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Thursday 7:00 PM on Premiered Nov 01, 2004 Between Seasons


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Ninja EX

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[Site Last Updated: 4/20/05] HELP THE WEAK... DEFEND THE INNOCENT! Welcome to the Ninja EX guide at TV Tome! Ninja EX good, crime bad! A mysterious figure, known only as Ninja EX, embarks on a career of baddie-busting in Syndicate (and, apparently, undead!) ridden Hawaii. A light-hearted spin off of the series Blood Of The Samurai, the show stars martial arts champion Kevin Won as Ken Momochi, aka Ninja EX ("EX" for 'Extreme', thank you). A mild-mannered, bespectacled (but athletic) architect by day, Ken fights crime in his free time, using an incredible arsenal of martial arts techniques and ninja weapons. Now, if only he could get everyone's lunches back to the office on time... Please Note: Episode Guide synopses contain NO SPOILERS. The more complete episode breakdowns, which DO contain spoilers, will be found as RECAPs as they become available. Mahalo for your patience! (^.^) Pictured: Kevin Won as Ken Momochi. Source: WE WANT MORE NINJA EX! If this is how you feel, then let people know! Post comments to Yamasato-san via the official Ninja EX website! Another good place to express yourself is Oceanic Time-Warner! According to "Doc" Grant, try or Please use the subject line OC 16 Programming, Re: Ninja EX to help route your comments to the right folks! You may also try to use Oceanic's contact form on their website. If you're not able to get Ninja EX where you live, ask your local cable company! Ninja EX and its sister program, Blood Of The Samurai are 100% Made In Hawaii by folks FROM Hawaii! Never mind the Hollywood takes on what's 'Hawaii' and 'local', this is the real deal!moreless

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AIRED ON 2/16/2005

Season 1 : Episode 5