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  • Should move to FOX!!!

    FOX should have accept this show because it is not a family show. This show contains sex and vulgar and it reminds me more of "Married With Children" and "Unhappily Ever After".
  • Fantastic show that never got the respect it deserved.

    I don’t like sitcoms. Especially modern sitcoms. Gone are the days of the Married with Childrens of the world, and thus, gone are my days of watching such shows. Now, given the modern television climate made up of reality shows and assorted CSI cities/colors, there isn’t really a lot of choice in the matter. But still, sitcoms do exist to some degree, and they still, for lack of a better term, suck.

    This is the case now, as it was circa 2000. At this time, I was already past my days of watching sitcoms. Being spoiled by the likes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, I was already well past silly, pointless sitcoms, and had been for some time. Then came Nikki.

    Nikki was a great little show that had so many things going for it. Admittedly, like most people who watched, I initially tuned in for one reason. Well, two reasons if you know what I mean, and I think you do. If not, just take a look at the actress portraying the titular character (pun not intended, but warmly embraced nevertheless).

    I was a dirty, dirty little boy who, remembering the ever lovely Nikki Cox from her days on Unhappily Ever After, tuned in to watch some nice, quality jiggling. After the first episode, I was hooked, and not for the aforementioned reason. Turns out, it was actually a fine show. The comedy wasn’t groundbreaking, but it was a bit edgier than most sitcoms, and impressively amusing because of it. Nikki Cox herself was always overwhelmingly attractive, and provided plenty of jiggle interest for the casual male viewer who turned it on for just that reason. Frankly I’m surprised that alone wasn’t able to keep the show on the air a few more seasons. But Nikki’s beauty was a given going into the show. It goes without question. What did come out of nowhere was her incredible skill and comedic timing. I remembered her showing some talent in the days of Unhappily, but she never shone as brightly as she did on her own show. She wasn’t just a hot chick plopped into a show she couldn’t handle; she really was very funny, proving that beauty and talent aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

    Now, I am a lifelong professional wrestling fan, so given that, this show lured me in even further with Nikki’s husband being a wrestler. The gentle jab/homage to the wrestling industry, plus Nikki Cox’s incredible hotness, plus her surprising talent, plus highly amusing writing equals enough to get my half hour a week.

    Understandably, not everyone is a pro-wrestling fan or drooling young adult male. That being the case, not everyone had the same incentive to watch as I did. But funny is funny, and I think folks would have gotten behind this show if they had just bothered to watch. People not giving it a chance probably hurt it worse than people disliking it, because you have to watch to dislike (although I’m reasonably sure I hate the Simple Life, and haven’t seen that, so who knows?). It’s really a shame though, because it was a great show. And for what it’s worth, that was the last non-animated sitcom I ever watched, so I suppose it ruined sitcoms for me completely. Can’t watch them anymore. No gorgeous, absurdly buxom and serendipitously talented redheads - no thank you!