Nilus the Sandman

Black Family Channel (ended 1997)


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  • All episodes you watch are turn-offs.

    No matter what episode you watch first and what part of the episode you see, you'll come to the same conclusion: that the show is terrible. You'll easily get turned off by the lame characters, and by the inconsistent, pointless, and random storylines. Definitely a complete waste of time and it's unsurprising that it was cancelled off Family Channel.!
  • "Nilus the Sandman" an underappreciated, little-known gem!

    Nilus the Sandman, both the specials and TV show, are awesome. The best part of the show is Nilus himself: charming, witty, and clever. Also, he's very sweet. Recently deceased blues musician Long John Baldry was excellent as Nilus. And the adventures he goes on with the dreamers he meets are very engaging. Plus the artwork, done by Canadian animation company Delaney and Friends, is wonderful. Its a shame this show isn't on the air anymore. An A+ show.