Ninja Scroll

TV Tokyo (ended 2004)


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  • This series was cool, I don't know why so many people hated it.

    I watched the Ninja Scroll movie; it was cool. Then I watched these 13 episodes, and I found them to be cool as well. I ran into a lot of reviews saying how the movie was great, but the series is a disappointment and all that sort. I don't see what the movie had that the series was "lacking so badly". Anyhow, about the series... Pointless, disposable villains in every episode. Normally not the sort of thing I'd want to see, but they did it with class. The fights were so action packed and cool, and there was a fight in every episode! Some anime shows (like Dragon Ball Z) would take a good 10 episodes or so to do a single fight, but Ninja Scroll was straight to the point and wasn't lacking anything those tedious fights have. This series was short and sweet. I just didn't like the ending too much... Shigure and the others thought Jubei was dead, and he never revealed his living self to them, so they still think he's dead... and Jubei and Shigure shoulda been together; there was a bit of romance going on there :P