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Remember The Plot?

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    I remember this show... Nilus The Sandman a hourlass that kept the dreaming world in check but a little crazy guy in a straight jack called Frantic stole it and hid it somewhere in the dream world. Luckily for Nilus the Dream Glass left a trail of clues behind to follow to it's location. Nilus followed the trail of dreams and helped each dreamer reliazs the anwser to a life problem they had but Frantic always there to mess up the dream and throw Nilus off trail but in the each episode the dreamer came out on top of of their problem and Nilus gained his clue to the hourglass. At the end of the series Nilus tracked down his hourglass and caught Frantic but the Boogie Man took it before Nilus could reach it. Anybody know the rest of the story? Me need to know.
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