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TV Tokyo (ended 2004)


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  • Ninja Scrolls is ahead of the class! Forget Naruto! This is what anime should be all about!

    Ninja Scrolls is a Classic anime! It is a rock solid and lets be fair and honest, most of the popular animes today like DBZ, Naruto, Pokemon and Bleach are school-girl bubblegum scraps compared to Ninja Scrolls. I'll admit it Ninja Scrolls can be disturbing but this anime makes an impact! It has solid characters, a great storyline and more than anything it doesn't have the repetitive theme of "fight to get stronger and then take out the bad guy" followed by stupid fillers. I believe that if your serious about anime -Ninja Scrolls, Fist of the North Star and Akira are must see titles that are influential! But if you can't handle blood, mature themes and twisted violence maybe its best you stick to Naruto and Bleach!
  • What a terrible anime.

    I truly had high hopes for the Ninja Scroll anime series, based of the classic anime movie. Boy I was in for a major disappointment. The anime takes place fourteen years after the movie following Kibagami Jubei who's still roaming Japan and meets Shigure a priestess and things go down hill fast from there. Ninja Scroll the movie was a classic. The story was concise, the animation was great, the action was exciting and the characters were interesting. The series on the other hand was the complete reverse. The story was unbelievable and the tone of the anime had no drama for the story. The animation wasn't very good. The music was good, and that's the only thin that kept it from getting the one. The characters weren't interesting and you couldn't care about, even Jubei was one of those characters. God I wanted this to be a good anime. I am truly sad it wasn't.
  • I love Ninja Scroll, although there were some very disturbing villian people, it was pretty awesome.

    Ninja Scroll is a great anime, and I am so glad that I watched it. The villians are pretty disturbing, but other then them it's pretty great. It's got humor, gorey violence, basically, it has everything a good anime should have. I think that Diamond Child was one of my favorite episodes. Generally, I love it!
  • Decent animation, reasonably gorey, good characters but it is just another anime.

    I had watched the movie before I began to watch the anime series, under the assumption that they would be similar.

    The movie is a great anime with top class animation, action, story and characters. The series however, falls very short of the standard set by the movie.

    A very unoriginal plot where they are in pursuite of a mystical stone which will grant the holder special powers.

    I had honestly expected to see ninjas in this anime, but instead, it is episode after episode of provinenceless freaks. All of whom seem to have these amazing abilities yet are mere wanderers with the intent of gaining power by owning the stone (?!); this is all happening whilst easily brushing off normal human attacks.

    A disappointing anime that I repeatedly found myself daydreaming whilst watching it. I literally had to force myself to continue watching on the recomendation from others.

    The movie is great. The series, not so much.
  • This series was cool, I don't know why so many people hated it.

    I watched the Ninja Scroll movie; it was cool. Then I watched these 13 episodes, and I found them to be cool as well. I ran into a lot of reviews saying how the movie was great, but the series is a disappointment and all that sort. I don't see what the movie had that the series was "lacking so badly". Anyhow, about the series... Pointless, disposable villains in every episode. Normally not the sort of thing I'd want to see, but they did it with class. The fights were so action packed and cool, and there was a fight in every episode! Some anime shows (like Dragon Ball Z) would take a good 10 episodes or so to do a single fight, but Ninja Scroll was straight to the point and wasn't lacking anything those tedious fights have. This series was short and sweet. I just didn't like the ending too much... Shigure and the others thought Jubei was dead, and he never revealed his living self to them, so they still think he's dead... and Jubei and Shigure shoulda been together; there was a bit of romance going on there :P
  • Wandering Samurai type anime that really doesn't stack up to others in its genre.

    If I had never seen Ninja Scroll the movie I would of never thought of watching this. Compared to Samuri X and others of the genre it fails in comparison. It also doesn't take a much serious approach which is pretty cool. It has action and all but it is no Ninja Scroll the movie action with blood and gore. It gets pretty confusing at first because you know nothing about they demon clans until the last few episodes. It also doesn't refer back to the movie either even though Dakuan and Jubei talk. So only if you are fan of Ninja Scroll the movie i would recommend buying it and if you aren't i would recommend a rental.
  • No where as good as the original Anime movie, the series is still greatly entertaining, and ranks among some of the great anime series.

    No where as good as the original Anime movie, the series is still greatly entertaining, and ranks among some of the great anime series. The series follows the further adventures of Jubei, a Ronin Samurai as he reluctantly helps an orphaned girl. He soon finds out that for some reason, evil forces are after her. He goes to the edge of hell, fighting deadly deamons as he tries to find out the significance of his young companion. Great action and animation equal to the classic Anime movie.
  • Action packed show about a wandering ninja who finds trouble everywhere he goes.

    Ninja Scroll is an animated series based off the movie by the same name. Although the series is not nearly as good as the movie, it's still something to enjoy for any anime fan or Ninja Scroll fan. The story is interesting. The characters Jubei meets are funny, scary and sometimes downright cool. Other's can be annoying. The fights can be pretty intense and amazing.

    For me, the series started to fall apart by the third volume. As of now, only 1 season has been made. It's 13 episodes long and should be seen if you are a fan of the movie. If you have never seen the movie or any of the series and are a anime fan....SEE THE MOVIE! It's an amazing movie and if you liked it enough, try the series.