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  • Season 2
    • Portrait of the Wrestler as a Young Man
      After Dwight's mother unexpectedly dies, he blames Nikki for his bad relationship to her, since the two women never got along. His mother hated Nikki so much, that he only gets his heir, when he gets divorced. Meanwhile Mary starts performing in the Tiki Lounge and has unexpected success. The reason behind her success is even stranger than the fact of her success.moreless
    • Working Girl
      Working Girl
      Episode 18
      Nikki and Dwight can't afford their rent anymore, but get offered to maintain the building and get a discount for that. With their new work they see strange things happening around the building. To investigate some of these things, Nikki sneaks into another apartment where she gets arrested for prostitution. To escape charges she has to visit a humiliating first time offenders program.moreless
    • GED Off My Back
      GED Off My Back
      Episode 17
      Dwight tries to convince Nikki to take a high school diploma test, since she never made it when she was in school. First Nikki is happy about Dwight's efforts, but she soon expects that he just feels embarrassed by her. When Nikki gets drunk, Mary has to convince her to take the test, to make up for missed experiences. Marry and Jupiter are arguing about private strip shows for each others, but Jupiter finally gives in and gives away his pride.moreless
    • My Two Left Feet (a.k.a. Gotta Dance)
      When Nikki finds out that her obnoxious landlords, Ken and Alice Gillespie, are going to compete in a ballroom dancing competition, she insists that Dwight join her in entering the contest. Soon, Mary and Jupiter get involved as well. However, through a series of mishaps, Nikki teams with Ken, and Mary rejects Jupiter for a handsome Latino, Antonio. Seeking revenge, Dwight and Jupiter compete against the others and almost win. Nikki prevails but learns that her overcompetitiveness almost ruined the fun of the evening.moreless
    • Gotta Dance (UNAIRED)
    • Uneasy Rider
      Uneasy Rider
      Episode 15
      Nikki buys an old motorcycle because she wants to be independent. Dwight is worried about her, since because he thinks it's too dangerous. He can't admit that he's afraid, so they take a ride, but suffer a heavy accident. After that they decide they can't leave the house anymore, since they might get killed anytime and everywhere.moreless
    • Welcome to the Rest of Your Life
      Nikki loses her job at the Golden Calf Casino and must audition for dance parts at other venues. However, she soon finds that the notorious reputations of other former Golden Calf dancers impedes her job search.
    • She Was a Job-Jumper
      Nikki quits her retail job after landing a teaching position at a dance school, but dislikes working for her abrasive new boss. Meanwhile, Mary faces danger in her job as a process server.
    • Nikki Can't Wait for Dwight's Birthday
      Nikki and Dwight try to secure reservations at a fancy restaurant for Dwight's birthday, but Nikki's efforts embarrass her husband and endanger his health.
    • To Your Grave
      To Your Grave
      Episode 11
      Nikki loans Mary money so she can buy Jupiter a car, but a dispute over the amount of the loan threatens a planned weekend trip to the Grand Canyon that both couples hoped to take together.
    • Through Thick and Thin
      Nikki contemplates cutting her long hair and tries out a wig to see how she would look, but Dwight's reaction to it isn't what she expected. Meanwhile, Dwight and Jupiter work in a homeless shelter after getting ticketed for setting up the Ring of Death in a public park without a license.moreless
    • Milli Vanikki
      Milli Vanikki
      Episode 9
      A record producer offers Nikki a chance to become a singer, but the time required to do so may force her to quit her day job. Meanwhile, Jupiter makes his wrestlers get tattoos of corporate logos to make up for lagging profits.
    • Gimme Shelter
      Gimme Shelter
      Episode 8
      Dwight and Jupiter plan to debut the Ring of Death during a show in a church's annex with wrestler Kevin Nash, but they meet resistance from the church parishioners. Meanwhile, the Whites shop around for a new apartment.
    • Take This Job and Love It
      Nikki auditions for a dance part in a theater production but worries that her performance wasn't good enough to get the job. Meanwhile, Dwight and Jupiter unveil a replica of the "Ring of Death" that they hope will attract investors.
    • Home Sweet Homeless
      Jupiter quits his new job, he gets Dwight to walk out with him and they decide to start a league of their own. Meanwhile, the new landlords threaten to evict Dwight and Nikki if the couple break any more rules.
    • My Best Friend's Day Care
      When a new neighbor running an illegal day-care center in her apartment turns to Nikki for help, the Whites face potential eviction. Meanwhile, Dwight appears in a promo for his new wrestling league, but the gig isn't as glamorous as he expected.
    • Superhero Blues
      Superhero Blues
      Episode 4
      The owner of a rival wrestling association buys out Jupiter's organization. At first Dwight and his co-workers are excited about appearing in a league with a higher profile. But their elation is short-lived when the new boss announces that he intends to replace them all with his own cronies, a decision that forces a conflicted Jupiter to fire his entire staff in order to save his own job. Meanwhile, Nikki and Mary vie for the lead in a music video slated to air on MTV.moreless
    • A Rock and a Hard Place
      Nikki and Dwight agree to try out several condom products for a Chinese manufacturer in order to pay for a weekend getaway at the Hard Rock Hotel, but the task proves to be more dangerous than they expected.
    • Vaya Con Nikki
      Vaya Con Nikki
      Episode 2
      Unemployed Nikki gives Dwight cash so he can go to Mexico with his friends, but doesn't tell him the funds are from their account. She's forced to accept a humiliating job so she can recoup the money.
    • Technical Knockup
      Nikki feels bad, so Dwight drags her down to the doctor. The news she receives from the doctor are pretty bad, because it could be that she might not be able to get kids much longer. Nikki feels torn apart by the idea of not being able to have her own family, but the other option to have kids right away freaks her out even more.moreless
  • Season 1