Nilus the Sandman

Black Family Channel (ended 1997)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Guilty
      Episode 13
    • The Wizard is Ill
      The Wizard is Ill
      Episode 12
    • Achy Breaky Bod
      Achy Breaky Bod
      Episode 11
    • House of Horrors
      House of Horrors
      Episode 10
    • Someone Just Like Me
    • Dream Doors
      Dream Doors
      Episode 8
      Bonnie is in musical competition with her friend Danny. She has no confidence and thinks she will fail miserably. In her dreams she ends up in a basketball game (with Nilus as her coach) and her best traits are animated into a team of players. Her apponents: the Manglers, a group of tough Valkyries representing Bonnie's worst fears. Bonnie has nowhere to run and theres a lion behind each door waiting to eat her. Nilus will have to be a good coach to get Bonnie and her team past the numbered dream doors.moreless
    • Weedworld
      Episode 7
    • The Joker
      The Joker
      Episode 6
    • Loose Change
      Loose Change
      Episode 5
      Norm is a young man who has trouble hanging on to money and is always borrowing money from his friends. In his dream, he is turned into a coin and takes up with a group of gangster coins (Nilus follows as a Roman Denarius coin). The gang goes from casinos and eventually to a bank, but Norm learns that his newfound gangster coin friends only care about themselves. Its a tale of greed versus friendship and honesty.moreless
    • Speak Up
      Speak Up
      Episode 4
      Shy Jennie is a crusader for protecting the environment, but her shyness prevents her from speaking up on the matter. Forced to give a speech on the environment in front of the whole school by her principal (who really doesn't seem to know or care what Jennie will be talking about), Jennie falls asleep backstage and is visited by Nilus the Sandman. They end up in a horrible polluted world run by Mr. Clear, who assures them everything will be alright with his technology at work. But the sky, sea and land are polluted.Fish are dying, and the once beautiful place is a mess. Will Jennie have the courage to speak up about this disastorous mess?moreless
    • Otherwise
      Episode 3
      David is a young man who makes promises he can't keep and keeps on bragging about how great he is. While playing videogames on his computer, David falls asleep and Nilus enters his dream where they end up in a world where everything is "otherwise" than what it is. They end up in the Gullibles village, a quaint little Bavarian town, where children are periodically sacrificed to an evil creature called The Bippen. David brags about being a great hero (he calls Nilus his biographer)and is sent to destroy The Bippen. But The Bippen is not what he seems. He is a scarey monster who turns little kids into ice pops and eats them, and he has slain every brave hero who has tried to destroy him. Can David destroy The Bippen, or will his bragging turn out to be nothing but bragging?moreless
    • Shop Til You Drop
      Amy is a teenage girl who loves shopping and thinks Farrah is the coolest girl in school, but she does not have a lot of money. In her dreams, Amy has won a multi-million dollar shopping spree. Nilus tags along hoping to find a hat for Pearl, his talking clam friend. Amy buys tons of things but it is not enough. All that's left to buy is the mall! But Amy starts turning into a rat (a "mall" rat) and is faced with the dilemma of what to buy next. Can Nilus help Amy with her problems and still find a clue to the whereabouts of the Dream Dust Hourglass?moreless
    • If Dreams Die
      If Dreams Die
      Episode 1
      A millenium is almost up, and Nilus has to turn over the Dream Dust Hourglass or dreams and Dreamland will cease to exist. Enter Frantic and The Big Boss, who hate dreams and Dreamland. Frantic steals Nilus' Dream Dust Hourglass and hides it, preparing for the end of dreams and Dreamland. But Nilus is no fool; he installed a homing signal in the Dream Dust Hourglass that puts out signals to it's whereabouts in the form of clue-like images in dreamer's dreams. Nilus visits Bonnie, who has ust had a squabble with her best friend over a boy, in her dream and looks for a clue to the Hourglass's wherabouts. In the dream, monkeys fight crocodiles over a misunderstanding (the crocodiles sent the monkeys an invitation to dinner, but the monkeys interpret it as the crocodiles wanting to eat them). Bonnie has to get the key to her notebook back so she can lock it and hide the nasty note she wrote about her friend, but both the monkeys and the crocodiles believe it's a secret weapon. Can the misunderstandings in the dream and in the waking world be sorted out?moreless
  • Specials