon Sawa is getting some focus this year. I'm not sure if I want Alex and Sam to get together romantically, but it's obvious that's what the writers are going for. Let's hope they don't rush the dynamic too much as there isn't much time left. A little action and some flirtatious banter is all that's required. I think.

    The episode's cliffhanger wasn't the strongest the show's ever done, but I'm certainly intrigued to see why Birkhoff hid the fact that the NSA director is Amanda's "ace in the hole". Perhaps the man in question is his father? That sure seems like the obvious answer. I know a lot of people online are speculating that Birkhoff might be a double himself, but I refuse to believe that's a possibility. The show's too close to the end to jump the shark now!

    All in all, Dead or Alive is a bold and thoroughly exhilarating hour of Nikita.moreless
  • Thick plot to cut it with a knife !!!

    I just CAN'T believe they' re canceling this AWESOME series...

    So many aspects and plots to follow, as long as the get rid of the "Amanda" burden (the tombstone of the series, IMO).

    We' re talking about the finest example of modern espionage - covert operations series that TV has no similar, in years.

    As far as this episode is concerned, it's one of the FASTEST PACED and full of suspense of the entire series.

  • Gosh i missed this series

    Please do not end it.

    For god`s sake move to another channel and continue the show.

    Supernatural were asked to stop, but they just shifted to another channel and now still have the highest ratings.

    Producers of Nikita... please do the same.

    This is an awesome series!!
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    • Birkhoff: So what's the plan once you escape the building? You coming back or are you gonna run away again?
      Nikita: The heat hasn't died down yet. I don't want you guys in that kinda danger, even though you seem determined to keep putting yourselves there.
      Birkhoff: Huh. What did you expect us to do?
      Nikita: I thought that if I wasn't around, you could move on with your lives.
      Birkhoff: Move on? Yeah, nobody's moving on. You may give up on us but we didn't give up on you. Mikey's gone for weeks at a time trying to pick up on your trail. Ryan's created a whole new wall of crazy conspiracy theories. Alex thinks she's Batman, which I guess makes my girlfriend Robin. All this to help clear your name.
      Nikita: I didn't ask for that.
      Birkhoff: Yeah, well, we didn't ask for you to leave, but you did that anyway. Look, Nikki, you're gonna wind up in an alley somewhere, alone and dying, unless you stop running and let us help you.

    • Nikita: (on the phone) Michael?
      Michael: I'm downstairs, here to help you exfil.
      Nikita: On site? Damn it. Michael, I left because you couldn't be involved in this.
      Birkhoff: Yeah, you left. So you don't get a vote anymore.
      Nikita: Nerd?
      Birkhoff: And, you know, we're not cocker spaniels. You can't tell us to sit and just expect us to obey your command.

    • Ryan: You think Nikita's looking for an ally?
      Birkhoff: Well, she had five allies, and she ditched us. What? Mikey's not the only one who gets to have resentment.
      Ryan: Nikita left to keep the spotlight and the danger away from us. She was--
      Birkhoff: Being Nikita, I know. Act first, think later. First degree martyr.

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